How This Company Makes Sure Their People-First Values Are Woven Deeply Into Their Blueprint

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April 21, 2024 at 7:51AM UTC

“Everything we do is rooted in putting people first,” is the motto at Power Home Remodeling, the nation’s largest full-service, sustainable exterior home remodeler.

Power Home Remodeling has a mission to provide their clients with the industry’s highest-quality, most energy-efficient home-improvement solutions. Their core values of grit, courage in the face of adversity, integrity, optimism, care, kindness with selfless concern for others and innovation guid every decision they make for their customers and employees.

For those at Power Home Remodeling, these values don’t change, and they have been deeply woven into the company blueprint from the very beginning when, in 1992, cofounder Adam Kaliner started Power with an idea to create a business that truly puts people first. The company still sees this value as their True North today, and views every decision that they make with this lens.

Power Home Remodeling truly reflects this value to this day. They have an intense focus on quality and craftsmanship, the strongest warranty and best service in the industry, with a personal touch and a relentless approach to ensuring customer satisfaction. Due to this, it comes as no surprise that Power Home Remodeling boasts a 96% customer-satisfaction score, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and thousands of five-star reviews. They are also a 472-time annual Angie's List “Super Service Award” Winner.

This is all while intentionally and organically building their secret weapon: a palpable and infectious corporate culture that has been recognized by Glassdoor, FORTUNE, Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines. 

Interested in learning more about this company? Here are the top employee benefits, career development opportunities and policies that contribute to the unique company culture that makes Power Home Modeling an ideal place for women to work. 

Top 5 benefits for women at Power Home Remodeling

1. Power Women’s Initiative.

The remodeling industry hasn’t always been the most welcoming or an empowering environment where women rise. As a company that’s dedicated to constantly improving, Power Home Remodeling aims to change that narrative. Through their Power Women’s Initiative, they believe that by providing the right training, mentorship and resources, women will not only succeed in, but they will also dominate traditionally male-dominated roles — and, the women at Power have proven it.

The Power Women’s Initiative has not only fueled change within their walls and spurred policy change, it’s also built a supportive and empowering environment for all, across all of their territories. At least once a month, committee members — typically in person — organize events and activities for the women in their specific territory to continue building the female culture. Some past events have included self-defense classes, brunches, painting with a twist, pool parties, yoga classes and even attending various Women’s Marches across the country.

The initiative is also focused on providing a platform to highlight successful women in the business via company-wide virtual forums and the annual Women’s Summit, where employees reflect on the past year and set new goals for the year ahead.

2. Parental leave.

With more and more women joining the company and having children, there is now a renewed focus on family inclusivity. Their current policy provides up to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave to the child-bearing parent and two weeks of paid leave for the non-child-bearing parent for those who are salaried employees. And, this past year, they expanded their parental leave policy to include a “52-week lookback” for part-time or commission-based employees, meaning the employee will receive an average of their previous 26 pays. Power is constantly working toward improving their parental leave policies to fit the growing needs of employees and their families.

3. Infertility coverage.

For those who may be struggling to start their families, Power offers infertility coverage to eligible employees through their healthcare plan. Coverage includes ovulation induction, insemination procedures, Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and pharmaceutical products for the treatment of infertility.

4. Pay transparency.

For almost 90% of the roles at Power, pay plans are standardized and are not negotiated or edited in any way for individuals. These plans are shared with employees during onboarding, including pay plans for future leadership positions, such as team leads and mentors. 

Since their pay plans are readily available and their statistics are available to all employees, employees can determine compensation — not just for their role, but also for other roles in which they may move to in the future. Studies have shown that pay transparency can improve morale, reduce turnover and do more to eliminate gender and racial pay inequity, which is why Power has made transparency a critical part of their culture.

5. Employee assistance program.

Power believes that if their employees aren’t over-the-moon happy, they’re not doing their job. That’s why they provide company-wide perks that all of their employees can take advantage of regardless of if they’re enrolled in their benefits plan or not.

For instance, their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is free to all employees regardless of medical benefits and starts on the first day of employment. EAP connects you to clinical, wellness, financial or legal counseling resources and professionals to help you make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

4 ways Power Home Remodeling helps employees develop their careers.

At Power, 90% of senior leaders started as entry-level employees. This stat is a direct result of their intentional cultivation of talent and investment in their employees at all levels. They have programs large and small throughout the company that are designed to develop and grow their employees as professionals and as human beings.

1. Power Leadership Combine and Compass.

In order to keep up with the demand for leadership roles as Power continues to grow, they’ve rolled out a program called Compass — a leadership tactic that serves as a basic training for prospective vice presidents and senior vice presidents who will head up their regional territory offices.

The program was inspired by the military promotion board process, where the most qualified soldiers who sought advancement were awarded, instead of simply promoting people based on seniority. In order to qualify for the leadership program, candidates must complete the application process and obtain sponsorship from any existing vice president or senior vice president, no matter what department or territory.

Compass will serve as the first step in the process of an overarching vice president/senior vice president leadership development program, known as the Power Leadership Combine. The most-qualified employees from Compass will move onto the Combine, where they will learn the expectations of the role, their responsibilities and relocation requirements. This will create a consistent pipeline of qualified candidates for the VP/SVP positions required to lead the two new offices they plan to open each year.

2. Quarterly review boards.

In order to make a more transparent, standardized promotion process, and instill a sense of fairness and equity surrounding promotions, Power created a Leadership Checklist at each level of promotion (team leader/mentor) in conjunction with a Quarterly Review Board to streamline processes. No later than 10 days prior to the end of each quarter, a Quarterly Review Board is held in order to ensure all individuals that meet promotion requirements are reviewed.

