From a DEI Committee to a Dedicated Leadership Program: Here’s Why Women Love This Tech Company

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Photo courtesy of Brivo.

Photo courtesy of Brivo.

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April 21, 2024 at 7:23AM UTC

“Brivo constantly finds ways to make me and my team feel valued and valuable to both the company and the access control industry. That sentiment motivates us, ultimately bringing more success to the organization. It’s a win-win for everyone!” — Allie Gold Smith, Manager, Learning & Development

Brivo — a company whose goal is to provide customers with “simply better security” to protect lives, assets, and facilities — puts people at the heart of everything that they do. The company interacts with respect and integrity, taking an inclusive view and sharing ownership of every decision, all while seeking to promote curiosity, exploration, and learning.

Listening to their talented team and making sure everyone’s voice is heard is at the heart of the company culture after all. For example, during the company’s All Hands meetings, the CEO answers questions live provided by employees, and then he works to make changes based on employee feedback. All opinions matter and are valuable at Brivo, whether you are an intern or part of upper management. This is part of Brivo’s emphasis on ensuring that all team members feel empowered to voice their opinions and think ahead in order for the company to evolve rapidly. 

By practicing value-based decision-making and focusing on meaningful outcomes, as well as living by their core values of collaboration, innovation, delivery, and contribution, Brivo has grown to become a global leader in mobile, cloud-based access control for commercial real estate, multifamily residential, and large distributed enterprises. And, Brivo’s reach extends beyond this, too! Brivo invests in people and global communities, valuing socially responsible behavior and building elegant, reliable solutions. “We are guided by elevating the human experience,” the company says. “We are inspired by the needs of our customers.”

Brivo is a nimble and forward-thinking company that differentiates itself from others in the space by providing increased security, flexibility, unlimited scalability, and integration with key systems. Want to learn more about why women love working at the company? Read on!

Ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of all that they do.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are important to Brivo, The company offers several employee resource groups (ERGs) to foster a supportive, diverse, and inclusive workplace where everyone can feel safe bringing their whole selves to work. Some of the groups include Women of Brivo, Shades of Brivo, LGBTQIA+, and Employee Engagement.

Brivo employees are encouraged to participate in existing ERGs and create new ones to celebrate and share with fellow employees a specific community’s culture, achievements, people, organizations, and traditions.

Further, Brivo has programs in place for diverse hiring to ensure hiring procedures have reduced biases related to a candidate’s age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics. Brivo also Integrates equality and diversity training into their entire employee onboarding process.

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Other DEI programs at Brivo include an employee-led DEI team, providing employees with Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to support causes fighting against racial injustice, and company-wide all hands meetings.

Career development and benefits that we think you’ll love.

In order to encourage employees to thrive and grow, Brivo offers professional development funding annually to each employee to further their education. And this is only the beginning of how Brivo helps you grow.

For instance, the NextGen Leadership program provides all employees who have the desire to become people managers with the opportunity to have a senior-level mentor guide them through a six-month training and mentorship opportunity. The NextGen Scholarship program awards students with a monetary investment in their future.

Meanwhile, all employees have access to Brivo University, where they can enhance their knowledge of Brivo products.

Additionally, Brivo encourages women within some industries to take an assessment to gauge where they are and the areas that need improvement, while the quarterly A’s and O’s workshop provides employees a chance to sit down and strategically prepare SMART goals.

“While with Brivo, I have been given opportunities to work closely with other departments on various projects. It’s helped me understand more about how Brivo functions, which has allowed me to be a better employee. I am proud to work with such a diverse company that invests time in its employees and encourages us to grow. —Adrien Van Merlin, Manager, Customer Service

The company also affords employees a number of additional desirable benefits such as:

  • DTO (discretionary time off) or unlimited PTO

  • Volunteer time off

  • Paid leave for primary and secondary caregivers

  • Gym Reimbursement

  • 401K matching

  • Access to Talkspace, Headspace, and Daily Burn

  • Pet insurance

  • LifeMart: discounts towards travel, hotels, car rentals, and more

Want to join the Brivo team? They’re hiring! Browse open jobs via the following link.

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