How The Most Successful People Are Spending Their Nights In Quarantine

How The Most Successful People Are Spending Their Nights In Quarantine


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May 21, 2024 at 11:8AM UTC
What separates those of us who are highly successful from the rest of us? A lot of things. Childhood upbringing counts. So does education. Maybe even their mentors. 
But, there is also something bigger that sets apart super successful people: their habits
Habits are the most important element in our success in life because those habits are the things we do the most. They are actions we take without thinking about them or, sometimes, without even noticing. 
Our habits are how we live our lives, and the better our habits, the better our lives will be. By definition. Do the right things and we’ll probably succeed. Do the right things all the time and we stand an even better chance of being super successful. 
Everything stems from our habits, and that has never been more true than right now. 
The quarantine has ushered in a very new way of life for a lot of people. Those of us who are super successful have adapted and excelled because their habits, especially at night, support them during the day. 
How do highly successful people spend their nights? Here are the top six ways. 

Six ways super successful people spend their quarantined nights

Successful people are successful because they do the right things, over and over. Their habits have led them to be productive and confident, and this is especially true with their nighttime routine. The day doesn’t stop for most successful people outside of the office. 
At night, there’s a whole other world that starts up. Add these six nightly habits into your routine to set yourself up for success. 

1. They process the day

Successful people are typically insightful people. They are thinkers, and they like the opportunity to mentally process what happened during the day. The conversations that they had. The interactions that may not have gone as planned. 
Especially during the quarantine, taking the time to mentally process the day helps us to understand how well we’re doing outside of a traditional office. 
For example, are we as productive as we are inside an office? Are we inadvertently annoying our spouse? Is there anything that we could do differently tomorrow to make our day go smoother? It is nearly impossible to improve our lives without this healthy nightly habit. 

2. They plan for tomorrow

The night is often the best time to do a little planning (in-between all the relaxing and de-stressing!), especially after the kids go to bed and the house is nice and quiet. This might not be a formal sit-down-and-write sort of exercise. It could just be mental. Maybe something that they think about lying in bed before turning off the lights.
Planning the next day helps us to hit the ground running. It gives us marching orders right when we crawl out of bed in the morning and helps us to start our day as productive as possible.

3. They “date night” at home

When we think of the habits of super successful people, we naturally assume we’re talking about business or productivity. While those habits certainly apply, successful people also maintain healthy and happy relationships. They spend quality time together with people whom they love, communicate well and enjoy each other’s company – which is especially important when you’re both stuck at home. 
For example, your date night might consist of a special dinner that you wouldn’t ordinarily make, maybe setting aside time to enjoy a glass of wine with cell phones turned off. Or, perhaps your date night is watching a show or renting a movie with popcorn. Exercising. A spa night. 
Whatever it is, successful people are very often successful at home, and the relationship we have with our spouse is one of the most important elements of a healthy home life

4. They sleep well

To say that sleep is important is an understatement. Sleep improves our mood, strengthens our mind and gives us the energy to show up every day and do our best. Successful people prioritize sleep because they understand how important rest is to performing well. 
Bill Gates gets seven hours of sleep a night. Jeff Bezos aims for eight. NBA star LeBron James also aims for eight hours, but sometimes more. 
Note that you may not necessarily need eight hours of sleep. After all, we are all different. If you function well on seven hours, then get seven hours. Whatever your sweet spot is when it comes to sleep, prioritize it. Get it. 

5. They de-stress

Successful people know how to reduce stress in their lives, because too much stress kills our chances of performing well and keeping a clear and focused mind. And, the nighttime is a good opportunity to wind down the day by relieving stress. 
Without the ability to reduce stress, you’re hurting your chances of getting ahead. 
Some popular ways that highly successful people reduce stress are:
  • Breathing exercises (ie: deep breathing)
  • Meditation
  • Slowing down
  • Exercise (walking or jogging)
  • Creative outlets (like painting, drawing, writing, etc)

6. They relax

To be successful, you need to couple hard work with relaxation. In the right balance, your relaxation time rejuvenates you for the next day. For some, relaxation might include a long soak in the tub. Or reading a book (like Oprah!). Maybe even flipping on the television or Netflix.
Spending time with friends is a popular option, too. This time helps to maintain relationships outside of the home and gives us the opportunity to “unwind” a bit.  
Relaxation time is your time away from work. Away from being productive. It gives us the opportunity to focus on something else, to clear our heads and fill our time with much-needed entertainment, or maybe even nothingness – peace and quiet. 
Many highly successful people like to turn off their phones during relaxation time to minimize distractions and say “no” to things that would demand their attention. Some might take night classes to learn topics that interest them, like dancing or acting. 
And like their de-stress time, successful people prioritize relaxation time away from work. It is what helps wind down the day in a comfortable way and sets them up for another successful day ahead. 


Super successful people are successful for a reason. 
They know the things that work for them, but are not afraid to step away from work to clear their heads and unwind, which could be more difficult when working from home during the quarantine. Use these six common techniques among highly successful people to reduce your stress, boost your energy and happiness and improve your relationships.
This article was originally published on The Ladders.

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