3. Events.

It’s no secret that Power views all of their employees as leaders, and they are relentlessly dedicated to improving their skills and developing new leaders every day to keep up with their rapid growth. Their special events team executes over 200 events each year that focus on developing leadership potential, team building and mentorship opportunities. As a result, these events are churning out new leaders on a regular basis.

From their new leadership combine to their twice-annual leadership conferences to the regional developing leaders program, Power provides leadership tools and mentorship to all employees, no matter what title or experience level they hold.

4. Initiatives.

Through their internal initiatives — Power Veterans Initiative, Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, and Women’s Initiative — Power provides continued professional and personal development for their employees. Each initiative hosts various workshops, programs and summits throughout the year that provide mentorship, safe spaces for open dialogue and an opportunity to learn and grow into better human beings. They are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable work environment by empowering employees to be the best versions of themselves.

3 unique benefits or perks that we think you’ll love.

1. Volunteer time off.

Power employees are passionate about giving back to their respective communities and creating lasting positive change wherever Power has roots planted. That’s why Power provides each employee with eight hours of voluntary time off (VTO) each year. They can volunteer individually, or round up a group of employees from any sector of the business.

2. An annual trip to Mexico.

The all-inclusive company retreat to Mexico is Power’s best-known perk. This tradition is their chance to say thank you to all of their employees and their significant others to let them know that they are worth the splurge in the biggest way.

This trip allows Power to provide down time with family and friends, activities to reflect and recharge, a music festival to dance the night away and events that create camaraderie and strengthen bonds. This retreat brings together all Power people under one roof — fostering new relationships and time to meet management and colleagues. From Macklemore to Pitbull, they want to entertain their employees with a top-notch experience unlike anything else. Once employees touch down in Mexico, it’s the biggest celebration of hard work, commitment to excellence and completing another successful year together.

3. Relocation opportunities.

Power’s year-over-year expansion is meant to provide growth opportunities for employees. Each new office is opened by three vice presidents and various staff that transfer from other territories. When opening an office, there is a great opportunity for people to grow and develop, often leading to promotions. Power offers a $20,000 relocation bonus for employees that are selected to relocate and open a new office.

What employees like about Power Home Remodeling.

You can chart your own path.

Charting your own path is a common theme at Power. They’ve had employees who've started in Customer Development or Sales, who now work in Install Services, Talent Acquisition and Business Technology — you name it. With their “growth from within” mentality, they invest significantly in programs like “Code Academy” and “Craftsmanship Academy.” They aim to bridge the trade skills gap and train talented employees with limited-to-no experience in these industries — providing employees skills that they can use beyond Power.

"If you're considering a career change then NOW is the time to do it. This company offers an incredible supply of resources and support while you start and advance your career. The benefits package includes everything from extensive medical coverage for you and your family to infertility coverage and even pet insurance. It’s truly incredible. If you are dedicated to working at what you love and you want to explore the opportunities available here at Power, I can’t express enough how important it is to just apply. I am so happy to have found this company, [that] I now call my family." — Anonymous

They’re serious about hiring more women.

Women at Power outperform men in almost every way — from higher sales statistics to better-quality production rates. But, to do more to attract women to employment opportunities, Power is committed to building their pipeline of female talent, while diversifying the industry at large. So, they’ve increased the bonus for employees who successfully refer female employees to the company to $3,000 instead of the typical $2,000.

With the referral bonus, along with communicating the success of women at Power, there’s been an uptick in female applications and, therefore, hires. In fact, in two of their offices, they’ve seen women outnumber men in new-hire classes.

"The best part about being a woman at Power is the network of other women available to connect with!” — Anonymous

There’s endless career growth potential.

Power is on an ambitious growth path and rapidly expanding across new territories, but the most rewarding way to measure growth is by the career ascensions of their employees. Most of their senior leadership consider Power as their first job opportunity out of school. Even their co-CEOs started at Power directly out of college in entry-level sales positions. Power continues to rally behind the mindset of growing leadership internally rather than hiring externally.

"Power Home Remodeling is an amazing place for women to work! Our company is actively finding ways to empower our women [and] promote them into leadership roles, while also continuing to push our company-wide Women's Initiative that celebrates and empowers all women. Power is a place that gives everyone equal opportunities and truly believes it's employees, including women, can succeed!" — Anonymous

"If you want to work for a company that is not only fun, but really cares about their employees well being and the culture, Power is the place to be! Women are succeeding in all roles and departments here and constantly being promoted. There really is no limit as to what you can achieve here, just make your goals known and leadership will help derive a plan of action to help you get there." — Anonymous

You can have a fulfilling career and high-earning potential.

Power provides access to six-figure incomes for people whose resumes don’t match society’s expectation of a high-earner. While they don’t eschew higher education in any way — in fact, their co-CEOs met at American University — it’s not a requirement to succeed. Power is a place where an entrepreneurial spirit, a dab of extraversion and the willingness to work your way to the top through excellent customer service and being an awesome teammate can take the roof off of your career. And, to ensure young workers understand that value proposition, their hiring managers spend a lot of time educating job candidates and new hires on how the pay structure works and how it benefits them.

"This job has helped me grow not only as a person but financially, as well. It has completely changed my life for the better. The dedication and commitment to empower women and make sure we are successful is truly incredible. Power is a people-first company, and a woman here CAN and WILL succeed." — Anonymous

They really listen to their employees.

Power takes employee feedback seriously. Something that is uniquely special about Power is that many of their company programs, initiatives, processes etc. have come from the ideas of their frontline employees. This is because when they say that they’re people-first, they really mean it. Power wants their employees to feel that they work in an environment where the door is always open, where they can have a seat at the table and that they should always share their ideas.

"Power is devoted to their employees. It’s nice to see a company that actually cares about social issues and frank discussions of them in the workplace. You really feel like you can totally be yourself [and] be respected. " — Anonymous


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