How Career Confidence Coaching Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

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May 22, 2024 at 11:23AM UTC

These days, many employees are stuck in dead-end jobs, working under ineffective leadership for immoral, detached brands concerned only with financial gain.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive shift in the average person’s attitude, as significant numbers simply up and left, quitting their jobs in search of roles that offered a better work-life balance (and yes it is that way round - your life comes first!), organizations that shared their values or companies which offered more in terms of workplace wellbeing, personal development hybrid & flexible working, and positive working cultures.

However, many more were left with no option other than to stay and suffer – something has to pay the bills, right?

That’s absolutely true, but there’s also more to life. There’s a way you can land your dream role, leaving your old job and exhausted self far behind. Career confidence coaching can help you with your next career journey.

What does your dream role look like?

I ask all of my coaching clients these two questions at the very start of our coaching:

  1. What is your ideal life? Consider everything you want in it, from it - what you want to do, to be, and to have in your life.

  2. What is your dream job role? Think about all of the aspects of a career that are essential to you and again, what the ideal looks like for you.

Visualizing the dream role you want and how it will facilitate your ideal life is the key first step. It doesn’t have to be super specific, however, the more you know about your motivations, personal values, and drivers, likes & dislikes, stresses, and fears, the easier it’ll be to find and land the perfect job.

Benefits of career confidence coaching.

Once you have your ideal career in mind, the next step is taking action. It’s here that many people struggle. Taking action can be terrifying because it feels like you’re risking everything you already have. As a result, it’s easy to get unsettled as you know you’re unhappy, but you fear changing it.

That’s where career confidence coaching can help you. You’ll find the confidence, courage, and self-belief you need to succeed at landing your dream role, developing skills applicable to all other walks of life.

You can expect the following benefits from career confidence coaching:

  • Greater awareness of your transferable skills and strengths

  • Increased self-belief in your abilities and all that you have achieved

  • Tailored frameworks and tools to enable you to discover what you really want to do, if it is realistic and how to get there

  • Accountability to do it

  • A deeper understanding of what drives you & what paralyzes - and how to overcome those obstacles

  • A quiet, calm, judgment-free, and completely confidential environment where your coach will fully listen to you, support and challenge you so you develop a new, more positive approach to your life and work

How career confidence coaching can unlock your inner belief.

Everyone has the natural ability to be confident. Just because you’re quiet or perhaps a little shy, there’s no reason to doubt yourself. You have as much ability as the person next to you, regardless of their appearance and apparent personality type. We are given labels from a young age and they often stick - ever been called an introvert? Well, guess what? That can be your superpower and I guarantee you have more confidence than the person dominating every meeting you are in.  

Career confidence coaching is all about unlocking that courage buried within you. It’s there, I promise! It’s about taking a deep, focused look at yourself and setting a structured development plan accordingly to overcome your fears and realize your full potential.

Finally, it’s all about you. As a career & confidence coach, my job isn’t just to transfer my beliefs across to you but rather to help you unlock your own inner confidence. I won’t set you free, but I’ll give you something even better – I’ll give you the tools you need to free yourself.

The 3 key stages in career confidence coaching will help you transform your working life, achieve your goals, and leave your stress and fears behind:

  • Discover – identify what you want from your dream life & career

  • Develop – set goals for yourself

  • Do – take logical steps to achieve those goals (yes I will hold you accountable!)


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Kate Bishop is a fully certified Life and Business Coach with the prestigious The Coaching Academy, she specializes in career & confidence coaching. With a strong focus on self-esteem and wellbeing at work, Kate loves facilitating workshops, giving keynote talks, and working with individuals to improve their inner-belief and working life whether that be a complete career change, taming their stress, making their positive impact, or empowering them to leap up their career ladder.

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