The 9 Best Apps for Meeting People After the Quarantine

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Pooja Shah10
Lawyer by day, freelance writer by night.
  • If you're looking for networking connections, try LinkedIn, Shapr and Fairygodboss.
  • For travel buddies, check out Showaround and Couchsurfing and for going out, specifically, try Eventbrite and Meetup.
  • For making friends, in general, download Classpass and Bumble BFF.

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Whether you're looking to get acquainted with a new city, make new friends or build your professional network, there's a variety of apps to choose from. Here are our top recommendations to meet new people based on user-friendliness, popularity and efficiency.

Networking apps

The proliferation of business-oriented apps has made networking easier and more convenient than ever before. No longer do professional job-seekers or people looking to grow their business contacts need to attend conferences or after-work happy hours to connect with others. Finding mentors, sponsors or simply other like-minded professionals to share a cup of coffee with is as easy as a swipe. Here's how.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number one choice to grow your professional career. Used by over 560 million people, this social network is focused on career development and professional growth. What makes LinkedIn unique is that you can meet other industry professionals, connect with people outside of your field, post your resume, search for jobs, join discussion forums and post career updates and objectives. LinkedIn also has a variety of online creative classes through LinkedIn Learning to help you develop skills in a variety of sectors. 

2.  Shapr

If you are looking for an app that allows you to connect with professionals without the fear of getting rejection messages or awkward connection requests, then Shapr is for you. Similar to many dating apps, the swipe function allows you to swipe right to connect and swipe left to reject. The app uses an algorithm that creates a curated list of professionals with matching interests and similar professional goals. However, do note that you'll be limited to how many daily connection requests you receive if you don't upgrade to a premium plan. Most days, you'll see 10-15 profiles.

General apps

Have you moved to a new city or town and are looking to meet new friends and locals? While a big move can be intimidating, these apps can help you ease some of that anxiety by helping you establish new connections.

3. Bumble BFF

Create meaningful platonic friendships by swiping on a list of people with similar interests, hobbies or taste in Netflix shows. Bumble BFF is a great way to make friends as an adult with people who, like you, may only have an hour for coffee or are dying to see that new movie in the theater. The app allows you to create a profile that showcases your best photos and a witty description of who you are. Also, if you decide to take a break from hunting for your new best friend, you can switch over to the dating part of Bumble in case you're in the market for a romantic partner, too.

4.  Classpass

What better a way to foster lifelong friendships and meet new people than sweating together? Classpass is a monthly membership service whereby gym enthusiasts can use credits to book spots in different studios and gyms across their geographic location. Looking for a bootcamp buddy or a yoga advisor? Classpass will connect you to people with the same fitness goals and health aspirations. And if you're over working out this month, you and your new buddy can also go for a facial or a haircut thanks to Classpass' wellness services.

Going out/event apps

It's Friday night and you don't have any plans yet. Fancy joining in on a last-minute intramural game or going to a Soca night dance class? These apps will connect you with the hottest and most popular events occurring in your areas any day of the week.

5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an event management and ticketing website where users can browse local (or international) events, including workout classes, concerts, conferences, writing workshops, sporting events and so much more. Users can also create new events, so if you're the type that likes to organize novel programming, you can track and run your own event. Many events on Eventbrite are free, but some require payment and advance registration, so be sure to play around with the filters.

6. Meetup

One of the best things about Meetup, a service that's used to organize groups that host in-person events for people similar interests, is that there's something for everyone. MeetUp is a great tool to meet new friends, pursue your creative interests, building professional connections or learn a new hobby. If there's not already a Meetup group for something you're interested in, the app also provides you an opportunity to start a group and host events.

7. Gametime

If your idea of social activities doesn't include BYOB paint night but rather sporting or concert events, then Gametime is for you. Gametime is an app that lets you score last-minute tickets to sports, concerts and shows at the fraction of the original price. If you're the type of person who doesn't commit to more expensive events from the offset, then this app is a great opportunity to still meet new friends who are as spontaneous and sports-centric as you are.

Travel apps

Travel can be exciting and empowering, but lonely if you are flying solo. Here are some apps to make friends while you're globetrotting.

8. Showaround

If you've caught the travel bug but want a local and immersive experience, Showaround is a great tool to connect your passion for travel with experienced locals. Showaround is a travel service that gives travelers the chance to book locals to show them the ins and outs of a new city. Especially if you're a solo traveler, booking a guide for a period of time that suits you is a great way to have some company during a new experience. Showaround is generally safe, but like any travel experience, it's prudent to exercise standard safety precautions.

9.  Couchsurfing

If your idea of meeting new people has a budget, then Couchsurfing is the app for you. This homestay service connects budget travelers to hosts; unlike Airbnb and other home rental services, Couchsurfers don't pay their hosts for the hospitality, but rather "repays" them in gifts, fun interactions and the prospect of friendship. The service vets all hosts to ensure that each user has a safe experience. The best part is that you can connect to hosts with shared interests even in your local town (just in case a trip is not in your immediate future).
In our current day and age, social media and apps have made it convenient to stay connected and meet new people no matter where in the world you are. The list above is merely a glimpse into some great ways to connect with others and expand your social or professional profile.