Changing Careers? Joining These Online Groups Will Help You Land That New Job

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May 18, 2024 at 7:39PM UTC

Changing careers is an exciting time, but it can be a nerve-wracking one, too. Luckily, career changing has become more common — the average U.S. employee has 12 jobs in their career, according to the bureau of labor statistics, and those jobs are often across industries. That means more communities for people who are transitioning out of their comfort zone. 

Whether you’re on the job hunt, in a newly minted position, thinking about rejoining the workforce after a career break, or somewhere in between, the FGB Community has a group for you. 

Here are 17 groups you should join if you’re changing careers, along with how they’ll help you during this fun, scary and exhilarating time. To join, follow the link then click “join group” in the upper-right hand corner. 

1. FGB Official Job Seekers Group

Looking for the perfect job to make your career change? Join the FGB Official Job Seekers Group for help sourcing jobs and personalized job search advice from other FGB’ers. 

2. Job Seekers/Employers Hiring

For an even more direct line to employers, join this group! There are routine posts from employers seeking candidates and candidates seeking placement in their perfect job. 

3. The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse offers personalized career growth tips and insights from industry professionals, making it the perfect resource for women who are seeking to grow their skills and knowledge before, during or after their career change. 

4. How to Market Yourself

The no. 1 way to make finding a job easier? Build a recognizable personal brand and totally own it. This group provides insights and advice on establishing yourself as a thought leader, building a personal brand and all things personal marketing. 

5. Fearless Women at Work

Need help feeling fearless as you step into uncharted career territory? Joining Fearless Women @Work gives you a direct line to women who want to help you feel confident. Tune in for personalized pump ups, advice and positive thoughts to get you through your career change. 

6. Career Change Support for Women in Tech

Are you a career changer in tech? Join this group for resources and advice from a career coach, specifically from women in tech. 

7. Creating the Freelance Career

Is your career change resulting in a freelance career — maybe for the first time? Join this group for insights on self-employment and building a strong freelance career. 

8. Leading Women

Looking for tips on increasing your visibility and influence as you transition careers, maybe seeking a leadership role in an entirely new industry? This group will provide answers to all of your women in leadership questions from both an executive coach and members of the community.

9. Career Changers

This group is entirely for professional women making a professional pivot. Ask questions about the career change, seek support or just vent about the transition to other women who get it. 

10. Confident Career Woman

If you’re seeking advice on overcoming a career challenge, especially one having to do with your career change, this is your place. Get advice from women on specific roadblocks you’re running into, or read about theirs to keep your path a little clearer. 

11. Job Searching

For specific advice on buffing up your resume or CV, join this group. Here, FGB’ers are more than willing to give you advice, edits and general help with your application materials. 

12. Spark Job Search Boot Camp

This group gives you more information about The Spark Job Search Boot Camp, which provides actionable advice and resources to get more interviews and job offers. Join for insider tips from its founder, Sandra, and personalized advice. 

13. Career & Me

This highly-trafficked group provides a community for women who are looking for ways to grow their careers, whether through a career change or better realizing their goals within their current jobs. Join for professional support, advice and more. 

14. The Liberated Tribe

Looking for greater confidence — the kind that lets you ask for a higher salary, better benefits or that position you really want? The Liberated Tribe is a network of women who speak up, together. Join for a daily dose of positivity and gusto, along with advice on asking for what you want. 

15. Resume Over Coffee

This group provides an inside look into HR, the perfect tool for any stage of the career change. It’s a safe space to ask questions you wish you could ask a hiring manager, such as how much information to provide on your application, or whether or not to use a resume writing service. 

16. Ready Pause Go

Taking a pause before you transition into a new career? Join Ready Pause Go, a space for people who are taking a career pause that will inspire, guide, and support you on your journey.

17. Path Forward

Did you take a career break for caregiving? Join Path Forward for a community that understands your unique career change circumstances, and can provide insightful support and advice. 

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