11 Blogs for Senior Women That are Deserving of Your Extra Free Time

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With many of us with extra time on our hands in light of the current state of affairs, it helps to have a ready-made list of sites to read (that provide a nice alternative to the anxiety-provoking news). For those who love blogs but feel as if they're all written by and for the twenty to thirty-something crowd, we have news for you: there is a wealth of fantastic blogs for seniors out there, providing useful information, inspiration and community for older people. 
This is hardly surprising given the growing numbers of seniors who spend time online, according to the Pew Research Center. Blogs range from those run by major organizations such as the AARP to those written by fellow seniors and cover all topics from health to travel, retirement strategies to fashion. With so much on offer, it can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a list of 11 great blogs for seniors that you should check out.

1. ElderChicks

Created by two highly-accomplished senior women, Dr. Thelma Reese and Dr. Barbara Fleischer, this blog provides a forum for mutual support within a small community of followers. Short and sweet blog posts cover personal experiences, thoughts and concerns, as well as social issues. Although some of the slightly longer articles might promote a book, product or service, they nevertheless provide useful information, and readers aren’t subjected to any hard sell. The blog is kept simple and straightforward to use for readers who may not be experienced with online forums and isn't cluttered with too much content. This is a great resource for older women seeking inspiration, advice or camaraderie.


This isn’t so much one blog as a collection, with each resource focused on a thought-provoking subject, including public policy, work, caregiving, livable communities and maintaining brain health. Readers are never patronized, and posts are informative and useful, often with in-depth background information and expert writers. Recent article titles include: “Just 20 Minutes of Exercise Can Boost Memory,” “Family Caregiving Report Highlights Need for Collective Action” and “New Waiver Guidance Giving States Authority to Cap Medicaid Funding Could Put All Medicaid Enrollees at Risk.” Although some of the blogs are more frequently updated than others, overall, there's plenty of quality material to engage with.

3. Feisty Side of 50

The title probably says it all. This blog is targeted at Baby-Boomer women, with an emphasis on positive, helpful advice that encourages women to achieve all they can and live life to the fullest past the age of 50. Created by Mary Eileen Williams, a Baby Boomer herself and experienced career counselor, there's plenty of advice for those still in the job market, as well as lively and informative posts on health topics, retirement and more. With around three new blog posts per week, you’re likely to find something to interest you, from “Top Cosmetic Treatments for Aging Skin” to “Ignite Your Inner GPS And Head For Success!”

4. Senior Planet

This one really does provide a wide range to interest senior blog readers of all types. With a stated aim of “Aging with Attitude” and using the power of digital technologies, these blog posts present actionable information in an accessible way. Frequency varies, but new posts for each topic area appear around once a month. Categories are: Healthy Aging, Sex & Relationships, Technology, Work & Money, Life & Culture and Activism & Advocacy. Recent articles range from, “Diversity in Medical Research” to “Internet Like a Millennial: Memes.”

5. Grandma’s Briefs

Founded by former newspaper editor and current grandma, Lisa Carpenter, this is a personal blog that's redefining what it means to be a grandmother. Filled with humor and practical advice, the blog includes frequent posts recounting personal experiences alongside advice on being a great grandma, recipes and features on individual grandmas, plus reviews and giveaways. This is an entertaining blog for any current or future grandparent.

6. Sixty and Me

According to founder Margaret Manning, Sixty and Me is “a community of 500,000 women over 60…on a journey to finding joy, passion and a sense of purpose in the best years of our lives.” The blog is very frequently updated and features informative posts on a range of topics relating to health, travel, money, lifestyle, mindset, dating and beauty. Content relating to current events and providing positive advice keeps the tone upbeat and inspiring. This is a great blog for seniors wanting to maintain or regain energy and vitality.

7. The Senior Nomads

Debbie and Michael Campbell started traveling the world in 2013 and haven’t stopped since! This blog takes you along on their adventures and features beautiful photography from the locations they visit. While readers may find inspiration from this senior couple, the blog is primarily a personal travelogue rather than travel guide. Whether you’re looking for an example to follow or just enjoy reading about other people’s adventures, this is an entertaining blog, with updates coming roughly every two weeks.

8. The Upside to Aging

Unlike most of the other blogs listed here, this one was founded by a younger writer who's an experienced professional in the field of geriatric care, Molly Wisniewski. It offers informative posts from well-qualified contributors and provides valuable explanations and advice on various health and caregiving topics, with new articles typically published on a weekly basis. The blog also includes personal stories from caregivers. Recent titles include “The Benefits and Techniques of Gentle Chair Yoga” and “Signs Adult Children Should Look For While Visiting With Older Loved Ones.” There are plenty of useful insights, practical advice and shared experiences for both seniors and those with older relatives.

9. Time Goes By

The tagline of this blog reads “What it’s really like to get old.” Started in 2003 by Ronni Bennett after retiring from her long career in the media, the blog contains regularly-published posts on personal experiences, issues of concern to the senior population and other “interesting stuff" covering a wide range of topics. If you’d like a break from the unrelenting and sometimes forced positivity of many of the other blogs for seniors, here you’ll find genuinely interesting pieces on classical music, surviving cancer and the “Shortest Harlem Globetrotter,” to name just a few.

10. Viva Fifty

Here's a bilingual blog  written in Spanish and Englis that aims to empower and inspire women over 50 and “celebrates your best age.” Created by Lorraine C. Ladish, a woman in her 50s who's loving her age, regular posts include advice pieces, personal stories and reviews and are listed under one of five categories. “Mind” includes a wide range of topics, such as work, money and brain health. “Grace” deals with articles on beauty and fashion, while “Soul” features inspirational pieces, as well as topics such as dating and friendship. “Body” gives advice on physical health, yoga and fitness, and “Escape” is about celebrations, holidays, travel and fun.

11. WOW: Women’s Older Wisdom

Founded by 70-something Pat Taub, this blog has a definite feminist perspective and is concerned with embracing old age and facing the realities of aging. The blog is regularly updated with well-written, thought-provoking and empowering articles examining current events, socio-political issues and personal experiences. To give you a flavor, recent titles include “Resisting Body Shaming,” “Black Women Writers Who Opened My Eyes” and “Aging May Be a Laughing Matter After All.” Honestly, this blog is too good to save until you reach 60 — it offers insights that would be valuable to women of any age.
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