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 Fisher Investments
Fisher Investments
April 15, 2024 at 8:17AM UTC

Fisher Investments manages money for high-net-worth individuals, institutions and employers worldwide with a focus on transparency and client focus, to help people reach their long-term financial goals.

To learn more about our firm, from our core values and unique culture to our great benefits and perks for women, read on…

What are your company’s core values?

Our firm is focused on bettering the investment universe, and our overarching Vision statement reads, “Boldly pioneering tomorrow’s solutions today, assuring successes.” Our Vision connects to 11 core Values, which are exemplified in our employees’ day-to-day work as they provide outstanding service to our clients. Our Values include: 1. Focus on long-term value maximization. 2. Deliver personal via machine. 3. Be unconstrained by conventional wisdom. 4. Actively develop and support diversity and inclusion. 5. Develop human capital. 6. Demand metric-based accountability. 7. Be training and knowledge oriented. 8. Be fact driven. 9. Be high minded. 10. Drive quality through size. 11. Control our destiny.

Employees put our Vision and Values into practice every day by focusing on our clients’ needs and helping them meet their long-term financial goals while “pioneering tomorrow’s investment solutions” and sharing new ideas that promote the firm’s growth and long-term success. We encourage forward-thinking -- our employees are a catalyst for innovation; each employee is responsible for continually pursuing new ideas to better the investment universe and help more families reach their financial goals.

What differentiates your company from others in its space and industry?

We do things differently from other investment firms—not just to be different, but because we believe it matters for our clients’ success. We take a personalized approach to each client’s portfolio, tailoring our work to their unique needs and goals so they can always have confidence we’re putting their priorities first. We designed our entire business to minimize conflicts of interest starting with a transparent fee structure that aligns our financial interests with those of our clients. Our service model enables our Investment Counselors to focus entirely on providing superior service and education and keeping our clients’ financial plans on track. We’ve successfully managed portfolios for over 40 years and are proud to be helping over 100,000* clients worldwide. This single-minded focus on serving our clients is what we believe makes Fisher a great place to work, too.  

Describe 1-5 employee benefits that positively impact women who work at your company.

Our employees continually score us above the national average in our annual Great Place to Work® survey for the statement that reads, “We have special and unique benefits here.”

  1. 100% employer-paid premiums for health, dental and vision insurance for you and your family. That means $0 out of each paycheck for insurance! When Fisher pays your healthcare premiums, that could mean an annual savings of up to $7,500 (for individuals) or $23,000 (for a family of four). Our employees have access to different approaches to wellness as well through naturopathic care, acupuncture and chiropractic coverage. We offer an employer sponsored 24/7 on-demand, confidential coaching and counseling service with mental health coverage along with other employee assistance programs.

  2. An impactful 401(k) program: 50% match up to the IRS limit. If you’re contributing the IRS maximum of $20,500 annually (in 2022), that means we’ll add an additional $10,250 to your retirement account. We strive to equip our employees with sound financial futures and a successful retirement. 

  3. Generous support for caregivers. We provide 8 weeks of paid Primary Caregiver support leave to mothers, fathers and adoptive parents. Birth parents are eligible for up to 18-20 weeks of total time off, and non-birth parents have access to up to 12 weeks of bonding leave. We also offer up to 10 days of emergency back-up childcare annually through Bright Horizons Back-Up Care, which is a reliable, high-quality option for emergency child-care situations with affordable co-pays.

  4. Great work life balance with almost 6 weeks of paid vacation time per year. You can take advantage of 20 days of paid time off and 9 paid holidays. In our 2021 Great Place to Work® survey, 89% of US employees stated they’re able to take time off from work when they need it. 

  5. Schedule Flexibility. We understand life sometimes requires flexibility and have options for you to customize your work day schedule. You can talk to your manager to adjust when you start work based on your schedule and the business’ needs. Need to reduce your work schedule temporarily or permanently to accommodate you or your family’s needs? After one year of service, every full-time employee is eligible to apply for a reduced work schedule (minimum 30 hours a week in the US). This comes with a comparable compensation adjustment while employees are able to maintain their benefits and bonus eligibility.

