How I Encourage ‘Innovation, Quality and the Inclusion of All Ideas’ As a Global Leader

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Pamela Hall

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April 18, 2024 at 10:39AM UTC

“As an Electrical Engineer by training, my favorite thing to do is to use data (market, customer and technical) to help solve important challenges that improve lives in patient care,” says Pamela Hall, Global Business Category Leader for Sleep in Sleep & Respiratory Care at Philips.

In this role, Hall is responsible for the innovation and value creation in the global markets for the Sleep Portfolio of Solutions. She joined Philips in 2020, bringing 24 years of medical device industry experience in product management, market and P&L leadership for women’s health, critical care and women’s imaging.

As for how she leads her global team, Hall says that, “In every role, I strive to create an environment that encourages innovation, quality and the inclusion of all ideas — for the best outcomes.”

And, she is able to accomplish this goal due to her standout leadership skills. “Leadership is about helping to unlock the potential and impact of the teams you support,” says Hall. “So, I commit, daily, to rolling up my sleeves, opening my ears to the teams and working to help drive empowerment. The goal is to facilitate a culture of learning and listening through data, prototyping, research and development.”

We caught up with Hall to learn about the support that Philips provides to empower her to do just that — as well as her advice for other women in leadership roles. Here’s what she had to say.

Advice for leading others (successfully!).

So, how does Hall manage to lead her team in such an empowering way? Well, she suggests using one-on-one sessions, which “allow for employees or teams to drive a portion of the agenda” and bring “out the best in their professional relationships,” explains Hall. This goes back to her focus on driving a culture of listening and sharing the floor with her direct reports. By sharing the time in meetings, she says that managers can “find ways to help remove roadblocks and empower individuals’ personal and professional success.”

It’s unsurprising, then, that Hall views leadership as an act of service. As she puts it, leadership is “service to your teams and to the individuals striving to give their best. If you move into leadership, be of service with your time, your talents and your support of the team. You are not there to do their job, but to create the environment for exponential change and growth.”

And this culture of support is mirrored by Philips, with Hall stating that, “When people feel there is genuine interest in developing as a team, they lean in to share, collaborate and support the individual and team goals.”

How Philips helps grow leadership skills.

To grow as a manager, no matter your level, Hall notes that you need two things:

  1. Coaching

  2. Feedback

“Those that are comfortable receiving feedback, through the various methods available to us, will be better leaders,” she explains. And luckily for Philips employees, the company “has great tools to solicit feedback from your peers, managers and team members.” This results in a company-wide culture of feedback. And, for Hall’s own leadership team, she makes sure to always dedicate time to coaching, learning and reflection.

For Hall herself, she notes that having access to a hiring manager and senior business and HR leaders is key to her success as a leader. “It ensured that I understood the strategy and the needs of the team,” she notes. “With this access, you can better assess fit on both sides.”


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