How Joyce Carved Her Own Path at Capital One

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Photo courtesy of Capital One.

Photo courtesy of Capital One.

Capital One
Capital One

Joyce Solano spends a lot of time thinking about how technology impacts people’s lives. As a vice president of Brand at Capital One, she makes sure customers and businesses understand how the company’s technology can better serve them. 

Joyce’s career has taken her from Silicon Valley startups to Capital One, where she uses her experience to carve her own path in tech and lift up other women along the way. She also serves as a Lesbians in Tech board member, a national organization that builds a more inclusive world for technologists.

“I’ve found it’s incredibly important to support and prepare other women and allies to overcome some of the systemic barriers in front of us,” Joyce said. “I want to use what I’ve learned to help the next generation.”

Forging her own career path

Joyce got her start working in San Francisco on the marketing teams of various startups in Silicon Valley. There, she honed her skills by expanding the companies’ reach and guiding them through changes in the industry. When she joined Capital One in 2021, she was able to bring her startup experience to the table–and use those skills to lift up others along the way.

“You have to really bring people along for the journey, especially if you’re doing things in a different way,” Joyce said. “There’s a continual opportunity to educate, influence and use relationship-building skills in order to move forward.”

Joyce has been integral in launching some of Capital One’s most innovative products, including Slingshot, a tool used to help maximize cloud data costs and maintain data governance. Products like Slingshot have ensured Capital One remains at the forefront of new and innovative tech. 

Joyce credits her successes to building out a unique path in tech, and encourages others to find their own niche within the industry.

“The technology ecosystem needs all forms of talent,” Joyce said. “You can be very successful having a technology career as a marketer. It’s broader than people think.”

Supporting women

Joyce has worked hard throughout her career to create meaningful products and experiences for customers. Now, she’s passing on that advice to the next generation of women, making sure others know the importance of hard work and confidence.

As a woman in tech, creating a successful career has not come without its challenges. Joyce has supported Lesbians Who Tech, an external professional group focused on LGBTQ+ women and allies, since it started in 2012. The organization helps the community develop business skills and provide professional training and networking opportunities.

Now, as an executive board member of Lesbians Who Tech, she’s an example of inclusive leadership at Capital One. Joyce leads a diverse team that innovates through encouraging women’s voices. 

“One of the things that I focus on across my teams is being really thoughtful and sensitive to others’ experiences and opinions,” Joyce said. “Given how often women are outnumbered in the leadership ranks, I want to have our perspectives be front and center as much as possible.”

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