How a Supportive Workplace Culture Is Helping Kat Thrive in Her Career

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Photo courtesy of Fisher Investments.

Photo courtesy of Fisher Investments.

Fisher Investments
Fisher Investments

Kat’s interest in finding a new client-focused job led her to Fisher Investments. At the firm, she not only gained a role that utilized her skillset, but she also found a company that provides flexibility, friendships, and generous benefits. Immersed in a supportive workplace culture, Kat is empowered to develop professionally and thrive in her career.  

Tell us more about your career journey before arriving at Fisher Investments and at the firm.

Before starting at Fisher Investments, I spent time in dentistry, worked on my college campus as an Ambassador, and was a Project Coordinator for a kitchen supplier. However, most of my career was spent in customer service or operations. I learned about Fisher while searching for client operations roles on LinkedIn. I was initially attracted to the career trajectory that I believed was offered in financial services. 

What I appreciated the most about my experience interviewing with Fisher is that I felt supported by my hiring managers and recruiters, even though I lacked previous finance experience; they took a keen interest in me and my skillset rather than just my resume.

Due to my prior experiences and skills in customer service, I started at the firm in the Client Service Associate (CSA) role. Within the CSA role, I was a top performer and empowered to be my authentic self. I developed empathy and an understanding of how to effectively work with our clients. So, when a CSA Team Leader position opened, I applied and got the role. 

In my role as CSA Team Leader, I gained invaluable operations skills, as well as experience building training and development programs. Developing these skills helped me feel prepared to apply for my current role, Global Client Programs Team Leader, and I’ve been able to enhance these skills as we continue to evolve our group and help our clients. This is truly a testament to Fisher’s culture of developing and hiring talent from within the company and from all the diverse backgrounds we represent!

As a Global Client Programs Team Leader, I help oversee all our in person and digital client events. Along with supporting our core event offerings, as a Team Leader, my job is dedicated to supporting a team of Event Coordinators and our Materials Production team. 

What initially attracted you to work at Fisher Investments?

Fisher’s “hiring from all majors” approach really attracted me to the firm. Once I began interacting with Fisher employees, I was able to appreciate the cultural values Fisher holds, namely the expectation that people show up to work as their genuine selves and embody core competencies such as Communicates Effectively and Values Differences. As a parent, that was extremely important to me. 

Fisher’s total compensation package was extremely attractive and paved the way for me to better care for my growing family. At the time, with a six-month-old infant, the benefits package was also very appealing since I needed quality healthcare coverage. Fisher’s full coverage of insurance premiums was truly life changing for my household.

What is your favorite aspect of your company’s culture?

The ability to build connections! Fisher’s Employee Resource Groups help create friendships in communities you identify with at Fisher and help build a bridge across various departments and business units. It’s easy to network and foster strong relationships even with those you don’t work with daily. Fisher prides itself on building an award winning, inclusive workplace culture, which is sustained by our employees. I also appreciate the open office design which fosters an inviting and open door-style work environment.

How has Fisher supported you as a working parent?

Flexibility is by far the most invaluable component of working at Fisher that has supported my ability to be an active parent and spouse. When I was an Associate, and now as a Team Leader, I have access to take partial time off throughout the year so I can be available for my family when they need me. It allows me to be present at some of my children’s extracurricular events. Many companies don’t appreciate how much of our life is dedicated to our professional careers, but Fisher has always encouraged taking time off when you need to. 

Share your experiences with the employee panels that Fisher Investments’ Early Talent team hosts for potential candidates.

Fisher’s Early Talent Recruiting Team hosts virtual networking events throughout the year for university students, as well as early career and professional level candidates. I was invited to serve as a panelist along with other Fisher employees on both the Diversity in Finance and Women in Finance panels. These events are a great opportunity for students and potential candidates to learn about our firm’s culture and career paths.

I feel discussions like these are important for providing role models that people can see and feel represented by. Finding role models in a professional environment can help you visualize what a career path could look like for you. You may think that since you don’t see people who you relate to in certain spaces, that those spaces may not be for you. There tends to be plenty of role models if you know where to look. That’s why I emphasize participating in these sessions as often as possible!

How do you plan to continue to develop yourself professionally this year?

My biggest professional development goal will be to broaden the scope of the business I interact with, by finding projects where I can collaborate with people in other business units. I’ve spent all 5+ years of my Fisher career as part of Fisher’s US Private Client Group. I’m excited by the possibility of working more with our international clients or institutional clients. One of the most important considerations when developing myself professionally is who I have in my support and mentorship system. Finding a mentor you can relate to is important and helps me better understand how I present myself in the workplace and ultimately what may help me continue to be the most productive version of myself.

What advice do you have for other individuals in the finance industry?

Do not feel like you have to fit a mold to be successful as a woman in finance, and instead leverage the most genuine aspects of yourself as your differentiated strengths. It is possible to thrive in this industry while still maintaining all of the responsibilities that come with being a working parent. Lastly, regardless if you are in a position of influence or not, there are numerous ways to incorporate practices that support progress into your everyday work functions. Don’t be afraid to step up and approach new topics, new ways of looking at or doing things, or different viewpoints which could lead to impactful change.

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