24 (Hiring!) Companies Where Women In Tech Can *Actually* Get Ahead

Women in tech



Being a female engineer, product manager, UX/UI designer or data scientist can mean incredible career opportunities, but let’s face it, it can also mean working in an unlevel playing field. You’ve probably encountered all the stereotypes: the sexist boss, the team member who mansplains a simple piece of code, or the coworker who asks if you’re really sure you enjoy software development. With experiences like these at startups and Silicon Valley giants alike, it’d be easy to call gender equality in tech a lost cause. 

But thankfully, some companies are taking a stand against sexism. And you get a chance to get the inside track to talk job openings in engineering, product and technology departments with them. To get your resume noticed and on the inside track with these employers, Fairygodboss is hosting a Virtual Career Fair for women in technology.. On January 17, at any time between 8 am - 9 pm. ET, you can have instant message online chats and contact recruiters at companies that are trying to hire  women like you — and you don’t even need to leave your couch.

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Here are 23 companies that are participating in the Fairygodboss Women in Tech Virtual Career Fair. Read more about their initiatives for women in tech and how their innovation is changing the industry. Then, sign up to speak to the companies you are most interested in! 

1. American Express

Women love working at American Express. A senior product manager wrote that the company “has thoughtfully put in place policies that help retain women (and men, by the way!)” such as a 6-month maternity leave policy, generous flex time, progressive fertility benefits, and an increasingly growing number of women in leadership positions across disciplines. 

Recruiters from American Express will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

2. Avanade Inc.

Technology company Avanade believes women are changing the tech game. The leading digital innovator in the Microsoft ecosystem says it “is a place where women can learn, grow and succeed through on-the-job experience, professional development and mentoring.” And women who review Avanade online agree. One software engineer said the company has no problem promoting women, an occurrence that’s not always common in the tech industry. 

Other reviewers concur, saying the company "has many programs to promote and encourage female leaders to grow and develop” and “has great benefits while being flexible with your needs.” 

Recruiters from Avanade will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

3. Columbia University IT

Working at Columbia University Information Technology (CUIT), you support mission critical technology for over 40,000 faculty, staff, and students. But you also have the support of a team that values you and your work. CUIT offers flexible work arrangements, tuition benefits for you and your dependents, generous PTO, and useful retirement plans with employer contributions. 

Recruiters from Columbia University IT will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

4. Continental

Automotive company Continental is envisioning a world without car accidents — and it’s recruiting women to help with their mission. Women reviewers say the company has "really great programs for development and mentorship,” and has “many policies... to support women and flexible work.” Some of these progressive policies include 3 months of paid maternity leave, 17 days of flexible PTO, flexible work options, wellness programs including onsite mammograms, and paid time off for volunteering — along with volunteer options through their involvement in local STEM education. 

Recruiters from Continental will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

5. E*Trade Financial Corporation

E*Trade Financial Corporation is a strong choice of employer for women in tech. One anonymous reviewer said that after working there a few months, she found "that the company values a good work/life balance. While great results are expected, time off is also encouraged. I do not yet have children but witnessed the company work around the schedules of several new mothers to accommodate their needs.” On top of E*Trade’s dedication to equality, employees brag about the company’s comprehensive healthcare and flexible PTO policies. 

Recruiters from E*Trade will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

6. Frontier Communications

Telecommunications company Frontier Communications is a popular choice of employer among women in tech. The company takes its mission to be innovative and inviting to heart. While the company remains on the forefront of the industry, it also allots 20 days of PTO to employees in their first year of work and provides considerable compensation packages, complete with strong 401(k) matching options and pay that values women as much as men. 

Recruiters from Frontier Communications will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

7. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the biggest names in tech, but that doesn’t mean they subscribe to the negative stereotypes of big tech. 

“Microsoft is dedicated to developing women in their careers through regular women in leadership conferences, ‘coffee and conversations’ events, recommending specific women mentors for women earlier in their career, excellent maternity leave, excellent benefits overall that support work/life balance,” one anonymous reviewer on Fairygodboss said. "I highly recommend Microsoft to other women.” 

