Everything You Need to Know About FGB’s New Platform (And How to Customize It For You)

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We know women in the FGB Community are busy. Between crushing it at work and home, finding the time to give your professional self that extra edge — by forging useful connections, keeping an eye out for new opportunities, and staying in-the-know on the latest intel — may not feel feasible.

Thankfully, our new platform makes Fairygodboss’ resources — and the ability to personalize them — more accessible than ever. With a navigation that puts the most important career features front-and-center for you, you’ll literally see brand new opportunities.

Ready to put our new platform to work for you? Here’s what you need to know:

A streamlined top navigation

The top navigation toolbar has a totally new look, highlighting our most important resources. Easily navigate to different areas of the site, from the Jobs Board and Company Reviews page to a “Me” tab that lets you quickly manage your Fairygodboss profile and subscribe to the topics you care most about. On mobile devices, the “Me” tab is also where you can easily personalize your full Feed, from the companies you follow and job alerts you save to the conversations you start within the FGB Community.

Also included in the new top toolbar is a redesigned Resources page. In one central place, you can access recent articles, podcast episodes, exclusive research, and our Pregnancy Week-By-Week newsletter, as well as databases of some of our most sought-after intel on top-rated employers, parental leave, salary, and flexible work options.

A customizable left rail

For FGB’ers on desktop devices, the site’s left navigation rail has been redesigned to allow for a totally customizable experience. From this rail, you can manage the Feed topics you subscribe to, the companies you follow, and the job alerts you set. Save time by tailoring the thousands of conversations, career opportunities and happenings on Fairygodboss to the ones that best suit you.

A personalized right rail

FGB’ers on desktop can also take advantage of a new right rail featuring content that’s tailored to their interests and career needs. In this section, you will see a stream of “Jobs You May Like,” which are recommended jobs for you based on your searches and saved Job Alerts. You’ll be shown the latest reviews for companies you follow or the latest employee reviews women are anonymously submitting on the platform. Lastly, “Recent Content” on this rail features new, trending content written by our editorial team. You won’t want to miss these pieces.

Infinite scroll

There are so many important conversations and career opportunities on Fairygodboss that we didn’t want you to miss anything. With our infinite scroll, there’s now no limit to what you can peruse. Our new infinite scroll abilities make it simpler and smoother to see all of what FGB has to offer (because who has time for hitting “Next”?). 

Fairygodboss was designed to make the lives of women like you better. Have feedback on how we could do better? Please contact us at [email protected].