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Ana. Photo courtesy of Capital One.

Photo courtesy of Capital One.

Capital One
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Ana always loved a challenge. Throughout college, she sought out opportunities to polish her public speaking at a conference for Serbian-American student leaders, volunteer with her sorority and excel academically. 
She knew her first job had to provide similar challenges and opportunities. Capital One’s Management Rotation Program (MRP), one of Capital One’s two-year rotation programs for recent college graduates, was the perfect fit, allowing Ana to explore various positions across the enterprise.
Once she started work, colleagues took notice of her confidence and natural leadership abilities. Within the first few months of starting, Ana, a senior associate in Card Marketing, was presenting projects to executives, jumping into exciting tasks and continuing the hard work she did in college to grow. 
“Being able to present to leaders at such a young age and with so little work experience under my belt showed me that my coworkers really have trust in me,” Ana said. “I thought that was really unique and amazing. I felt like a part of the team almost immediately, and that made Capital One feel more like home.”

How Capital One rotation programs support graduates

Ana’s love for learning isn’t limited to her career. She’s an avid traveler who has a passion for learning foreign languages. So when she graduated college, she knew she wanted a workplace that would support her curiosity.
Her career goals led her to the MRP, where recent grads complete year-long positions on two different teams in order to deliver work that makes a difference, explore different career paths and discover where they truly shine.
Ana’s MRP journey started as a process manager focusing on governance for the Data Ethics and Privacy team. She then rotated to a project manager role in Card Marketing, where she works on CreditWise, an application that allows customers to monitor their credit.
The open and honest environment on both teams allowed Ana to sharpen her teamwork skills and build confidence. She leaned on mentors and fellow MRP associates throughout her successes and challenges as she worked on high-priority projects with tight deadlines.
“Being able to depend on others and work in a tight-knit, cohesive team is just something that has really, really improved in my life,” Ana said. “I'm thankful to Capital One for it.”

Work-life balance and community

While Ana had plenty of opportunity to grow, she could equally prioritize work-life balance
For her, that means blocking out time on her calendar to intentionally focus on certain tasks and taking breaks to step away from work as needed throughout the day. Ana travels often, participates in volunteer opportunities with Capital One Pro Bono, attends events put on by HOLA, Capital One’s Hispanic BRG, and participates in programming with ConnecTCS, an associate group for third culture individuals, meaning people who were raised in a culture other than their parents'. As a proud Serbian-American, these two groups have helped her take pride in her identity in the workplace.
“Everyone values creating time for your own personal space for your life and in the best moments of your life,” Ana said. “I don't think you see that everywhere. It's something that I really respect and love.”
As Ana advances in her career and plans for the future, she knows Capital One will be there to support her whole self.
“I always say to my friends, ‘I know I'm young now, but Capital One is the company for me.’"

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