8 Companies Women Probably Haven't Considered Working For — But Should


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At Fairygodboss, we pride ourselves on having a pretty good feel for which industries women are happiest in — and also the reasons behind that happiness. After all, as the only crowdsourced database in the U.S. where women can anonymously review their employer, we hear a lot about what makes certain jobs and industries great (read: generous paid parental leave, equal pay, fair shots at promotions, etc.), as well as what makes others… less than ideal. 
Basically, we’ve heard it all. But not long ago, a pattern in women’s reviews began to emerge that we hadn’t exactly seen coming. Namely, we noticed that women were reporting overwhelmingly positive experiences within an industry not typically associated with women: manufacturing.
Traditionally viewed as a male-dominated field, Fairygodboss users are making it clear that the manufacturing industry is actually one where women can flourish — at least at certain, progressively minded companies. Here are eight reasons more women should consider careers within the manufacturing biz, according to women who love it.

1. Seeking flexibility and advancing your career aren’t mutually exclusive.

At Terex, a global manufacturer of lifting and material processing products, you don’t have to choose between attaining work-life balance and being seen as a go-getter. As one Fairygodboss user wrote, both are quite possible; she’s been able to take advantage of Terex’s new flex-time policies without sacrificing opportunities to “grow as a professional.”
“The flex-time policy… allows me to enjoy activities outside of work that I would otherwise have to give up if I didn’t work at Terex, such as group fitness classes,” the user wrote. “Adjusting my work hours (start & end time) has allowed me to exercise every day, which has improved my quality of my life.
“If you enjoy being challenged, having flex-time, and receiving other great benefits, Terex might be a great place for you,” she added.
It’s no surprise, then, that Terex is one of the highest rated companies for women on Fairygodboss, according to reviews from its own employees.

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2. You’ll be supported.

At United Technologies Corporation — a global aerospace leader with several technology and manufacturing businesses under its umbrella — Fairygodboss users remark time and again how supported they’ve felt, both professionally and personally.
“I started my career as a secretary and was able to obtain two degrees (paid for by UTC Aerospace Systems), travel the world, work part time and nights (while my children were young), and now hold a leadership position,” one user wrote, while another noted how supported they’ve felt within the company’s network of Employee Resource Groups.
“There are a lot of great things about working at UTC, but one of my favorites (is) the Women’s Employee Resource Group,” they wrote. “My site has an active and great group of members. I have also had many male ally managers support me in my day-to-day work and promotions.”
It’s understandable that all this support has led to UTC being a Fairygodboss top-rated company for women.

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3. You'll see what gender equality at work actually looks like.

At Ford, leaders care a lot about pushing for parity in the workplace — and women who work there are taking note. 
"Great work-life balance, diversity, and policies in place to support it! " says one woman who works there. "Great example of treating male and female employees equitably. Great maternity package and support," says another.

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4. You’ll be at the forefront of innovation.

Automotive company Continental is envisioning a world without car accidents — and it’s recruiting women to help with their mission.They say that through constant innovation and pioneering technological solutions, their brightest minds are rewriting mobility and what it means to be a global manufacturer in this space. And women agree. Reviewers love that “you really do have the freedom to define your career path at Continental,” and that there are "really great programs for development and mentorship.”
According to one woman, it’s "a great time to join. There's lots of potential!”

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5. You'll be a part of a tradition.

Kohler believes that a better business means a better world. And their fair business practices are more than celebrated by female employees. Kohler offers flex work options, fertility benefits, maternity leave coaching, generous leave policies, milk stork services and pumping rooms, and more. “Kohler has great opportunities and flexibility in many areas,” one anonymous reviewer said. “5 stars.” 

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6. You'll experience important career development.

Trane Technologies values of respect, teamwork and innovation make it a flexible and supportive place to work. Women love the organization’s excellent benefits, including family-care and Flexible Professional programs. Beyond benefits, Trane Technologies also offers a supportive community of women, and a successful women’s leadership program — talk about growth potential. 

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7. You’ll be part of a global network that cares.

XPO Logistics was named one of the most admired companies by Fortune magazine, and there’s no wonder why. Women love working at XPO because it has a diverse and inclusive work environment that is the perfect place to grow and succeed. One critical way XPO employees network is through the company’s active online community,  where you’ll find groups such as #SHEISXPO, designed to help XPO women connect and share their points of view. At XPO, you can learn from colleagues around the world, while they learn about you.

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