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Tattoos are becoming more and more common, with around 45 million people in the United States sporting at least one. Your visual masterpieces are most effective, of course, when they mean something. Thinking of getting a tattoo to show off what a fierce feminist you are? Here are 35 ideas for inspiration.

35 Fierce Feminist Tattoos

1. Yes, she can!

Source: She 'Said'

2. Grow positive thoughtsSource: @isismuniztattoo/Instagram

3.The Venus




Source: @kalula_tattoo/Instagram

4. Rosie the Riveter = classic feministSource: @lilmizstrange/Twitter

5. Let's hear it for self loveSource: @samilocke/Instagram

6. Nevertheless, she persistedSource: @ascendinglotustattoo via Instagram

7. Simply feministSource: @luchyla_otool/Instagram

8. Power in Venus!Source: @Bathory666/Twitter

9. Next-level feminismSource: @alenachun/Instagram

10. Deeds. Not words.Source:  @ritualarttattoo/Instagram

11. Just keep movingSource: @sinsandsequins/Instagram

12. Say it in French

Source: @cdamianos/Instagram

13. Phenomenal woman...that's me!Source: @durdlephotography/Instagram

14. Stronger togetherSource: Nikki Lugo via The Washingtonian

15. Feminists foreverSource: Michelle Santana via Tattoo Filter

16. You ARE a gemSource: @briebrutal/Instagram

17. This is what a feminist looks likeSource: Hello Imthedreamer/Tumblr

18. O.G. feministSource: @inkaddictiontattoojupiter/Instagram

19. She's a fighterSource:

20. Sushi rolls, not gender roles!Source: @juliaseizure/Instagram

21. It's the truth.

Source: @cenkkcankaya/Instagram

22. Let me spell it out for you...Source: @hipsterbruja/Instagram

23. NotoriouslySource: @nikkiballs/Instagram

24. Watch it crumbleSource: @cmrober2001/Instagram

25. Nasty woman strongSource: @tania_zaparaniuk/Instagram 

26. Tough loveSource: uvethekid/Instagram

27. A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycleSource: @magstellatattoo/Instagram

28. Flowery feministSource: @zara.sully/Instagram

29. Sorry for the inconvenience...Source:

30. What a killjoySource: speakeasytat/Instagram

31. Source: @feminist_rants/Instagram

32. Just be you.Source: @marjanabruntattoo/Instagram

33. I am the sea and nobody owns meSource: beybisuteacher/Instagram

34. One mighty womanSource: @savvyqueen_xo/Instagram

35. Hear me roarSource: @apracticalwedding/Instagram

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