What career development opportunities can women job seekers expect at your company? How is career pathing approached?

From your first day, you’ll have robust training and development opportunities from your initial overview of our firm and the industry, to capital markets and self-development classes. Ongoing training is provided in person and online, and customized courses are also offered through Fisher’s online Learning Center, where employees also have access to LinkedIn on-demand learning. Our team-based environment fosters mentorship and collaboration, providing you close access to your team leaders, allowing for frequent development conversations. Our internal Talent Advisor Team is there to help you find your next step at Fisher and build your lifelong career.

We have flexible career paths, which provide an opportunity for you to gain breadth and depth of experience across our business, based on your interests and skillset.  We strongly believe in developing our talent and as a result, 89% of current managers were promoted from within. Our award-winning Learning and Development programs have been recognized with Training Magazine’s Top 125 Award in 2019 and 2020, Top 100 Award in 2021, and the ATD BEST Award from the Association for Talent Development in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Is there anything else women should know about pursuing a career here?

We pride ourselves on building teams of people with unique perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and an appetite for innovation. You don’t need a business or finance degree or experience in the investment industry to work here. We’re interested in candidates who want to be change makers, work for a purpose-driven business, help us give clients a better financial option, and learn, grow, and develop a lifelong career.

What are some unique benefits or perks your company offers employees?

Special Recognition for All

We believe it’s important to celebrate our employees’ achievements and recognize and reinforce behaviors aligned with our Vision and Values. We do this through five recognition types: Moments, day-to-day recognition; Milestones, our years of service program; TEAMS, team activities and events; Celebrations, including firm-wide events; and C.O.R.E. (Celebrating Our Remarkable Employees) Awards. As part of our Employee Recognition Program, we launched Stellar, a social recognition platform, to foster the multiple forms of recognition outlined above. Through this online platform, employees can give peer-to-peer recognition and managers can reward their employees with points that can be redeemed for gift cards and other gifts from thousands of online retailers.

Food Trucks and Other Perks

Our employees in our Washington office enjoy food trucks on campus for lunch and all employees can take advantage of local and corporate discounts. 

Annual Firm-wide Competitions

Our annual public speaking competition is a great way to gain exposure, conquer your fears and win PTO and prize money!

What’s something you think most people don’t know about your company that you think they should?

Unlike many in our industry, Fisher has a fixed work schedule and you are not expected to work outside of those hours. That means your time outside of work is YOUR time to enjoy however you want.

What’s one thing your company does — whether a formal policy or program, or more in terms of office culture — that you think is particularly unique or unexpected?

Our open career path is truly unique. We’ve had employees jump from client service to research, or from sales to event planning. There are opportunities for everyone to follow their interests regardless of their major or previous job title. 

What do employees say about working at your company?

“I was attracted to the fact that Fisher Investments was a private company and was still growing, which meant there’d be a lot of opportunity for me. That has definitely proven true where I’ve been able to initiate change and move up and create my own career path. I appreciate the value of a true meritocracy, meaning if you do the work and make a niche for yourself, your efforts will be rewarded regardless of your tenure.” – Kirsten Forrester, Regional Sales Associate Vice President

“The great thing about Fisher is that most of what we do is in house, so whether you’re interested in client service, marketing, IT, sales, portfolio management, research, trading, HR, or other groups, the opportunities for career growth are limitless. It’s typical to hear a company promise the opportunity to ‘grow’ during the hiring process. Fisher was different. They actually stood by that and I am a product of that promise.” - Virginia Meafua, Investment Counselor

“The collaborative environment allows everyone to stay motivated and work alongside each other to reach their goals. Before I was attracted to the job itself, I was drawn in by the charismatic, confident and passionate people I saw in the office.” – Aimee Walters, Account Executive

*As of 09/30/21. Includes Fisher Investments and its subsidiaries.


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