#CareerTikTok is Gen Z's Newest Career Coach — Here’s How to Use it To Your Advantage

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April 22, 2024 at 4:35PM UTC

TikTok may be known for its viral dances and feta pasta, but there are also real, practical, applicable ways to use the app — and a side of TikTok dedicated just to helping people land their next role and thrive in it. 

From answering the most dreaded interview questions to learning about how to negotiate your salary, #careertiktok is a place where career experts — and any successful professionals, really — share their career advice. 

Simply download the app and search “#careertiktok” and suddenly you’ll find thousands of videos with hundreds of millions of views. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can easily refine your search to find videos for specific kinds of career advice. There’s career advice specifically for women, that promotes pay transparency and how to boost your confidence when asking for a raise. There’s advice for how to handle a performance review, with videos on how to draft a self-assessment or what questions to ask your boss. The job search side of #careertiktok is perhaps the most populated, with tons of scripts for how to answer common interview questions, resume hacks and negotiation tips.

TikTok’s video format gives this career advice a leg up from LinkedIn, where most career advice is written in post or article form. You can see how these TikTokers answer common interview questions; not just what they’re saying, but how they’re answering, from body language to eye contact and tone. Many Tiktokers even give examples of how not to answer these questions, then demonstrate the correct way to do so. 

@erinmcgoff via tiktok.com
@erinmcgoff via tiktok.com

For those who aren’t job seeking but looking to level up their careers, there are videos on career growth, exit interviews or even how to deal with recruiters. One of the best parts of TikTok is the transparency; these TikTokers aren’t afraid to share their salaries and benefits with the wider audience, and even share their background and how they got there.

@rawanog via tiktok.com
@rawanog via tiktok.com

Should you use TikTok to jumpstart your job search or level up your career? Yes, it can be a resource — but it shouldn’t be your only one. 

It can give you helpful takeaways for your next interview or give you insight into what a woman in tech at Google is really making; however, while some creators are willing to answer questions directly, others generally don’t give advice in response to the many personal questions they get daily. It’s a great place to find real answers and demonstrative videos on the basics of how to level up your career or land your next role.

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