13 Free Career Quizzes That’ll Help You Figure Your Next Move Out

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Are you feeling stuck in your career and looking for a change? You're not alone. In fact, job hopping is on the rise — and there are tons of free career quizzes out there to help you do it.
The majority of workers — 64 percent — are out there job-hopping, according to a survey by staffing firm Robert Half, Does Job Hopping Help Or Hurt Your Career?: Survey Reveals Workers Favor Frequent Job Changes, but Managers Aren't on Board. This number is up 22 percent from a similar survey that was conducted just four years ago.
Millennial workers report feeling the most favorably about frequently changing jobs, according to the research. In fact, other research recently commissioned by Jive Communications in Utah found that flexible working hours, the option to work remotely, speedy technology and an open company culture are keys to reeling in millennials and actually retaining them. The number one reason that millennials leave their jobs, the study found, is because they don’t like the atmospheres of their offices — which is, ultimately, a mixture of all those aforementioned factors. That's all partially why almost one-third of millennials quit their first jobs in less than a year, on top of feeling underprepared.
Regardless of what generation you're part of, there are tons of reasons to want to leave your job — job insecurity, discrimination, no room to move up, a lack of mentors or sponsors, meaningless work, sheer boredom, a geographic move, change in life plans or family health that mean you require more flexibility, etc. The list goes on.
Whatever the case, there are tons of career quizzes out there to help you figure out your next move. Here are 13 free ones.

Free Career Quizzes

1. Career Clusters Interest Survey

Career Clusters Interest survey, designed by university career services centers, will ask you about your personality, hobbies and studies of interest. After about five to 10 minutes of answering the questions, the centers will offer you a series of career clusters to help you narrow down your choices for your next move.

2. Sokanu.com

The Sokanu aptitude test will look at more than 140 of your unique traits — your work style, preferences, personality, current interests, salary expectations and more. It'll look at what you current career (or lack thereof) looks like, and what you wish your career would look like, and it'll offer you careers that fit that information.

3. Photo Career Quiz

The photo career quiz is exactly what it seems: You'll choose photos (one of two image options that most appeals to you) instead of answering questions.

4. O*Net Profiler

My Next Move's O*Net Profiler, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, is a serious career test that looks into your personal interest and pairs you with different careers. It also allows you to dive deeper into information surrounding those careers so you can learn more about the ones of which your especially curious.

5. What Career is Right For Me

What Career is Right For Me is a quick and easy career test that'll only take you about 10 minutes to rate your skill level in things like logic, management, communication, judgment and more (on a scale of low, below average, average, above average and high). It'll then suggests careers that are right for you.

6. John Holland’s SDS

The John Holland’s SDS (Self-Directed Search) test is based on John Holland’s career theory. The theory suggests that there are six different personality types, together known as RIASEC: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional. When combining three of these personality types, you can be matched to a number of careers that fit your overall character.

7. Careerfitter.com

Careerfitter.com will ask you 60 questions that ultimately assess the workplace dynamics you'd prefer, as well as how'd describe yourself in certain workplace situations. At the end, it'll produce a full 10-page report for you to get a better grasp on the kinds of industries and careers that might be the most appealing to you.

8. My Plan

My Plan is a simple quiz that tests your personality and then gives you an interest inventory, a skills profile and a values assessment. These are all helpful in figuring out your next career move but, in case you're looking for even more direction, it'll also offer you a CareerMatch tool to help you find a job that matches your profile.

9. The Holland Code

This 20-minute-long test boasts over 80 questions to guage your interest in random tasks. At the end, it'll suggest careers that could suit you based on your score in five major professional areas of interest.

10. The MAPP Career Assessment

This 20-minute quiz will ask you to rank three statements per question as either the most preferred or the least preferred. After you take the test, the MAPP Career Assessment will match you against over 1,000 possible careers in the company's database, so you can scope out the options that seem the most fitting.

11. The Predictive Index

This super-quick test won't even take you five minutes. Despite how fast you can complete it, however, it'll offer you some accurate advice. In short, you circle words from a list that best describe you, and you also circle words from the same list that you think others would use to describe you. Then you measure them all against four main characteristics to determine your work style, and you'll be able to learn more about yourself as a professional.

12. Career Hunter

Career Hunter simply matches your skills and goals. It does so by offering six self-assessment tools that ask you to dive into your interests and abilities, and then examines how those interests and abilities relate to your aspirations and different careers.

13. Career Planner

Career Planner's test, which is also based on John Holland’s theory of six personality types, asks you 180 true-or-false questions. After you finish answering these questions, the planner will present you with a detailed report that explains career paths that'd suit you.

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