Re-Entereing the Workforce After Becoming a New Parent

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Fisher Investments
Fisher Investments
May 25, 2024 at 9:38PM UTC

Re-entering the workforce at a new company after becoming a new parent was a challenge, but Emily E. found an exciting new opportunity and welcoming workplace culture at Fisher Investments. She has been able to explore new roles and career opportunities, and values the firm’s total rewards and benefits. Emily shares how Fisher Investments supports her as a parent while also empowering her to be successful at work in helping clients achieve their investment goals.

Tell us more about your career and current role at Fisher Investments.

In 2018, I graduated from Washington State University-Vancouver with a degree in Public Affairs. After graduating, I moved to Santa Barbara, California and worked for the city’s Finance department. In 2020, I had my son. Shortly thereafter, I moved back to Washington to be closer to family. 

In January 2021, I started with Fisher Investments as a Client Services Associate in the firm’s Plano, Texas office. In this role, I provided operational assistance to our private clients. In February 2023, I became an Associate Investment Counselor, where I continue to work with our clients and their Investment Counselors. My transition to this new role has been a positive experience and the firm’s training and development programs have supported my success.

What was it like re-entering the workforce at a new company after becoming a new parent?

I was looking for a new job in September 2020 and had friends from college who worked at Fisher Investments. They had really positive things to say about the work environment, benefits, and long-term career opportunities. Fisher had some job openings, so I decided to check them out. 

I was somewhat nervous about returning to work. However, after applying for one role with Fisher Investments, I was able to work with a recruiter who let me know of two additional opportunities at the firm. Having one job interview turn into three was very exciting, and it enabled me to find a role that best fit my skills and personality. That made re-entering the workforce so much easier for me. 

What is a moment in your career at Fisher Investments that you are proud of?

Fisher Investments has a strong culture of recognition and in August 2022, I was awarded with our department’s top award, which recognizes a Client Operations Associate (COP) who performs well, demonstrates “will do,” and takes on additional responsibilities within the US Private Client Group. I was proud to receive this recognition for my hard work. This award was important to me because this job can be challenging and being recognized for my contributions to the firm made me feel valued.

As a working parent, how do you promote work-life balance?

My day as a single, working mom to a toddler is incredibly full. I start my workday a little earlier so I can be home around 4PM. Being able to move my 8-hour days around so I can start work at an earlier time, when compared to a standard 9 to 5 schedule, helps me maximize time with my son and helps reduce my childcare costs. 

Balance is especially important because I value my career and having a fulfilling home life. I promote work-life balance by making sure I’m doing things to “fill my cup” outside of work, such as playing pickle ball, taking my son to parks, and playing video games.

How do you feel Fisher Investments supports you as a working parent?

At Fisher, I feel encouraged to take time off whenever I need it. Having 20 days of paid time off annually allows me to take time to see family in Washington and take a long weekend here and there to explore Texas.

There have been many other ways Fisher has supported me as a mom, while also enabling me to be successful at work. For starters, I was still nursing when I started at Fisher and was extremely impressed with the on-site facilities and private rooms I could use during the workday. Fisher’s health, vision and dental benefits are also amazing. It’s the best healthcare insurance I’ve ever had from an employer and there are no monthly out of pocket premiums. That brings me so much peace of mind. My son recently had a bad fall that resulted in him needing a late night emergency room trip and a dozen stitches to his forehead. I’m grateful I could take him to the ER without worrying about the cost of his care. 

Finally, Fisher’s culture really puts a value on life outside of work. My managers have always understood that life is busy and unpredictable, and have supported me while I’ve needed to take care of life matters outside of work. 

What advice do you have for working parents who want to re-enter the workforce?

If I were to give advice to those who are interested in re-entering the workforce, I’d suggest the following:

  • Research the culture of the company you’re interested in, and don’t settle for roles that don’t allow you to make family a priority. 

  • Don’t sell yourself short. Highlight your skills and experiences. They probably have more value than you think. 

  • Learn a new skill. There are all sorts of affordable and free online courses to enhance your skillsets. 

  • Check in with your network. They can provide help from reviewing your resume to giving you interview tips. You never know what opportunities your friends, past colleagues, or classmates can connect you with.

  • Explore a new industry or field. I came from a government and political science background, but now work in finance. Skills can be much more transferable than you might think and it’s a great way to learn about a new industry. 

How do you plan to continue to develop yourself professionally this year? 

As an Associate Investment Counselor, I’m eager to grow my knowledge about markets and relationship management. This role is new, which can create some ambiguity, but it also provides opportunity to be actively involved by providing valuable feedback for the development of the training and the role itself. 

At Fisher, the training and development resources are vast and incredibly helpful. I’m involved in core Investment Counselor training courses, and I’m able to job shadow and work closely with my team to learn more about the day-to-day responsibilities of the role. 

I think it’s exciting that when I first arrived at the firm, the role I’m in now didn’t even exist. This shows that Fisher is constantly growing and there are countless opportunities to expand within the company. It gives me confidence that I will be able to have a lifelong, diverse, and exciting career at Fisher Investments. 

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