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Racking your brain for a gift to get your boss for the holidays, a birthday or a milestone like her retirement? We've rounded up some of the most creative, fun, interesting and generous CEO gifts out there for every budget. Even the boss who seems to have everything will appreciate a gem from this list.

1. World's Best Boss mug, $9.45

Photo via Etsy

Hopefully, your boss isn't exactly like Michael Scott. But if she's an Office fan, she'll definitely appreciate this mug — and unlike Michael, she won't have to give it to herself.

2. Echo Dot, $49.99

Photo via Amazon

Conveniently portable, Echo Dot is ideal for the CEO who has a lot of questions and a lot to do. Think of it as her new virtual assistant.

3. BarkBox, $25/month

Photo via BarkBox

If your CEO loves her dog as much as she loves her job (or more), then she's really going to appreciate getting a subscription to BarkBox. She'll renew it again and again — thanks to your gift. 

4. MeowBox, $29.95/month

Photo via MeowBox

Or, if she's more of a cat person, get her the feline alternative!

5. Personalized wine, varies in price

Photo via Personal Wine

Let's face it: Who doesn't love a good bottle of wine? Adding a personalized label will make this gift extra special.

6. Vinturi Red Wine Aerator, $29.95

Photo via Crate & Barrel

And for the real wine lover out there, get this aerator to help her collection breathe. 

7. Spa gift card, varies in price

Give your CEO the gift of luxury and relaxation. With a gift card from a local spa, she'll be able to choose the services she wants the most, whether it's a long massage, a facial or a pedicure.

8. The Mindfulness Journal, $13.46

Photo via Amazon

Chances are, your boss is busy. And with busy often comes stress. Help her find her calm with The Mindfulness Journal by Corinne Sweet, filled with prompts and exercises to promote relaxing.

9. Personalized Padfolio, $31.95+

Photo via Etsy

Your CEO has a lot on her plate, and having a convenient place to store papers and take notes will definitely help her stay organized. Personalizing this portfolio is a nice touch.

10. Wusthof Gourmet 2-Piece Starter Knife Set, $89.95

Photo via Cutlery and More

Is your boss an amateur chef? This professional start knife set is the perfect addition to her kitchen. 

11. Framebridge gift card, varies in price

Photo via Framebridge

Whether she uses the gift to frame artwork, photographs or something else to display in her home or office, your CEO will love the custom framing from Framebridge.

12. Airline gift card, varies in price

For the CEO who could use a vacation, you can find gift cards for American Airlines, JetBlue, etc.  Just make sure she doesn't use it for work travel.

13. Plated meal kit delivery, $35.85 (one week, serves two)

Photo via Plated

One thing your boss surely needs is time. With a meal kit delivery service, you'll give her that — and a delicious dinner.

14. "How to Win Friends and Influence People", $15.29

Photo via Amazon

The classic career and leadership guide by Dale Carnegie remains relevant today and is the ideal CEO gift. 

15. CEO tote bag, $10

Photo via Cafe Press

Your boss can show the world how proud she is to be a CEO with this nifty tote bag. 

16. ClassPass, $19 (one month, 10 credits to book up to three classes)

Photo via ClassPass

If your CEO wants to work out more and maybe try something new along the way, ClassPass is the ideal way for her to sample the full gamut of exercise classes, from yoga to kickboxing.

17. DIY item, varies in price

Do you have a passion for knitting? A talent for painting? Put your prowess to good use by making your boss a gift she'll really love.

18. Tickets, varies in price

Purchase tickets from Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, StubHub, etc. for a broadway show or a city event. This might take a bit of planning to figure out when your CEO is free, but if you can get a peek at her schedule, getting her tickets to see her favorite band, sports team, comedian or another event will definitely be a win.

19. Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gold Gift Box, $49.95

Photo via Godiva

Maybe not the most innovative choice, but it's a crowdpleaser nonetheless!

20. Baked goods, varies in price

Photo via Adobe Stock

Whip up a batch of yummy cookies, cake, bread or what have you yourself!

21. Magnetic Poetry Kit, $21.95

Magnetic Poetry

A classic for the wordsmiths among us. It's also fun!

22. Book of the Month Club subscription, $49.99

Book of the Month Club

Is your CEO a bookworm? With a Book of the Month subscription, she'll get to choose among a selection of bestselling titles every month for her next great read. 

23. Audible subscription, $15.00 (one month)

Photo via Audible

Or, if she's into books but doesn't really have the time for physical reading, an Audible subscription will do the trick. Plus, it's something to keep your CEO company on the commute to work.

24. Custom Bobblehead, $69.99

Photo via Bobbleheadsme

If your boss can poke a little fun at herself, then a Bobblehead of her will make a great gift.

25. RAVPower Solar Charger 24W Solar Panel, $69.99

Photo via Amazon

Energy-efficient and convenient, your CEO will appreciate having this solar charger around, whether she's traveling or away from her desk for a few hours.

26. Mpow - X4.0 Wireless Noise Canceling Over-the-Ear Headphones, $49.99

Photo via Best Buy

A more affordable alternative to some of the pricier noise-canceling headphones, this gift will help your CEO achieve maximum concentration.

27. Fitbit Charge 3, $149.95

Photo via Fitbit

Help your CEO achieve her fitness goals with one of the latest Fitbit models. (She'll also learn more about her sleep patterns and quality.)

28. Dare to Lead, $15.39

Photo via Amazon

Based on interviews with top leaders and innovators, Brené Brown reveals how to incorporate these ideas into your own leadership style. Even the best CEOs can stand to learn something, and with this gift, yours will find a wealth of advice and ideas.

29. "Great Quotes from Great Leaders", $19.95

Photo via Successories

From Nelson Mandela to Eleanor Roosevelt, these are the words that changed the world. Inspire your CEO with quotes from some of the (other) greats.

30. Gift card to a favorite restaurant, varies in price

A nice dinner out to a your CEO's favorite restaurant is just the gift they need. 

31. Boss Lady nameplate, $17.89

Photo via Zazzle

Show your CEO just how boss you think she is — and let her show other people, too.

32. Personalized phone case, varies in price

Photo via Case App

Give the gift everyone needs: a phone case. Personalizing it will make it extra special for your CEO.

33. One of a Kind 3-D art

Photo via One of a Kind

This truly unique 3D art tribute is perfect for the CEO who's retiring or celebrating a big milestone. Go in with your colleagues to really make an impression.

34. Funny travel mug, $27.90

Photo via Zazzle

This CEO gift is a great choice for the boss with a good sense of humor. (Just make sure you know the CEO will really appreciate it before you give it to her.)

35. Donation, varies in price

Does your CEO have a go-to charity? Then she'll really appreciate your making a donation in her name — and an impact on the world.

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