Every Man You Know Needs to Read This Man’s Response to a Super Sexist Email

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Most women don't believe #MeToo had a significant impact on the workplace, according to recent Fairygodboss research. And one salesman's sexist email is proof those women might be on to something. 
In an email to David Brunelle, director of product engineering at Starbucks, the salesman said he likes "my women like I like my Starbucks order: Tall, Blonde, Americano..." Thankfully, Brunelle knows that male allyship is critical to cutting down on sexism in the workplace, hopefully stopping the perpetrator in their place before a hashtag is necessary. 
Brunelle intervened in multiple ways rather than letting it go, acting as a great example for active male allyship. First, he sent an email to the salesman identifying what was wrong with his language
He said: "You lost me with this line: 'I like my women like I like my Starbucks order: Tall, Blonde, Americano.' Tech can be a challenging place for women. Your statement perpetrates the idea that women are here for our entertainment I don't believe that to be true." 
Then, he shared the email with the company's CEO and VP of Sales and emphasized he didn't want the man punished — he wanted him educated with training and involvement in D&I efforts. 
Women will only move ahead with the help of men —  bad behavior is only made possible because it's hidden and upheld by others — and examples like this are the perfect way to demonstrate how men can be allies. And it looks like they need our help: Fairygodboss research on Male Allies found most men want to help, but they don't know where to start. Answering emails like Brunelle is a first step. 

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