Enneagram Type 7, the Enthusiast: Best and Worst Careers

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Type 7 is one of the nine personalities on the enneagram. Most people receive their sorting into Type 7 by taking an enneagram test online or through an organization. This personality is known for their enthusiasm, and tend to gravitate towards careers that let them experience something (and someone!) new every day. Keep reading to learn more about this personality type and the best Type 7 careers. 

What is the enneagram Type 7 personality?

The Type 7 enneagram personality is known as “the optimist” or “the enthusiast.” Type 7s are fueled by new experiences, genuine idealism and a zest for living. They tend to believe in getting the most out of every situation and never settling. Type 7s are fun, joyful and adventurous. They are the life of the party, the fun friend and the happy-go-lucky coworker. They love maximizing their calendars, saying ‘yes’ to last minute plans and sleeping way too little. They’re naturally attracted to jobs that have changing routines, exciting tasks, flexibility, lots of face time and room for their hefty idealism. 

Characteristics of a Type 7.

Type 7 strengths:

Type 7s are adventurous, fun, adaptable and agile. They tend to be the life of the party, and are the perfect person to approach when you want a laugh. They’re quick-thinkers who have big ideas and grand plans. Type 7s tend to be charismatic and are magnetic leaders. They are not afraid to take risks or chase thrills, and they are anything but shy. 

Type 7 weaknesses:

At their worst, Type 7s are uncommitted, self-centered, impulsive and hare-brained. They tend to quickly jump at opportunity and struggle with follow-through. They are known for overloading their plate and getting sloppy when things get too busy. Type 7s can come across as arrogant, but in reality, they are fragile and tend to deflect criticism. 

Type 7 speaking style:

The Type 7 is a gifted storyteller who loves to connect their personal experiences to any topic of conversation. They tend towards optimism, and quickly reframe negatives parts of a story. Sometimes, their focus on their personal anecdotes can come across as self-absorbed to outsiders. 

Type 7 lower emotional habit:

Gluttony. The Type 7 personality has a hard time reigning in their desires, which can result in their bingeing of experiences, ideas and even substances. 

Type 7 high emotional habit:

Sobriety. Limiting consumption, staying calm and being present keeps the Type 7 tame.

Type 7 challenge:

To make idealism practical. The Type 7 struggles to integrate their inherent optimism with the dark side of things. When something bad happens, they deflect or deny rather than processing it. The Type 7 struggles to experience the emotional pain of negative experiences, leading to unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

Type 7's ultimate desire:

To feel fulfilled. The Type 7 wants to feel like they maximized their life’s true potential. 

The best careers for Type 7 personalities.

1. Fitness instructor

Being a fitness instructor means working in sprints, interacting with tons of people and literally bouncing off the walls, making it the perfect career for any Type 7. Fitness instructors tend to have flexible schedules that change day-to-day, great for the adventurous Type 7 who likely seeks a healthy work-life balance to pursue other experiences. At the same time, fitness instructors are celebrated for optimism and energy, making it a great pursuit for the enneagram’s enthusiast.

2. Event planner

The work of an event planner is quick-paced and project-based, meaning it is constantly changing based on clients, time of year and other factors. This state of change is perfect for the agile and adventurous Type 7, who loves a challenge (until they get bored with it). Event planners are often client-facing, putting the Type 7 enthusiasm and charisma to good use. Plus, event planning screams glamour — something Type 7s would love to boast about in conversation.

3. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are always on the move to a new and exciting locale, making it the perfect gig for Type 7’s adventurous personality. Between the excitement of flying to Paris or Shanghai and the thrill of people-watching interesting flyers, being a flight attendant would fuel Type 7’s enthusiasm enough to make even the silly routines of the job acceptable. Plus, the sprint-like shifts and free flights give Type 7 the resources they need to quell their wanderlust.

4. Entrepreneur

When you think of an entrepreneur, you likely think of a Type 7. Type 7’s idealism gives them the ability to dream up a great business plan. Meanwhile, their magnetism, quick wit and adaptability give them the tools they need to make it succeed. Type 7s will relish the thrill of being an entrepreneur whose business could make it or break it. Plus, the flexibility to obsess over their work when they feel the compulsion — and to take a break from it when they’re bored — is what every Type 7 needs.

5. Blogger

Much like being an entrepreneur, being a blogger means hustling hard to make things work and planning your own schedule. On top of the thrill and flexibility allowed from a blogging career, Type 7’s love the prospect of doing work that feels authentic and personal. Sharing their stories with others is the Type 7’s vision of paradise. And if it means cute clothes or free stuff they can brag about to their friends? All the better.

6. Life coach

Type 7s are natural visionaries, making them the perfect life coach candidates. Their idealism gives them an uncanny ability to look at the big picture. And their enthusiasm for life — coupled with their ability to zoom in on the good in people — would allow them to easily advise others on how to live their lives to the fullest. Pair these talents together with their entrepreneurial spirit, and you’ve got everything you need for a successful life coach. 

7. Publicist

Publicists are beyond busy, always crossing task after task off their to-do list and running to press events or product launches. While this hectic lifestyle may be a turn-off to some personalities, the Type 7 thrives in busy atmospheres. From the exciting projects to the ever-changing schedule to the ability to wield their charm to land a client, being a publicist is the perfect career for the Type 7. 

Careers to avoid.

1. Accountant

Crunching numbers in a cubicle all day? No thanks! The type 7 personality doesn’t mesh with the level of analysis or detail-orientation required to be an accountant. However, Type 7s don't need to entirely write-off finance. Financial advisement roles may appeal to Type 7's desire to interact with diverse people and tasks everyday at work. 

2. Doctor

Being a doctor means a solid daily routine — complete with a lot of paperwork and set checklists that must be complete before you leave for the day. That’s not exactly the thrill-seeking Type 7’s cup of tea. However, more dynamic jobs in the medical field such as emergency services may appeal to Type 7's appetite for experiences and desire to see everything turn out OK. 

3. Customer service representative

Type 7s get bored in conversations with people they like; can you imagine them speaking to customers all day? Not to mention the type 7 optimism is incredibly fragile; angry conversations with customers would cause them a lot of emotional distress. However, they may find success in the dynamic roles of account manager or account executive; Type 7 would especially excel in sales, where their optimist and charisma would be put to good use. 

Areas for Type 7 personal and professional growth.

1. Improve your listening skills.

Other people tend to be interesting and they may teach you something. I promise you don’t know everything. I know that you think you’re pretty smart. To improve your listening skills,  work to give others space to speak in conversations. Then, genuinely listen to what they are saying. Don’t feel rushed in giving a response, and take a break from sharing personal anecdotes. You'll be shocked how much more you enjoy conversations when you aren't anticipating your side of the discussion. Sit back, relax and take in the beautiful personalities of those around you. 

2. Realize that you don’t need to have everything in this moment.

The Type 7 personality thinks everything could be better if it happened now. However, as they say, the best things in life take time. Most good opportunities come back later at an even better time for you. Really think through if that something new — whether it’s an expensive purchase or a new job —  is really what’s best for you right now. Chances are, your life is already pretty great. Try to live it rather than plan it. You can't. 

3. Choose quality over quantity.

This includes having quality experiences instead of rushing to experience everything. You can only truly enjoy a moment when you are present in it. Try to enjoy the now rather than anticipate the future. Practice mindfulness, reflect on experiences as they are happening and remind yourself that tomorrow will come tomorrow. Try to journal what you are grateful for each day, or do yoga to center yourself in the present. Document moments that are special to you and think about them often. 

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