32 Farewell Gifts That Are Perfect for Your Coworker

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June 15, 2024 at 9:13PM UTC

When your favorite coworker leaves, it’s always a bittersweet feeling. On the one hand, you’re happy about their new opportunity, but on the other, you're also sad because their absence will be disappointing. We’ve compiled a list of thoughtful, quirky and useful farewell gifts for a departing colleague in categories ranging from food and drink to accessories to tech gadgets. Bid them farewell in a classy way.

Food and drink.

1. Meal subscription

We all love food, and we all have to eat. A meal or snack subscription is one of the best gift options to give just about anyone but especially your once-upon-a-time lunch buddy. There are so many choices to choose from, (Blue Apron, Graze and Bokksu to name a few).

Price:  Depends on subscription and monthly rate

2. Artisan coffee and chocolate-tasting experience

Source: Bean Box
Source: Bean Box

Why go for morning coffee runs when you can make a delicious cup of joe at home? This coffee and chocolate-tasting box features four fresh whole-bean coffees and four artisan chocolate pairings.

Price: $38 on Bean Box

3. Godiva chocolate box

Source: Godiva
Source: Godiva
A delicious box of chocolate is always a great gift choice for any occasion. Treat your coworker (and maybe even yourself) to a variety box filled with delicious goodies.

Price: $29.95 on Godiva's website

4. Bottle of wine

A bottle of wine (or whatever your coworker's choice of poison is) is a thoughtful and classic farewell gift. It's a great way to toast to each other's accomplishments and to future memories. Cheers to that!

Price: We recommend the Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon ($16.99 via B21).

5. Portable wine bag

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
You can't give a gift of wine without a portable wine bag. Accompany your bottle of wine with this tasteful (and customizable) bag that your coworker is surely going to love.

Price: $24.00 on Amazon

6. Lunch tote

Gone are the days when you and your lunch buddy can enjoy your soup and salad together. Remind them of this fact with a chic lunch tote that they can use to carry their homemade lunches.

Price. $20.95 (many cute, customizable items on Etsy)

Clothing and household items.

7. House plant or succulent

Source: Etsy
Source: Etsy
If you have a colleague to whom you're not that cloe, a house plant or succulent is a safe gift that just about anyone likes. This "Congrats on Planting New Roots" box is a punny way to offer your colleague congratulations. 

Price: $17.50 on Etsy

8. Meme mug

Source: Society6
Source: Society6

If you have a relaxed and comfortable relationship with your coworker, then this meme mug is a hilarious parting gift. Pair this with the coffee bean box above, and they'll never need to step inside a Starbucks again.

Price: $15.99 on Society6

9. Candles

Candles may seem like a simple farewell gift, but who doesn't want their home to smell fresh and clean? Besides, you can personalize a candle set with quirky inside jokes if you wish or stick with this traditional sampler set.

Price: $15 for 4 Samplers Set on Yankee Candle

10. Meditation box

Source: Etsy
Source: Etsy

If your colleague is experiencing mixed feelings about transitioning to their new role, a meditation box is a thoughtful way to help them promote mindfulness and good vibes. This box is filled with pampering essentials that are perfect for some relaxation.

Price: $24.95 on Etsy

11. Hammock footrest

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Just in case the meditation box wasn't enough to promote rest and relaxation, a hammock footrest surely will be. This adjustable, under-the-desk-footrest is great, whether it's used at home or in the office. Plus, it regulates blood circulation and can reduce back pain.

Price: $19.89 on Amazon

12. Heated blanket

Source: Bed Bath and Beyond
Source: Bed Bath and Beyond

This therapeutic heated blanket has four settings that can be regulated to achieve the perfect temperature to keep your coworker cozy and comfortable. This is a great parting gift because it's soft, useful and can be used during any season.

Price: $29.99 on Bed Bath and Beyond

Desk items

13. Personalized business card holder

Source: Executive Gift Shoppe
Source: Executive Gift Shoppe

This two-tone business card holder is a professional and sophisticated gift to give your coworker who will appreciate being able to keep their new cards in pristine condition. You can also personalize this cardholder by engraving the recipient's name or initials. 

Price: $25.00 (without engraving) on Executive Gift Shoppe

14. Countdown to retirement clock

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
Nothing sounds better than sipping a cocktail in a Florida retirement home while the sun is shining and all work worries are gone. Give your coworker a glimpse of this life with this retirement clock that comically provides a countdown until it's time to graduate from adulthood.

