20 Career Coaches You Should Follow on TikTok Right Now

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Courtesy of @chanelle.howell, @ohheyitsliora, and @careercoachmandy

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A career path is rarely a straight line. There are often twists, turns, and challenges—and trying to navigate those curveballs can feel overwhelming.

That’s where career coaches step in. A career coach can help you at every stage of your career, whether you’re just entering the workforce and trying to land your first job, thinking about transitioning to another role or industry, struggling to find the right work-life balance, or aiming for a major promotion—and just about everything in between.

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With the rise of TikTok, career coaches are carving out space on the platform to help you through everything from a recent layoff to interview prep and negotiating a compensation package. Here are 20 career coaches you’ll want to follow now: 

1. Chanelle Howell (@chanelle.howell)

Chanelle Howell, who you might recognize from Survivor 42 and The Challenge: USA 2, is a diversity recruiter and career consultant with more than 46,000 TikTok followers. Howell uses her years of experience as a corporate recruiter to share tips and tricks for landing a remote job, nailing an interview, and negotiating for the salary you deserve.

2. Liora Alvarez (@ohheyitsliora)

Liora Alvarez is a queer and neurodivergent career coach with over 32,000 TikTok followers. Alvarez’s content helps her followers learn how to be their “neurodivergent, queer AF selves” while navigating patriarchal and neurotypical corporate workspaces. She also shares job ideas for neurodivergent people and tips for finding jobs that prioritize equity and inclusion.

3. Darci Smith (@careercoachdarci)

With over 294,000 TikTok followers, recruitment firm owner and career coach Darci Smith leverages her previous experience as a corporate hiring manager to help her followers write resumes, prepare for interviews, negotiate salaries, and achieve their career goals. She also shares frequent advice for how to answer common interview questions—and what you should ask yourself.

4. Sho Dewan (@workhap)

Before becoming a career coach and accumulating nearly 670,000 TikTok followers, Sho Dewan worked as a consultant and recruiter for a number of large corporations. Dewan now spends his time sharing HR secrets and tips to help his followers use LinkedIn to find open roles, negotiate higher salaries, and get reconsidered for a role after receiving a rejection!

5. Kendall Berg (@thatcareercoach)

With an extensive background in the corporate world, Kendall Berg has since garnered over 111,000 TikTok followers. Berg taps into her experience over multiple industries and roles (including marketing, construction, finance, operations, and tech) to teach her followers how to “play the corporate game” through methods like developing communication skills and setting expectations.

6. Caitlin Kenyon (@yourstoryunwritten)

Caitlin Kenyon is an HR professional, recruiter, and career coach with more than 206,000 TikTok followers. Kenyon taps into her experience as an SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) to help her followers find work, prepare for interviews, and overcome employment difficulties (like re-entering the workforce after staying home with your family).

7. Julia Starr (@juliastarrcoaching)

Julia Starr is a life and career coach with nearly 70,000 TikTok followers. Starr uses her experience as a management consultant and her education in adult development psychology, health and wellness, and yoga to help her followers improve their behaviors and mindsets, overcome corporate burnout, and discover new ways of balancing living and working.

8. Mandy Tang (@careercoachmandy)

A career coach and writer with over 10,000 TikTok followers, Mandy Tang’s career experience includes editorial and marketing roles at large corporations before transitioning into the startup world of Silicon Valley and, eventually, founding her own startup in New York City. Tang taps into this experience to discuss thoughts on big tech and culture, including better ways to network and her opinions and advice on changes to workplace culture.

9. Daphne Gomez (@teachercareercoach)

Originally a teacher, Daphne Gomez transitioned to the corporate world after realizing that teaching was no longer working for her. With experience as an instructional designer, podcaster, and career coach, Gomez built a TikTok following of more than 23,000. Today, she uses the skills she developed in both the education and corporate worlds to help teachers find new jobs by writing and formatting a transition resume, learning how to use LinkedIn, and figuring out their finances before making the jump.

10. Amirah Lawson (@amirahgivesadvice)

Amirah Lawson is a corporate vice president and career coach with more than 92,000 TikTok followers. Lawson uses her experience and role to educate her followers on how to fit into their new roles in the corporate world, follow the culture of the organization, and identify green flags in the workplace.

