From 20 Weeks of Paid Leave to Flexible Schedules, Top Reasons Women Love Working at GlobalFoundries

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April 14, 2024 at 10:58AM UTC

At 15,000 employees, the team at GlobalFoundries (GF) is diverse and varied, with offices as far flung as Germany, Singapore and India. In the U.S., its headquarters are in Santa Clara, California, with sizable presences in New York state and Vermont, where GF is the largest private manufacturing employer, too. But although its people span continents, the mission they’re oriented around is a unified one.

Since 2009, GF has innovated and partnered with customers to deliver technology and solutions for humanity, manufacturing semiconductors across the globe. Its vision, ultimately? To change the industry that’s changing the world.

And thanks to some best-in-class benefits and an emphasis on professional development and diversity, GF has developed a reputation for attracting top female talent to partner with them in that mission. Below, we rounded up the need-to-know intel about what careers at GF look like, and why women love working here.

What are GF’s core values?

The company’s core values are Create, Embrace, Partner and Deliver. The GF team creates things that matter, innovating in order to connect people to their loved ones, to their work and to the world. The team embraces the best ideas generated by its diverse, global team of passionate problem solvers, working together as ONEGF, which has helped make it the world’s leading speciality foundry. They strategically partner with industry leaders and with each other to move markets forward and deliver solutions, enabling what’s possible today and tomorrow.

What differentiates GF from others in its space and industry?

GF makes things that matter — from the solutions that enable the way we live today to the technologies that drive what’s possible for tomorrow. GF is the world’s leading specialty foundry. Its advanced operational and technology capabilities are made available through a global manufacturing network, anchored by facilities in: Singapore; Dresden, Germany; and Burlington, Vermont, as well as East Fishkill and Malta in New York.

GF delivers differentiated, feature-rich solutions that enable its customers to develop innovative products for high-growth market segments. GF provides a broad range of platforms and features with a unique mix of design, development and fabrication services.

But it's GF’s people who bring this power to life. A global team representing the best in the industry, they’re united by a dedication to excellence, diversity and inclusion, and a desire to improve and empower the world.

Describe 1-5 employee benefits that positively impact women who work here.

1. 100% Paid Parental Leave: Twenty weeks for birth moms & adoptive parents and 12 weeks for all other GF parents in the U.S. are offered.

2. New & Expectant Mother Support: There are privacy rooms for nursing mothers and reserved parking spots for expectant mothers.

3. Flexible Working Arrangements: Opportunities for a flexible working schedule are available.

4. GLOBALWOMEN (GW): GF’s largest employee resource group is GW, an alliance of women and men working in partnership with allies to drive initiatives that support the professional development of women at GF. Each of the company’s locations has a local chapter, offering events such as networking and mentoring, executive and guest panel discussions, professional development opportunities, external conference participation, and STEM community education programs for women.

5. GlobalFamilies: As a community for GF employees and their families, this resource group facilitates the sharing of helpful resources to promote work-life balance.

What career development opportunities can female job seekers expect at GF? How is career pathing approached?

1. Employee Development Week: With seven days of global educational programming focused on skill growth and career development, employees have the opportunity to learn from subject matter experts across the globe and engage with all of the company’s learning resources.

2. GF Mentoring: A global mentoring program that utilizes an online matching program (MentorCliq) to connect employees with ideal counterparts, it supports the cultivation of meaningful mentoring relationships. 

3. LinkedIn Learning: GF employees have access to thousands of courses in skill development topics ranging from communication to computer programming. New courses are added weekly, and employees are regularly challenged to expand their knowledge through a variety of recommended content.

4. Management & Leadership Development: GF offers several instructor-led courses aimed at developing competencies within the company's people leaders, as well as supporting all employees on their path to effective communication and team effectiveness.

In addition to the above career development opportunities, which are available to all employees, GF also strives to ensure high-potential women and minority groups in the U.S. receive equal opportunities with respect to career development and advancement. 

GF partners with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) as a corporate member. This partnership allows GLOBALWOMEN to leverage training, conference participation and an extensive network of resources within SWE. SWE hosts the world’s largest conference and career fair for women in engineering and technology, and GF sent 31 women to We19 as both attendees and presenters. GF recognizes the importance of this conference as a key development opportunity for hiring, developing and retaining top female talent.

5. GLOBALWOMEN (GW): a thriving network of more than 1,500 members globally that focus on the professional development of women's careers at GF including a variety of site events and activities to network and engage employees, panel discussions, international conferences, membership in SWE, and targeted external executive readiness programs such as those with Smith College. 

Why should women want to grow their careers at GF?

From geopolitics to the COVID-19 pandemic, these are disruptive times in the world — times that are also accelerating our collective digital future like never before. Humankind is relying more and more on technology to live our lives. GF is at the forefront of this change and offers a fast-paced, high-technology environment where employees have an opportunity to make a difference through their contributions.

Women enjoy growing their careers here not only because GF offers exciting challenges every day that help develop their skills and competencies, but also because it is an inclusive environment with focused benefits and developmental opportunities for women employees. It’s a great place to work with the best technical minds in the world and grow a fulfilling career, while also making a positive impact in your community.

Is there anything else women should know about pursuing a career here?

At GF, the leadership celebrates diversity and inclusion and believes in enabling its 15,000 global employees to learn, grow and develop themselves. At the heart of GF’s diversity and inclusion journey is a dedication to increasing female representation and developing women at all levels of the organization. Every day, GF works to recruit the top women in their fields to the company’s thriving locations in the U.S., Germany, Singapore, India, among other key international locations. 

 GF is also keen on giving back to the people and families in its communities around the globe through a few means.

1. GlobalGives: GF employees — over 3,700 of whom are actively involved — generously volunteer their time and donate goods and money through the company’s GlobalGives program, supporting a wide range of charitable causes.

2. GlobalGirls: The company hosts a camp and provides outreach to girls to teach them about STEM-related fields.

3. Holiday Community Events: GF employees participate each year in charitable events such as food drives and Toys for Tots.

4. GF Virtual Summer Camp: A virtual summer camp focused on STEM is offered to the children of GF employees between grades K-8.

5. Connecting Globally: Various employee resource groups are offered to support and connect employees, like GLOBALWOMEN & GlobalFamilies.


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