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Photo Courtesy of Grubhub

Photo Courtesy of Grubhub

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“As a mom of a vibrant seven-year old, work/life balance is extremely important to me,” said Annie Anlas, Sr. Manager, Marketing. “In the four years I’ve worked here, Grubhub has always delivered on that. With benefits like unlimited paid time off and the option to work from home, I’ve been able to be with my daughter as much as possible, while still making a meaningful impact at work.”

Grubhub also seeks to support women in particular in their career growth, with numerous women in executive and leadership roles. "During my career at Grubhub, I've felt inspired by many women leaders,” one FGBer wrote. “I've always felt a sense of inclusivity while working here."

We’ve probably all relied on Grubhub at one point or another, whether we’re craving the best sushi in the area or just don’t feel like cooking right now. One of the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering and delivering marketplaces, Grubhub is a staple for diners across the country.

But did you know that Grubhub is also a top employer? The Chicago-based company is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion and seeks to support employees and the community through a variety of programs and initiatives.

 Members of the Fairygodboss community praise Grubhub for its “celebratory and inclusive culture where events are tied both into cultural initiatives and company values,” according to one poster, who also noted that there is “lots of flexibility and understanding with scheduling and work-life balance....Women [are] represented in many leadership roles — especially in technology. "

Grubhub’s benefits are intended to support employees and their families, build a more inclusive culture, promote health and wellbeing, encourage a positive work-life integration and create happier and healthier people. Among others, these benefits and resources include:

  • Stipends for remote workspace assistance
  • Coaching and mentorship programs
  • The GrubConnect Groups & Voices Council
  • A MealPerks & Grubhub+ Subscription
  • Unlimited vacation time for exempt employees and a generous time off policy non-exempt employees 
  • Eight weeks of paid parent bonding time (maternity and paternity leave)
  • Pet insurance

 Interested in a career at Grubhub? They’re hiring! Currently, there are more than 100 active job listings in areas such as:

  • Marketing
  • Software engineering
  • Design
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Accounting
  • Product design
  • Security engineering
  • Partnership management
  • Data Science


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