How I Found a Job That Helps Me Make a Difference — While Having a Great Time

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Photo Courtesy of Banfield Pet Hospital

Photo Courtesy of Banfield Pet Hospital

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May 25, 2024 at 7:46AM UTC

When the COVID lockdown was instituted in the Spring of 2020, Emily Crowe had just taken on her new responsibilities at Banfield Pet Hospital — but no pandemic was going to stop her from doing her dream job.

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One of Crowe's main priorities in her new position as Brand Content & Community Manager at the company was to grow Banfield’s brand on social media channels and tap into the ever-growing community of animal lovers. Having been a happy Banfield client for years and an avid pet-lover, Crowe, who was formerly a social media manager at Mercy Corps, felt compelled not to pass on the role. 

"Most of my social feeds are full of pet content. When I saw the job description, I knew it would be a perfect fit,” she recently told Fairygodboss. "My main priority is to grow and elevate Banfield’s brand on our social media channels and get more people to talk about their experience at Banfield, why they love their animals and to help them understand the importance of petcare."

Beyond her passion for social media and animals of all kinds, Crowe's management style is fueled by her environment and the people in it. 

"I love how passionate and dedicated the Banfield teams are — it’s incredible to be part of it and makes growing our brand into a really fulfilling, fun experience."

When it comes to working on projects, Crowe shares she loves the ability to give people a platform to share their love for their furry friends and seeing how passionate they are. 

“It never gets old." 

But the most exciting part of her work is the response from her community. 

"Seeing how engaged people are with our campaigns, and how much joy pets bring into their lives [is the most exciting part of my job],” she shared. “We just launched a holiday photo contest and seeing the immediate, positive reaction from followers and influencers is such a reminder of how much power pets have. They bring us so much joy."

If you’d like to brighten your day, be sure to check out #bfullofcheer on Instagram or for more information on the Holiday photo contest campaign she and her team recently launched, or follow them on Instagram @banfieldcareers  to meet more associates like Emily!


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