Recruiters from Microsoft will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

8. National Security Agency

If you want important work in technology, look no further than the National Security Agency. On top of important projects, the federal agency offers flexible work options, childcare options, a wellness program that offers "around-the-clock assistance by trained specialists” in medical and mental health care, and the comprehensive federal employee health benefits program. 

Recruiters from NSA will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

9. OnDeck

You’ll get a sense of what a “great [company] culture” looks like if you find a job at OnDeck, a company employees say is an “intense [and] passionate” place to work. OnDeck offers a Flexible Time Off program that allows employees to take time off as needed, health insurance, life & disability coverage, family benefits & financial savings opportunities. They also offer parents expert care advisors who consult on childcare (including last minute care options!). 

OnDeck will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

10. Seagate Technology

The folks at Seagate Technology are passionate about delivering superior data storage technologies — and women here are passionate about helping them in that mission, especially given the support they're shown. One Fairygodboss user praised the company for not only offering paid maternity leave, but "bonding leave" to boot. The company also offers flexible working policies, coaching and mentorship programs for employees throughout their career, and several employee resource groups, such as the Seagate Women’s Leadership Network. 

Recruiters from Seagate will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

11. Sysco Foods

You may not immediately think of the technological side of the Sysco Foods business, but it’s what drives this food leader to success. And women love being part of this important arm of the company. They say Sysco is “very diverse” and that women are "well-represented" in leadership positions. On top of the opportunity for career development, women say the benefits at Sysco make the company among the best. Sysco offers pregnancy and adoption leave benefits, child and elder care discounts, financial assistance services, adoptions consultation and referrals, daycare spending accounts, dependent scholarships, and more. 

Recruiters from Sysco Foods will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

14. Amazon

Women at Amazon admire the company’s dedication to diversity and inclusion in tech. One anonymous reviewer who works in technology says Amazon has "multiple teams dedicated to the recruitment of female employees,” and that she has benefitted from many of the company’s latest initiatives to create a supportive environment with great benefits. 

"My work life balance has been wonderful so far (about 8 hours a day max), and I am constantly reading and partaking in discussions <about womens’ experiences> in our Women @ Amazon affinity group,” she wrote. 

Recruiters from Amazon will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

15. Spacex

Spacex is a known innovator in aerospace industry, so it’s no wonder that they company is also on the cutting-edge of the employee experience. One anonymous reviewer says “there’s definitely a concentrated effort being made towards diversity,” and that women at Spacex experience an inclusive environment where every voice matters as a result. Beyond a strong culture of compensation and promotion for hard work regardless of your gender, the company also offers amazingly progressive employee benefits. Spacex offers gold-star health care policies, on-site health care, gym reimbursements, subsidized meals, generous stock options, and 3 weeks of paid vacation for entry-level positions. 

Recruiters from Spacex will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

16. Eventbrite

Under CEO Julia Hartz, Eventbrite has set itself apart as a tech startup who prioritizes an inclusive environment for women. Women who work there say the importance of work-life balance is respected, and that their colleagues at Eventbrite are supportive of their career growth regardless of their gender. Eventbrite has been voted a best place to work in the Bay Area for 9 years and counting, and it’s no wonder why. Beyond the strong culture of respect and equality, the company offers unlimited PTO, competitive 401k options, strong health care and parental benefits, and, as a fun bonus, in-office yoga. 

Recruiters from Eventbrite will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

17. PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. 

Inclusion isn’t only a value at PNC; it’s an action. 60% of employees at the financial services company are women, and 100% of these women participate in career counseling to ensure they getting every growth opportunity possible. 

Women who work at PNC say it’s a “great place to work” that is “very family friendly.” PNC has a host of family-friendly policies, including 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, childcare reimbursements, onsite childcare at some locations, and flexible work policies that allow over half of their employees to telecommute. 

Recruiters from PNC will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

18. Southern California Edison

Women are integral players at Southern California Edison, the primary electricity supply company for much of Southern California. One Engineer says Southern California has "many opportunities for women to work in a myriad of roles and capacities.” 

