Here’s What You Need to Know About the Woman (And The Brains) Behind “This Is America”

Sherrie Silver/Instagram

Sherrie Silver

Sherrie Silver/Instagram

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Tiffany Lashai Curtis25
July 24, 2024 at 3:53PM UTC
Ever since Childish Gambino (a.k.a. Donald Glover) dropped a surprise video for his song "This Is America" on May 6th, the internet has been in a frenzy. Since then, it's been impossible not to find a think piece or Twitter thread that interpreted the visual masterpiece's frank commentary on Blackness in America. And while the response to "This Is America"  has largely been one of labelling Gambino a "genius," the internet is just now giving Sherrie Silver, the woman responsible for the video's choreography, her well-deserved recognition.
Much like art imitating life, a woman (of color, no less) is the brains behind dance moves that were both stunning and grotesque, yet Gambino has received all of the applause. Until now. Without Silver — a the 23-year-old, Rwandan-born dancer, actress, creative, and philanthropist, who was previously known for her viral dance videos on Instagram and YouTube — Gambino's video wouldn't contain its striking symbolism, brought to life by moves like South Africa's Gwara Gwara dance.
In an interview with Forbes, when asked about her mission to "educate the world about African culture," Silver said, "I stand for taking Africa to the world and taking the world to Africa... I think we're really interesting, and this is our time to shine." She went on to say that "I want you, for example, to watch Donald's video and see the kids and me dancing in it, and I want you to join, and I want you to feel like these kids just landed from Africa."

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