Finding a hairstyle that suits you can take some time and, sometimes, a few cuts you don't totally love. This can be especially true if you're working with accessories like glasses, as well. While age shouldn't come into play when choosing a hairstyle for you, you might feel more or less comfortable with certain fashions.

There are women 50 years old and older setting hair trends for women like you to follow if you so choose, and we've studied them for you.

So, if you're looking for a new hairstyle — one the fits your face with glasses — we've rounded up 25 beautiful options for you to consider.

1. Medium-length layers with a side part

Instagram // @brigitt2

2. Loose hair wrapped in a scarf

Photo via Instagram // @rinkolga

3. Pulled-back ponytail

Photo via Instagram // @chic50style

4. Curly cut

Photo via Instagram/@helen.parsons7

5. Pressed curls

Photo via Instagram/@rantsandbigpants

6. Blunt bangs

Photo via Instagram/@rinkolga

7. Half-up, half-down with bangs

Photo via Instagram/@carolyn.muston

8. Salt-and-peppered afro

Photo via Instagram/@beautyeverafter50

9. Buzzcut

Photo via Instagram/@happiness_is_addictive_29

10. Clean-cut waves

Photo via Instagram/@yvonne_40_fitgirl

11. Short and brushed back

Photo via Instagram/@optiklorekgmbh

12. Long and straight

Photo via Instagram/grey_so_what

13. Twist out

Photo via Instagram/@badiadidit

14. Curled-bangs

Photo via Instagram/@baddiewinkle

15. Tousled waves

Photo via Instagram/@nowayoutmakemyday

16. Uneven bob with funky frames

Photo via Instagram/@rememberwynn18

17. Long, straight hair accessorized wit a hat

Photo via Instagram/@rinkolga

18. Pixie cut

Photo via Instagram/@belovedlittlelambjewelry

19. Short and spiked

Photo via Instagram/@madefromscratchbyalyssa

20. Ombre spikes

Photo via Instagram/@yve.yvonne.yve

21. Blunt bob

Photo via Instagram/@modhairhasslet

22. Short cut with side bangs

Photo via Instagram/@an_ho_884

23. Wavy bob

Photo via Instagram/@linzey.b

24. Parted pixie

Photo via Instagram/@salonpiperglen

25. Pulled-back locs

Photo via Instagram/@tressesofacension

26. High braided-bun

Photo via Instagram/@latchednhooked

As of 12/6/2019, this article's images have been updated to better represent women age 50 and older.


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