18 Must-Read Blogs For (And By) Women Over 50

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July 14, 2024 at 2:58PM UTC
  • There are plenty of blogs that cater to women of all ages including women over the age of 50. 
  • Check out Ageless after 50, Candid Culture, How to Fascinate, No Crumbs Left and The Martha Blog.

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While the idea of blogging may make you think of millennials or Gen Z, there are plenty of blogs that cater to women of all ages — this includes women over the age of 50. 

Whether you are looking to be educated, inspired or entertained there is something for you.  If you like what you’re reading, know that it is never too late for a second career as a blogger or even an influencer. You could draw inspiration from these bloggers and start your own blog. 

Many sites will even let you get started for free. You might be surprised to learn with platforms like Squarespace or WordPress you don’t even need to know how to code or do any graphic design.  Many blogging platforms have preset themes that you can simply customize to your taste. 

From careers and business to health and fitness or even fashion there are many bloggers creating incredible content that’s not just for younger people. We've rounded up 18 of the best blogs in all of these categories and more.


Lead by Dorothy Miller Shore, PRiME WOMEN’s tagline is “Redefining the over 50 woman”. Prior to founding her blog, Miller Shore lead an automotive and digital ad agency. The blog topics span fashion, health career and more. You can expect to find posts on nutrition, fashion and family and friends. 

2. Candid Culture 

While not just for women over 50, this blog written by founder Shari Harley helps people learn to communicate better. Shari is known for her delightful and entertaining talks on how to say anything to anyone. She uses somewhat extreme examples like how to tell someone they smell or how to tell someone they aren’t dressed appropriately. She also provides wise business advice on how to communicate expectations and effectively manage your reputation. 

3. Ageless after 50

Blog author Linda Melone is a pastry chef turned fitness pro. On her blog, Ageless after 50 you can expect to find workout advice and health and fitness tips for women in their 50’s and over. Take it from Linda, she is 61 and still fit and active. Try one of her fat burning workouts or review mindfulness tips to help you lose weight if you are looking for something less intense. 

4. American Association of Retired People (AARP)

The AARP maintains it’s own blog filled with resources and articles for those over 55. Even if you aren’t retired you may learn something you didn’t know before reading this blog including ways to keep your brain healthy. If you are under 50 or caring for another relative the blog has some great tips for caregivers. 

5. Social Sales Link 

Founder and blogger Brynne Tillman is an expert on all things LinkedIn. Whether you are looking for a new role, or just looking to keep in touch with former colleagues, Brynne has some great tips. She will make your profile look great and tell you everything you need to know to connect with confidence. Social Sales Link does focus a bit more heavily on using LinkedIn for sales activities, but even if you aren’t a salesperson you will certainly learn a few tricks. 

6. How to Fascinate

Sally Hogshead has a funny name and a dynamic personality. Her mission is to help people become more of themselves and understand what makes them fascinating so they can use it to their advantage. Her website contains information about her methods and her blog brings to life real examples of those methods in action. 

7. une femme d’un certain âge

Looking for fashion over 50? Check out Susan Blakey’s popular blog une femme d’un certain âge! Blakey is a 63-year-old fashionista who embraces color. She will help you find the perfect spring jacket but also dishes out advice about working from home. 

Image Credit: une femme d’un certain âge
Image Credit: une femme d’un certain âge

8. Gabby Bernstein 

New York Times Bestselling author Gabby Bernstein also somehow finds time to write a weekly blog post. Her blog focuses on spiritual connection, deepening relationships and manifesting desires. Whether you’re a fan or you’ve never even heard of Gabby there is a lot you can learn from reading her blog. 

9. Calm Blog

While the Calm App is wildly popular among newbie meditators, did you know they also maintained a blog? The Calm Blog is full of free resources to help you start or maintain a meditation practice. There is even a post that includes an exclusive Lullaby from Lindsay Starling. If you (or your grandchildren) are having trouble relaxing or falling asleep, rest assured you will find something here to help. 

10. Apartment Therapy

Looking to downsize? Love DIY? Apartment Therapy has everything you’re looking for. From rating the best vacuum cleaners to finding a cozy desk, this blog will help you keep your (smaller) space looking stylish and chic. If you’re on a budget, pay extra attention to the DIY articles for projects you can do yourself to save some cash. If you are stuck inside at home due to illness or bad weather take a look through their posts for mostly free ideas to beat boredom. Closet clean out anyone? 

11. No Crumbs Left

Author and The Feed Feed editor Terri Turner’s blog, book and Instagram are all under the name No Crumbs Left. Her recipes are simple and elegant and cater to those who are gluten-free, low carb or doing the Whole30. She creates what she calls “magic elixirs” like her famous marinated onions. She even has a line of pottery including a special bowl to marinate your own onions at home. 

Image Credit: No Crumbs Left
Image Credit: No Crumbs Left

12. Suze Orman 

Looking to keep up with the latest financial best practices? Follow Suze Orman’s blog to keep your money safe and working for you. Suze writes about everything from what to do with your tax refund to how to manage in a financial crisis. Whether you’re still working or enjoying your retirement you can learn a lot from Suze about the best way to handle your money. 

13. Yoga Journal 

Catch up on the latest news, trends and upcoming events in the yoga world. Whether you’re just starting a yoga practice or you’re an advanced student there is something here for everyone. Learn what poses are best for an airplane seat or which velvet pants are popular this season on the Yoga Journal’s blog.

Image Credit: Yoga Journal 
Image Credit: Yoga Journal 

14. Marie Forleo

Author, Host of Marie TV and creator of B-School, Marie Forleo does it all. She even somehow manages to find time to post to her blog. Topics include business, relationships, health, and productivity. Marie is smart, savvy and no-nonsense. If you’re looking for a pep talk she will get you moving and working to achieve your dreams. 

15. Chic Over 50

Blogger Shauna started Chic Over 50 to inspire her friends. What she didn’t anticipate is how many women would find inspiration in her outfit choices. Shauna writes that she wants to help women feel good in their skin. She blogs about both travel and fashion trends. For those on a budget, she even has a post about her favorite finds from Target! 

Image Credit: Chic Over 50
Image Credit: Chic Over 50

16. Sandals Blog 

If you want to learn about beautiful beaches, tropical destinations, and delicious food and drinks check out the Sandals blog. The company uses the blog to educate potential travelers about their destinations. If you want to take another honeymoon or just re-live memories from the first one, escape into the Sandals blog. 

Image Credit: Sandals blog
Image Credit: Sandals blog

17. The Martha Blog

Yes, the official blog of Martha Stewart. On her blog, Martha writes about topics related to gardening, cooking, her speaking engagements, her pets and so much more. If you are looking for a glimpse into Martha’s life her blog is a great place to start. You may even find inspiration for projects you want to tackle in your own home, kitchen or garden. 

18. Grandmas Briefs 

Started by writer and former newspaper editor Lisa Carpenter back in 2008 to keep her writing sharp, Grandmas Briefs offers a humorous take on being a grandparent. Lisa says she doesn’t fit the old lady stereotype of a grandmother but she does enjoy being one. Read along for recipes and activities to do with your grandchildren. 

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