9 Times You Deserved an Award for Coming to Work

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April 23, 2024 at 8:27AM UTC

We see you putting in work, managing your time and sharing your talent with the rest of us. So, grab a glass ladies — this calls for a celebration!

Scroll on down to accept the following nine awards:

1. A gold medal for remembering to eat a real breakfast today.

Because we know how hard it is to wake up, commute to work and make time to eat. Ugh! 

But not so fast  — if you skipped your first meal today or any day this week, then you need to head on over to this article: "25 Mouthwatering Breakfast Ideas for Work" (I won't tell!)

2. A blue ribbon for that one time you set a deadline and met it.

You write them down and check them off with style and grace — we're here for it!

Do you still need help meeting those deadlines? We got you, girl! Consider this article written just for you: "12 Tips to Help You Meet Deadlines Every Time" (Our little secret.)

3. First place for not rage quitting when you experience high stress at work. 

Congrats for keeping it classy! We know how hard it can be to handle the woes of the workplace. 

Are you one interaction away from losing your cool, though? Then let the following article hold you back: "7 Ways to Cope With Stress at Work" (Mums the word!)

4. A framed certificate for womaning up to those toxic coworkers... if even, eventually.

Everyone knows to come correct or not at all when it comes to you because passive aggression has no place in your work ethic. 

What was that? You said you need help getting more aggressive? Say no more — this one's for you: "5 Ways to Deal with Toxic Coworkers(Girl code!)

5. A gold cup for not falling asleep at work, even when you really want to.

We've all been there and we're proud of you, sister. Keep your head up!

Nodding off on the job, you say? Well, this article's quite the eyeopener: "8 Ways to Stay Awake If You’re Falling Asleep at Work(Let's make believe this didn't happen!)

6. A trophy for saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Shoutout to you for your assertiveness at work. We know you ain't stutter!

Perhaps you did though? That's okay. Practice speaking up with the advice from this article: "How to Be Assertive at Work(Have no fear, we were never here!)

7. A plaque for surviving work that one time you were hungover.

Girlll, this one speaks for itself. Now, go take that nap you deserve!

Does this not sound like you? No worries — hold the nap, and open this article instead: "This Is Exactly How to Survive When You’re Hungover at Work(Your secret's safe with me!)

8. A crown for showing up to work at the last minute which still counts.

Give yourself a pat on the back for showing up on time — or at all! 

But don't make running late a habit! If you need help putting some pep in your step, let this article give you a little push: "12 Habits of People Who Are Always on Time" (I threw away the key!)

9. And a championship ring for knowing your worth and acting like it.

Your talent is priceless! Get the compensation you deserve for it. (Cue Cardi B's "Money".)

Still living paycheck to paycheck just to get by, though? Not okay. Here's how to negotiate your salary to match the quality of your work: "What To Say When Negotiating Salary Raises, Job Offers and Promotions(Let's pinky swear.)
Mazel tov to you, Fairygodboss. You're killing the game!
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