Career development is big at SCE; its Women’s Roundtable provides mentorship and networking opportunities to employees, while its Inclusive Leadership Workshops provide rising leaders with the tools they need to leverage diversity and inclusive environments for high performance. The company has comprehensive healthcare benefits, including a wellness plan that helps pay for fitness programs and 24/7 company-paid access to mindfulness resources like counseling sessions. And for mothers, SCE’s Workplace Lactation program for provides new moms with a free breast pump, milk storage kits, lactation consultant and lactation rooms. The company also offers competitive maternity and paternity leave. 

Recruiters from Southern California Edison will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

19. AutoNation

AutoNation is using technology to transform the car-buying experience. As America’s largest auto retailer representing domestic, import, and luxury brands, you might most readily associate the company with sales, but a ton of tech goes into keeping them competitive in the automotive industry. AutoNation is looking to fill several types of tech roles — from Java Developers to DevOps Engineers — and they’re actively seeking women to join the team.

Recruiters from AutoNation will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

20. Boston Consulting Group

Management consulting firm the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) isn’t just respected as a leading advisor on business strategy around the world. The caliber of its employee benefits and culture earns its fair share of envy-inducing buzz, too. 

“The maternity leave here (16 weeks paid) is just amazing,” one woman wrote in her FGB review. “We also have a great number of vacation days… but of course, the health care is the one thing everyone is talking about. We only pay $5 in copays!”

Interested in working for a company with brag-worthy benefits and a culture women call “genuinely caring”? BCG is hiring for a wide variety of different tech positions, from Software and Machine Learning Engineers to IT Specialists and Data Analysts. 

Recruiters from BCG will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

21. CDW Corporation

Want to be part of a team whose technological impact is felt by more than 250,000 companies? CDW is a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider, and their fingerprints can be found on everything from international conglomerates and record-breaking Super Bowl data traffic to the POS systems of mom-and-pop stores. The folks there are also super dedicated to helping women in tech advance, as one FGB’er noted in her review.

“CDW is very dedicated to reaching out to women in technology, as there is still a huge shortage overall of women in the IT industry,” the woman wrote. “By actively participating in organizations and events to promote CDW to women as well as minorities, I am proud of my company for being aggressive about (helping).”

The company is currently hiring everything from Lead Application Developers and IT Business Analysts to Security Engineers and Database Administrators. 

Recruiters from CDW will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today! 

22. Infor

Companies in more than 170 countries rely on Infor’s applications and services. By building complete industry suites and business software in the cloud, the folks at Infor are able to put the user experience first, leverage data science, and integrate easily with existing systems. Plus, the employee benefits they offer are top-notch. From 12 weeks paid maternity leave to unlimited PTO, Infor believes that giving its talent its best support will ultimately lead to the best product.

From open positions like IT Field Support and Cloud Systems Engineers, Infor is doing a lot of tech-specific hiring right now.

Recruiters from Infor will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today!

23. Micron Technology

A world leader in innovative memory solutions, Micron has been engineering optimal memory and storage systems — including its trademarked 3D XPoint system — for the past 40 years. Leadership here also places a good deal of importance on diversity initiatives, as well as on promoting the needs of families; benefits include everything from fertility and adoption assistance to paid maternity and paternity leave.

If you’re job seeking, you’re in luck — Micron has a range of open positions right now, from Systems Test Engineers to Emerging Memory Product Engineers.

Recruiters from Micron will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today!

24. PwC

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP is consistently earning rave reviews from female employees on Fairygodboss (it’s currently ranked as a Best Company for Women and Top Rated CEO), and it isn’t hard to see why. The “Big Four” firm has some of the best benefits the industry has to offer, and women say they’ve found an employer for life here.

“I have been with the firm for 16 years, relocated four times for personal reasons, now have had three children, and work from home,” one woman wrote. “There are multiple career paths for success… I wouldn’t consider leaving.”

Want to get in on PwC’s perks — like 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, phased-in return to work and other “incredible” flex-time options? The firm is hiring for a variety of tech positions, IT Business Analysts to Quality Assurance Leads.

Recruiters from PwC will be at the Virtual Career Fair. Register today!