Why Women Are Joining the Fairygodboss VIP Program Right Now — And Why You Should Too

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July 14, 2024 at 2:39PM UTC

The Fairygodboss Community is about celebrating, supporting and connecting career-minded women. That’s why we’ve created the Fairygodboss VIP program: so that women with advice can establish their voice with our community — and women who have career questions can get the answers they need.

What is the Fairygodboss VIP program?

Fairygodboss VIPs are a group of powerful women who build each other up and help other members of Fairygodboss achieve their career goals. 

To participate in the program, these Fairygodboss members sign-in and provide value to the thousands of women looking for advice on the Fairygodboss Community. Fairygodboss VIPs share their experiences and advice by regularly responding to advice-seekers wherever they feel their voice serves best.

Why women are joining the VIP program right now — and why you should too.

1. Establish your voice with the largest career community for women.

VIPs share authentic responses to advice-seekers on the Community Feed weekly.  Because of community asks all different kinds of questions — from salary negotiations to how to hand a toxic boss — our VIPs share on a wide range of topics, wherever they can add value.

2. Get access to special VIP benefits.

VIPs have access to the VIPs @ Fairygodboss group, a closed, exclusive space for members to connect and share with one another. They're the first to know about our product releases and everything new that's going on at Fairygodboss. We also offer our VIPs opportunities to share their voice further by partnering with Fairygodboss on social media or contributing their knowledge via Fairygodboss articles. Finally, VIPs can add their status and participation in this program to their resume.

3. Be a part of a diverse, uplifting group of women.

We reach out to women with all types of diverse career experiences — HR professionals, coaches, consultants, tech experts, wellness professionals and many more. What do they have in common? They all have advice and experiences they’re willing to share in order to lift up other women! We have approximately 2,000 VIP members (and growing!) to help share advice to over 2 million community members.

4. Make an impact in only five minutes a week — at no extra cost.

This is a volunteer, short-form mentorship program we estimate to take only five minutes of each week. And like every opportunity in the Fairygodboss Community, there’s no cost for this program. 

5. Get your Fairygodboss “wings”!

Each Fairygodboss VIP has a verified wing next to their name, so when they comment and post, people know they’re a verified VIP.

What’s next?

If you’d like to join a group of powerful women who build each other up and encourage other women to lead happy, healthy, and maintainable careers and lifestyles, please reach out to [email protected] with the subject line “Fairygodboss VIP Program” for further details and next steps. 

 If you’d like to nominate someone to become an Fairygodboss VIP , please share here.

Why women love us:

  • Daily articles on career topics
  • Jobs at companies dedicated to hiring more women
  • Advice and support from an authentic community
  • Events that help you level up in your career
  • Free membership, always