11. Sue Reynolds (@carminemedia)

With a degree in organizational leadership, executive coach Sue Reynolds has more than 265,000 TikTok followers listening to her career advice and tips. Reynolds focuses on social media marketing and educating women to achieve their leadership potential with content that discusses showing empathy and having patience, ways to weed out toxic employees, and how to deal with mansplaining.

12. Rachel Woodman (@thatcareerchic)

With more than 14 years in corporate America in sales, marketing, and consulting leadership roles, Rachel Woodman has, to date, a TikTok following of 48,000. As a career coach, Woodman now focuses on mentoring her followers to help them navigate the workplace and achieve their goals by sharing warnings about being too nice, advice about how to address an employee that undermines you, and how to say "no" in the workplace.

13. Eliana Goldstein (@eliana_goldstein)

A millennial career coach with 69,000 TikTok followers, Eliana Goldstein focuses on helping 20- and 30-somethings achieve their career goals, whether it’s attaining promotions or pivoting to new careers. After spending nine years in the tech and media industries, Goldstein now shares actionable advice about using AI to assist in your job search, when (and why) you should change your job, and what not to do after getting rejected from a job.

14. J.T. O'Donnell (@j.t.odonnell)

After J.T. O'Donnell left a successful career in the staffing and recruiting industry 20 years ago, she turned her focus to jobseekers who needed the right skills and information to find and secure their dream jobs, racking up an audience of more than 1.1 million TikTok followers. O'Donnell shares useful information about job searching when pregnant, how to avoid age discrimination, and ways to explain job jumping.

15. Hanna Goefft (@hannagetshired)

Career coach Hanna Goefftuses TikTok to share her thoughts on careers, marketing, tech, and mindset, with videos focused on lessons learned from her experience in the workforce. Goefft gives advice about building rapport in an interview, choosing when to quit your job with intention, and how to adopt a growth mindset to more than 186,000 followers.

16. Jenna Greco (@jennakgreco)

Despite a successful career, Jenna Greco was unhappy with her job and quit to heal from her burnout. From there, Greco became a career coach, attracting an audience of nearly 56,000 TikTok followers. Greco’s content focuses on helping high-performing corporate women find jobs they love, sharing advice about identifying the root cause of what's making you unhappy about your job, why you're procrastinating about finding a new job, and interview questions to ask to avoid taking a job at a company with a burnout culture.

17. Kelsey Wat (@tgimcareers)

Despite being the first college graduate in her family, Kelsey Wat entered the workforce with little idea about what to do professionally. After getting exposed to career coaching and workforce development in her role as a social worker, Wat became a career coach and started her TikTok account, growing a following of more than 22,000. Wat helps people find career clarity, look for jobs, and ace interviews with advice about creating targeted resumes, questions to avoid asking in an interview, and how to nail a 1:1 coffee chat to grow your network.

18. Anna Belyaeva (@thecareerdiet)

As a Stanford-certified career coach and job search strategist, Anna Belyaeva has almost 80,000 TikTok followers. Belyaeva helps job-seeking professionals become star candidates by tapping into her experience in the recruitment industry to help you learn how to make the career change you want, narrow down what your dream career looks like, and why networking is so important when you want to change careers.

19. Samara Elkins (@coachingbysamara)

Samara Elkins is a resume and career coach with nearly 30,000 TikTok followers. Having transitioned from a teacher to a product manager, Elkins now holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership, with a focus on technology, education, healthcare, and nonprofits. Elkins uses her expertise and skills to help her followers avoid toxic bosses, where to put your education on your resume based on your experience, and how to be more confident in your work emails.

20. Emily Rezkalla (@emrezkalla)

With more than 160,000 TikTok followers, Emily Rezkalla is a career coach and confidence hype-woman. Rezkalla’s first job as an associate at a Toronto-based consulting firm left her lost and confused about her professional career path, leading her to embrace her desire for authentic connections. This resulted in her taking human resources, strategy policy, program operations, business intelligence, and IT data analytics roles—all of which she taps into to help her followers learn how to stand out to a hiring manager, how to interview prep, and why it’s okay to feel behind in your onboarding or transition.