How My Career Journey Led to a New Opportunity

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Amber. Photo courtesy of Fisher Investments.

Amber. Photo courtesy of Fisher Investments.

Fisher Investments
Fisher Investments
July 24, 2024 at 8:51PM UTC

Amber is someone who is not afraid to ask tough questions or challenge the norm. She also has the ability to identify great opportunities. These traits helped her take a big step in her career by shifting her focus from athletic event management to talent acquisition. At Fisher Investments, she found an exciting job that utilizes her skills, as well as a welcoming environment that encourages career progression and celebrates achievements.

Tell us more about your career journey and work at Fisher Investments.

In 2016, I graduated from Temple University with a degree in Sport and Recreation Management. After graduation, I started my career in sports and entertainment, managing and operating events. A large part of my responsibilities were to hire, train, and oversee volunteers, interns, and employees. Helping people develop and get started in their careers became what I loved most about my work. After this realization, I struggled for months with the idea of changing my career, but with time, I found the courage to begin searching for a new role.

In April 2021, I started at Fisher Investments as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator (TAC). I helped manage the relationship with entry-level candidates throughout their candidacy. I led them through each step of the interview process, scheduling them for interviews, answering questions, and forming a positive candidate experience along the way. In a short amount of time, I was able to achieve top metrics on my team, mentor new employees, and help improve training and processes.

During my time as a TAC, I was also able to volunteer as a Campus Ambassador at various events where I was responsible for representing the firm and identifying potential talent. This experience allowed me to gain insight into Fisher’s Early Talent and Recruiting Programs team, specifically university relations and event management.

After this experience, the role of Early Talent Recruiting Analyst opened and I applied. This role would manage operations for the team as well as some of the university partnerships and events. It was a role that would combine the years of event planning I had prior to Fisher Investments with my experience of the campus recruiting season in the TAC role. After talking to my mentors and Team Leaders, we agreed I should apply.

In April 2022, I was extended an offer for Early Talent Recruiting Analyst. In this role, I influence processes, identify areas for optimization, and impact the lives of college graduates looking to start their careers.

Tell us more about your role on Fisher’s Early Talent and Recruiting Programs team. What made you decide to join them?  

The team is responsible for a variety of things, but paramount is supporting Fisher Investments’ early talent and entry-level hiring needs. This includes hosting recruiting events with universities across the country, supporting international hiring, building strategy-driven email campaigns, posting available roles on various third party and university job boards, and so much more.  

Fisher Investments’ Early Talent and Recruiting Programs team spearheads all university programming efforts, including managing Fisher’s summer internship program. We provide programming for part-time Junior Associates and host a variety of virtual professional development and informational events throughout the year. The goal is to create an early talent pipeline to fulfill the firm’s future hiring needs.  

I decided I wanted to be a part of the Early Talent and Recruiting Programs team for a few reasons. First, the team’s culture of support and collaboration was one I resonated with deeply. Additionally, there was a need to improve processes, and I was excited to be a part of that. Last but not least, the team is the source for nearly 30 percent of our early talent hiring, and I was excited to help create a positive experience with so many future employees.

How did you decide it was time to move into a different role at the firm? What support did the firm provide to assist you with this decision? 

The driving factor for me was the business need for the position coupled with the fact that I felt the position was a great fit for my skills and experience. I was confident I had what it took to deliver the results needed for a position of this kind. The firm was definitely supportive of the move. They encouraged me to have conversations with various members of the team to understand the team dynamic as well as expectations of the role.

What was it like interviewing for a role internally at Fisher? 

It was an extremely positive and professional experience. The process itself was quick, and I interviewed with the Team Leader and a Program Manager. Both interviews were scheduled with enough time to prepare, but not too far out where the process was too lengthy.  

What advice do you have for current or future Fisher employees who want to interview and transition into an internal role?

I would say to take advantage of the resources available before you start interviewing. Fisher genuinely encourages informed career progression, so don’t be scared to ask for a job shadow with someone in the role, or chat with the Team Leader about the expectations and goals of the position.  

Do all you can beforehand to ensure you feel comfortable pursuing the role and can make an informed decision. Also, be sure to take stock of the accomplishments you’ve had in each of your positions, and don’t discount yourself or your work. The more you’re able to understand your impact, the better you’re able to show others why you’re a great fit for that next step in your career, and the more confident you’ll feel in your pursuit.  

Recently you won a Fisher Investments C.O.R.E. (Celebrating Our Remarkable Employees) Award for Driven By Better, which is one of the highest achievement at the firm. What actions helped you achieve this and how did it feel to receive this award?

I would describe myself as someone who asks tough questions, challenges the norm, and identifies opportunities for process optimizations, all while keeping a 30,000-foot view to understand the impact firm-wide. I think these attributes are what really contributed towards this achievement. 

Receiving a Fisher Investments’ C.O.R.E (Celebrating Our Remarkable Employees) Award was overwhelming in all the best ways. Sometimes it’s hard to take stock of your accomplishments, so for my colleagues to recognize them was an honor. It’s one of the most rewarding feelings to be recognized by your peers, so I am thankful and looking forward to continuing to push the envelope and bring my best to the table.

When you think about future growth opportunities in your current role, what are you most excited about and what support are you getting from your manager and team? 

I am excited about the opportunity to continue to innovate and challenge the norm. Fisher Investments prides itself on being innovative, and the Global Human Capital group is no different. My manager is relentless in her support of all the team members and myself. She encourages creativity and diversity of thought, with candidate experience being a key priority.  

Never in my life have I experienced such overwhelming support from my peers; each win, big or small, is celebrated. When my plate is overflowing, they always offer support, and together we’re able to achieve our individual and team goals. 

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