Being Self-Aware Is Important to Your Overall Mental Health’ — Excelling in a Hybrid Role

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Savannah Curry

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June 19, 2024 at 11:54PM UTC

The world of work seems to be constantly shifting and changing — sometimes at a rapid pace. As a result, it can be difficult to imagine what the future of work will look like. However, Savannah Curry, a Recruiting Coordinator at Roku, has a strong sense of what the future of work holds; and her company is helping prepare her for this future.

“The future of work will be hybrid, a balance of both in the office and at home,” predicts Curry. “People are social beings, so it's crucial to be able to have that in-person support and interaction specifically when onboarding.” In-person collaboration is key for making connections with your colleagues and learning from one another, she tells us. 

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t significant benefits derived from working at home. “We can be productive at home,” Curry explains, “because it takes away some unnecessary stressors such as commutes and unexpected life happenings.”

As a result, a blend of working styles is how she envisions us working in the coming years. This combination, “is beneficial because this means inclusiveness and making employees feel valued and welcomed from all backgrounds,” she states. “Everyone has different circumstances, so being understanding of the need for remote work will ultimately help productivity.”

Roku as a company is already offering this style of work. “We have a flexible remote work schedule right now,” Curry says. “It is nice to have options in this age of uncertainty.”

Read on to learn more about Curry’s advice for succeeding in the future of work, her own career journey and how Roku is preparing employees like her for a changing world of work.

To start, what’s the most memorable piece of career advice you’ve ever received?

Knowing your worth and knowing when to say no! It's easy to lose yourself in your role, and easy to want to always please others; however, it’s important to stand up for yourself and be around people and a team who empower you. Also, find a mentor and have a support system. This way, you will never lose yourself or be faced with resentment about your job. 

A coworker sent me this video about finding a sponsor by Carla Harris. In it, Harris talks about the importance of having someone who will speak positively about you in rooms and in closed-door meetings. This is important for me, especially as a Woman of Color. 

It reminds me that there is still much work to be done in regards to inclusion, of the value of building relationships and the importance of inclusion in the workplace. And it motivates me to be a constant voice for diversity.

How do you manage to avoid burnout while working in a hybrid environment?

Being self-aware is important to your overall mental health. So, when I start to feel overwhelmed, I take a pause or break. Personally, I like to exercise so I try to get that done in the mornings. Working out is my self-care and taking a moment for myself to tune out and put myself first.

Could you tell us more about how you “check out” outside of work and focus on your personal life? And how does Rokt support you in doing this?

I like to make sure my desk at work is clean, projects are complete, and all communication has been detailed to my team. Once this is done, I do not check anything until I get back to the office. We love to do a photo dump of our vacations once we return, so it’s always exciting when we hear about colleagues taking time off. It always gives me new ideas and motivation to plan that next trip!

Overall, how does Roku help support work-life balance?

I have a supportive manager who understands the importance of wellness and balance. The life of a recruiting coordinator is busy. It can be easy to be overwhelmed with schedules and supporting others, which makes it challenging to prioritize yourself. Fortunately, I have a team who is understanding and self-aware that you cannot work at full capacity if you are drained, so we are reminded to take a break if needed and that our wellbeing comes first.

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