Example Cashier Resume and How to Write Your Own

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June 24, 2024 at 5:42PM UTC

Are you looking for a job as a cashier? Whether you want a part-time, full-time or seasonal role, every position starts with a resume. 

How do you craft a cashier resume that will rise to the top of the hiring manager’s pile and make you stand out? Here are some important bullets, keywords and information to include, as well as an example to use as a guide for writing your own resume. 

What skills should I put on my resume for a cashier position?

The position of a cashier is often an entry-level role requiring minimal education and skills. While many jobs will require a high school diploma, some companies may accept current high-school students, too, depending on your age and the legal age restrictions for your state. (If you’re looking for after-school or summer work as a teenager, look up your state laws and visit local businesses to learn about their policies.)

As you work your way up in your career, you may have managerial or higher-level positions that require more work experience, skills and training, which you’ll need to highlight on your resume. However, even when you’re just starting out in the job world, you will still need to have some skills and proficiencies in order to land an entry-level or mid-level job as a cashier and succeed at this work. These skills include:

• Computer proficiencies

• Basic math and arithmetic skills

• Communication

• Customer service

These are just the basics. We’ll delve into some specific examples of keywords to include on your resume below.

Do keep in mind that you should make an effort to highlight the most important skills and requirements for the position on your resume because applicant tracking systems (ATS) search for these keywords and flag appropriate matches. This will help you move to the top of the hiring manager’s pile. Additionally, pay attention to the job description for the role in questioning and notice what responsibilities and skills it emphasizes. Be sure to include the most important ones, since they are almost definitely on the hiring manager’s “wish list” for candidates for the position.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a cashier?

The specific duties and responsibilities of a cashier will vary based on the industry and position in question. For example, a cashier working in a retail store will likely have different duties from those of a cashier at a grocery store, although there will be some overlap. Some general responsibilities include:

• Processing customer transactions made with credit cards, cash, checks, debit cards and other forms of payment

• Issuing receipts and refunds

• Balancing the cash register (counting the money in the cash register at the beginning and end of a shift and flagging any discrepancies on a balance sheet)

• Scanning items and redeeming coupons

• Handling and resolving customer complaints

• Greeting customers

• Answering customers’ questions

• Assisting with cleaning, stocking and setting up displays

• Bagging or gift-wrapping items

• Processing returns

• Checking for stock and materials

• Ensuring correct pricing

• Keeping records of transactions

• Maintaining tidy checkout stations

Words and skills to include on your cashier resume

You should include relevant soft skills (those intangible, “people” skills that make you a good worker in general) and basic technical skills that will be relevant for your work as a cashier. While the role doesn’t require significant education or training other than on-the-job preparation, you will need to have some proficiencies for working in a fast-paced environment, such as basic math skills. Some examples of keywords to include on your resume include:

• Accuracy

• Ability to multitask

• Arithmetic skills

• Attention to detail

• Basic math skills

• Collaboration

• Communication skills (written and verbal)

• Computer skills (PC/Mac)

• Customer complaint resolution

• Customer service

• Dependability

• Efficiency

• Flexibility

• Interpersonal skills

• Loss prevention strategies

• Mathematical skills

• Memorization

• Point of Sale (POS) systems

• Positive attitude

• Problem-solving

• Product knowledge

• Punctuality

• Responsibility

• Sales

• Teamwork

• Telephone etiquette

• Time management

Example cashier experience resume bullets

So, how do you write resume bullets that will capture the hiring manager’s attention? Before you get started, make sure you know what you want the layout to look like, which skills you want to include and the relevant experience you should highlight. Some cashier resumes include an objective as well as a work experience and skills section. Others include a summary. Most importantly, make sure you’re creating a narrative that showcases your abilities and story.

When writing your resume bullets, don’t just focus on the duties and responsibilities you performed in previous roles. Quantify your experiences with percentages and figures if possible and describe your accomplishments, too. Here are some examples.

• Received consistently high customer satisfaction rating

• Welcomed and greeted 250+ customers every day 

• Processed 300 customer transactions on average during a shift

• Honored as the employee of the month for April 2018

• Maintained displays, using creativity and attention to detail

• Handled and resolved customer complaints with a positive attitude

• Played an instrumental role in facilitating the customer rewards program by serving as the point person for processing rewards

Example resume

Susan Smith

1234 Way Road

Boston, MA 02115

[email protected]

Upbeat team player with strong customer service skills and five years of experience working for supermarkets, retailers and food vendors.  


Work Experience

Whole Foods


September 2017–present

• Assisted with setting up displays and floor maintenance

• Processed customer transactions and maintained cash register with minimal end-of-day discrepancies

• Maintained excellent customer satisfaction rating


Sales Associate

January 2015–September 2017

• Provided customer service to 250+ customers daily

• Greeted more than 300 customers daily

• Maintained displays

• Processed customer purchases with 98% accuracy



February 2014–January 2015

• Served 300+ customers, including children and adults, daily

• Bussed and cleaned tables

• Entered orders into computer system

• Greeted and provided excellent customer service to customers


Efficiency, punctuality, attention to detail, basic math and analytical, customer service, basic computer


Bunker Hill Community College

Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts, 2015

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