15 Best Jobs for Working Moms

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There’s no denying that working moms have busy lives. Often, it can be difficult to balance everything they have on their plates, between their professional and personal lives. 

As many working moms know, some careers are more conducive to juggling these obligations than others. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best jobs for working moms in terms of flexibility, the ability to work from home, earning potential, and other factors.

15 Best Jobs for Working Moms

(NB: The annual salaries listed below are based on the 2017 median pay according to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics [BLS].)

1. Accountant or Auditor

Annual Salary: $69,350

Accountants and auditors, who ensure the accuracy of financial records while preparing them for clients, have stable careers, making them a good choice for working moms. These positions also have high earning potential. According to the BLS, the career is fast-growing, meaning the demand for people skilled in this industry is high.

2. Bookkeeper

Annual Salary: $39,240

Professionals who are good with math and numbers can find solid work balancing the accounts of employers and clients. There are often busy and less busy times for these professionals, depending on where their businesses are in the financial cycle. 

Many bookkeeping jobs will enable you to work from home at least for part of the time, making the profession a flexible career choice for working moms.

3. Dental Hygienist

Annual Salary: $74,070

Cleaning teeth and preparing patients for the dentist are some of the duties with which dental hygienists are tasked. Many hygienists work part-time, allowing them to earn a high salary while balancing home, personal, and childcare needs.

4. Elementary School Teacher

Annual Salary: $56,900

It stands to reason that mothers like children, and working as an elementary school teacher enables you to spend your working hours being around them. It is also a great career for working moms because you’ll have similar hours as your kids, with the same or roughly the same vacations and time off. (Of course, many teachers work when school is over but can often do so from home.)

5. Event Planner

Annual Salary: $48,290

Many event planners can work with vendors, coordinate details, and facilitate other aspects of events from home. While they may need to meet with clients and others, as well as travel for the events themselves, they often have a large hand in setting their own schedules.

6. Grant Writer

Grant writing requires strong writing, research, and organizational skills. It also demands great attention to detail, since writers must put together winning proposals for clients and ensure that all the information is accurate and presented well. Many granter writers work from home, and many work for several clients on a freelance basis.

7. Health Care Worker

Annual Salary: Varies according to specialty

Health care workers can often find positions in a variety of fields, many of which can be high-paying. Working in facilities such as nursing homes, physical therapy offices, and others also offer varying degrees of flexibility. Many positions are also in high-demand and growing fields, increasing the likelihood that you will find a job.

Keep in mind that many health care workers are required to have certain degrees, licenses, and/or certifications, so it’s a good idea to look into the steps you’ll need to take to become a health care professional in your chosen niche.

8. High School Teacher

Annual Salary: $59,170

As with elementary school teachers, high school teachers often have time off in the summers, which allows them to enjoy time with their children and families. In contrast to their colleagues working with younger children, high school teachers focus on teaching specific disciplines and can expect to earn somewhat higher salaries, although this varies depending on many factors, including the school, state and district, highest degree earned, and others.

9. Human Resources Specialist

Annual Salary: $60,350

Many HR managers, recruiters, and other professionals in the field don’t need to work overtime and can often take vacations and holidays, enabling them to spend time with their families. Plus, the job requires strong communication, empathy, and other skills aligned with those you will need to exercise as a parent.

10. Photographer

Annual Salary: $32,490 

Photographers have the opportunity to exercise their creative talents while often setting their own schedules. Many photographers work on a freelance basis, enabling them to take on events and clients as they desire.

11. Real Estate Agent or Broker

Annual Salary: $47,880 (accounts for both brokers and agents)

Real estate agents and brokers both assist prospective home renters and buyers with finding, acquiring, and selling properties. Brokers must be licensed and manage their own businesses, while agents are sales representatives who work on behalf of a broker. In order to obtain a real estate license, you will need to investigate and meet the education requirements of your state. Texas, for example, requires 210 hours of education, while Rhode Island only requires 45. 

Agents and brokers often enjoy flexible hours and set their own schedules, although they may need to be on call during non-working hours, including nights and weekends. 

12. Sales Representative

Annual Salary: $60,340

The roles of sales reps can vary greatly depending on the field and industry, as can the earning potential. Some work can generally be done from home, while other work may require travel. These positions often come with the potential for large bonuses and are ideal for people who are good at interacting with and influencing others.

13. Sonographer

Annual Salary: $65,620

Working with ultrasound technology, diagnostic medical sonographers create images of body organs and tissues, a crucial step and diagnosis—as well as finding out whether an expectant mother is carrying a boy or a girl. Not only is this a lucrative position for working moms, but it enables them to meet and work with fellow mothers.

14. Fitness Trainer or Instructor

Annual Salary: $39,210

If you have a passion for fitness and wellness, considering making it a career. Some fitness trainers can even teach students and clients from home if they have the space. Instructors have greater earning potential and can teach classes through gyms and other fitness centers, generally setting their own hours.

15. Web Developer

Annual Salary: $67,990

Requiring an eye for detail and strong technical skills, web developers build websites, write code, monitor aspects of sites such as web traffic, add content, and more for clients. This job often enables working moms to work remotely, depending on their employer. Some web developers also work on a freelance basis for multiple clients, which can afford them flexibility.

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