Don’t Start Your 2022 Job Search Without Asking These 5 Qs (That You Didn’t Answer in 2021)

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Eva Steortz864
Disney Executive Turned Executive Coach

In 2022, the career rules are whatever you want. You get to rethink absolutely every aspect of your career upon surviving a pandemic.

The most important thing to remember is you deserve a career that you love. 

If you aspire for more, do some deep thinking about what’s working and not working in your current career. Start by asking yourself the simple questions we all should be asking — especially this year, in this job market.

1. Why is work important to you, right now and in general?

What motivates you? Are you doing work that fuels a passion or are you bored? 

We spend about 25% of our time, if not more, working. In 2022, we are witnessing how fragile and short life can be. We should be spending our workday doing something that aligns with our purpose. 

Time is a precious resource. How do you want to spend yours? 

2. What do you want to do? 

People are shifting jobs, industries and even just quitting without fully knowing what comes next. If you are going to take a chance, now is a great time since everything we know is up in the air.

When you think back on what you wanted to be, how close did you get? Did you choose the path you wanted or the one you thought you had to choose?

Is there something still burning deep inside? Don’t ever give up on that dream you think about all the time.

3. Where are you most productive? 

Hybrid is here to stay. We deserve a choice especially after proving communication technology works. We are all different. Some people love an office setting and thrive around others. Some need the solitude of working at home or even at a coffee shop to gain focus and clarity.

The question regarding where could also include a city relocation. People are moving where they want to live. Are you living in a city that no longer aligns with what you want to do when you are not working? Are you close enough to nature, culture, family or whatever is most important in your life? 

Even if it means finding a role that is offering fully remote working options, where is a big choice we get to reassess. 

4. When are you at your best? 

A traditional 9-5 workday now seems so archaic. What makes those exact long hours the most productive way for teams to operate? When are you at your peak performance? I have great clarity for writing at 7 a.m. I have my best ideas while walking my dog at 8 a.m. We never even got credit for that time in the old school philosophy. 

Going forward, consider when you are at your best and let your leaders and teammates know. Also, take frequent breaks to refuel. It’s time to rethink everything about the time we allocate to work. 

If you need flexibility or want to work a different schedule, now is the time to go after it.

5. How do you want to evolve your career?

The how is a big question to ponder. This will require deep thinking and a specific action plan. How will you make the first steps toward the career of your dreams?

You don’t have to do it alone. Here is where a “who” question is valuable. Who can support you? Call upon your network, and partner with a mentor or coach. How is all about action, and you are going to want an accountability partner.

Don’t let this pivotal time in our history pass without reevaluating all aspects of your career. Ask yourself lots of clarifying questions regarding where you want to go next in your career. 

Whether you want to make small adjustments or large radical shifts, I will be cheering you on.


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Eva is a Disney executive turned Executive Coach. She collaborates with ambitious professionals who want to maximize their career potential while having fun and enjoying a happy balanced life.

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