Price: $10.75 on Amazon

15. "BS" button

The big red "BS" button talks, lights up, flashes and dispenses hilarious background sound effects, making for a perfect desk accessory. 

Price: $11.99 on Amazon

16. Travel scratch-off map

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

Motivate your globetrotting coworker to travel and explore the world with this scratch-off map. This practical world map comes with push pins and a scratch tool so that your coworker can track all of their exciting travel adventures.

Price: $29.97 on Amazon

17. Hourglass

Your coworker can count the hours until their next travel adventure (see above) with a chic and timeless hourglass that makes for a perfect accompaniment to their desk.

Price: $5.87 on Z Gallerie

18.  Globe

Spruce up your coworker's future desk with a desktop or tabletop globe that adds a worldly touch without taking up valuable space. These decorative globes are perfect for someone you don't know too well.

Price: $9.87 on Z Gallerie

19. Brainteaser puzzle/game

Souce: Amazon
Souce: Amazon

Sometimes, a mid-day break includes a brain teaser puzzle or game to break up the monotony. This puzzle is an intellectual challenge for adults and kids and can relieve stress and stimulate the brain.

Price: $19.99 on Amazon

20. Framed picture of the two of you

Remind your coworker that you're unforgettable with a precious framed picture of you two that they can look at whenever they're missing you! This inexpensive but thoughtful gift will be a perfect addition to their desk or home.

21. Desk accessory holder

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon

This rustic organizer is a great addition to any desk because it sorts common office essentials (pens, pencils, rulers, post its, stapler, etc.) in a organized and stylistic way.  Gift your coworker the ability to stay organized from the beginning.

Price: $26.99 on Amazon

22. Journal/planner

A journal or planner is an excellent addition to anyone's daily routine. This gift will ensure that your coworker is focused on their new role and can plan their to-do list for each day.

Price: varies


23. Desk lamp

Brighten up your coworker's desk space with a desk lamp to help them get through those long nights at the office.  A desk lamp is a great way to add some style for some focused work.
Price: $34.99 on Wayfair

24. Earbuds

Source: Treblab
Source: Treblab
Sometimes, when you're in the working zone, white noise is a great way to maintain focus. Gift your coworkers these Treblab XR500 noise-canceling earbuds so that they can eliminate all the extra buzz and focus on the task at hand. These fit securely and are compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Price: $29.97 on Treblab

25. Anker Bluetooth speaker

Source: Walmart
Source: Walmart
Tech gadgets, including this portable, wireless Anker Bluetooth speaker, are an excellent addition to anyone's collection, including your coworker. Whether it's someone who you know well or not, this speaker will allow them to experience their music of choice for 24 uninterrupted hours. It comes in blue or red.
Price: $27.99 on Walmart

26. Amazon Fire Stick

When work becomes exhausting, gift your coworker the present of Netflix and chill or Hulu and hang. The Amazon Fire Stick allows you to stream thousands of channels and apps. Plus, it's Alexa-automated, so you can give it voice commands.
Price: $49.99 on Amazon

27.  Water-resistant smartphone armband

Does your coworker love outdoor running or other athletic sports? Give them the gift of this water-resistant smartphone armband that's the perfect arm candy to accompany any of their intense workouts. Grab one for yourself as well so that you can continue being each other's workout buddies despite having different jobs.
Price: $24.99 on BestBuy

28. Essential oil diffuser

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
This Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser is an ideal way to add moist, comfortable air to bedrooms or even workplace cubicles. The diffuser comes in different colors, so pick the option that best fits your coworker's personality.
Price: $15.99 on Amazon

29.  Smart mat

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
In case running isn't on your coworker's list of favorite things to do, and yoga is, gift them this smart yoga mat that comes with daily voice-guided flows. The mat is soft, silky, smooth and sustainable.
Price: $89.99 on Amazon

30. Posture trainer 

Sitting in an office chair for hours on end can do a number of harmful and uncomfortable things to your back. This posture trainer or posture corrector made with a copper-infused fabric gives support while still enabling retention of range of motion. 
Price: $15.95 on Amazon

31. Bolt portable charger

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon
As most professionals know, although we're always connected, our devices are often running out of battery power. Ensure that this never happens again with this bolt portable charger that fully charges devices at half the speed of regular chargers.
Price: $32.99 on Amazon

32.  E-gift card

If all else fails, we always recommend giving a gift card. Amazon has some great options.
No matter how close you are to your coworker, there's a farewell gift for each type of relationship. Choose one that's the best fit for both of you.

Pooja Shah is a freelance writer based in NYC. Visit her webpage for more of her work.

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