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While most recognize Easter as a Christian holiday, the Easter egg hunt has arguably little to do with Christianity. There's no mention of an egg-laying bunny in the Bible, after all.

The egg is indeed a symbol of the life and rebirth to represent the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and Easter eggs were traditionally dyed red to symbolize his blood. But others believe that the name "Easter" actually comes from the Teutonic goddess of springtime, Eostre, who was commonly affiliated with rabbits because of their eggs and connection with fertility — Eostre and her rabbits were thought to have brought on the start of spring.

The Easter egg hunt itself dates back thousands of years — possibly back to the 1700s when the Pennsylvania Dutch believed in Oschter Haws (Osterhase), an egg-laying hare who would leave eggs in the yard, and children were encouraged to build nests for those eggs and search for the scattered eggs left behind (hence the Easter egg basket).

Today, many families still hold Easter egg hunts during the holiday, painting and hiding eggs around the house or yard. But an Easter egg hunt isn't just a game for children; many offices host Easter egg hunts, as well.

Why Hold an Easter Egg Hunt at Work

Hosting an Easter egg hunt at work can be a fun way to engage coworkers and bring everyone together for a stress-free work break. Of course, not all employees will be Christians who actually celebrate the Easter holiday, but egg hunts are still fun for everyone. 
You shouldn't suggest that the egg hunt has any religious connotations — or oblige anyone who isn't comfortable participating — but, rather, just host the egg hunt to have a good time with your team. You can even share the background on the Easter egg hunt, so all employees are aware of its background and why the tradition exists today.

What Do You Put in Easter Eggs for Adults?

There are tons of items you can put in your Easter eggs for the adults in your office. You don't need to only put candy, and you can avoid monetary prizes altogether.

And, if someone finds Easter eggs stuffed with items they don't need or won't use, they can always trade with other coworkers. But the point is to have fun, regardless.

Here are 15 ideas of items you can put in Easter eggs for adults to get you started.

Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is an easy item to put inside Easter eggs. You can find robin's egg chocolates, M&Ms, KitKats or any other small bits. If the finder doesn't eat chocolate, they can trade with another coworker or give their egg to someone else.

2. Coffee Gift Card

Your coffee-loving coworkers will love a coffee gift card, and this is something they can and actually will use. If they don't love coffee, they'll pass it on to someone in the office who certainly does.

3. Lunch Gift Card

Anyone who picks up this egg will be thrilled to find a comped lunch gift card inside. All employees will get use out of this one, and they might even share with their coworkers to spread the holiday spirit.

4. Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans are easy enough to stuff into an Easter egg. They might spill out all over the place when the finder opens the egg, however, so it's best to put them into a baggy before putting them inside the egg.

5. Lip Balm

Don't just throw any lip balm in the Easter eggs. You can find Easter-themed lip balms. You can find tons of customized Easter-themed lip balms and chapsticks on sites like Esty, like this one.
Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

6. Egg Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are great gifts and easy to squeeze into Easter eggs. Better yet, you can find a bath bomb in the shape of an egg, so that it fits perfectly inside the Easter egg. Again, there are tons of customizable egg bath bombs on sites like Etsy, like this one.

7. Lapel Pin

The suit-wearing professionals in your office will appreciate a lapel pin, which is small enough to fit into an Easter egg. Sites like Etsy also offer Easter or spring-themed lapel pins, as well. Here's an example.

8. Chewing Gum

Gum is an easy item to stuff into an Easter egg, and most employees will likely get use out of it. Everyone is always buying gum — or stealing a piece of gum from someone else — anyway.

9. Cookies

If you can bake or buy small enough cookies, these could be an exciting find in an Easter egg. Who doesn't love mini chocolate chip, peanut butter or sugar cookies?

10. Stress Ball

A stressed-out coworker would appreciate finding a stress ball in their Easter egg, and if they don't need it, perhaps they'll trade with someone who doesn't eat chocolate and needs the stress ball more. 
Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

11. Temporary Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos are fun for adults because they don't last more than a few days to a week or so, depending on how well they're taken care of.

12. Nail Polish

For the women who wear nail polish in the office, this is an easy item to toss into an Easter egg. You can even pick spring colors like lavender, robin's egg blue, yellow or pale pink.

13. Keychain

A keychain is a handy item to put in an Easter egg for staff who perhaps could use it to find their keys better or attach their office ID card to.

14. Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears, like Jelly Beans, are easy to stuff into Easter eggs, too. Again, it's best to put these into a baggy before putting them in the egg, so that when the finder opens the egg, their Gummy Bears don't spill out all over the floor.

15. Hair Ties

Like nail polish, those who use hair ties in the office will appreciate some extra ones in their Easter egg. After all, hair ties always go missing, so there's always a need for more.

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