How This Company’s Growth Mindset Lets Employees Know That ‘The Sky Is the Limit’

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“Siemens Digital Industries Software offers a great opportunity to work on challenging projects, be innovative, [have] teamwork and shine like a star,” — Bonnie Willoughby, Siemens EDA.

Siemens Digital Industries Software is driving transformation to enable a digital enterprise where engineering, manufacturing and electronics design meet tomorrow. They achieve this goal by helping companies of all sizes create and leverage digital twins that provide organizations with new insights, opportunities and levels of automation to drive innovation. 

As a leading innovator, Siemens Digital Industries Software differentiates itself by blurring the boundaries between industry domains — they integrate the virtual with the physical, hardware with software and the design world with the manufacturing world via the industry’s most comprehensive digital twin.

They also “offer flexible and scalable applications for new ways of working,” the company says. “With insights and data, we can predict and adapt products to future needs” which enables customers to rapidly meet “changing consumer preferences.” And, not only this, but Siemens Digital Industries Software enables unparalleled “access to a diverse field of partners in an open ecosystem, which gives customers the opportunity to build on their investment,” the company notes, stating that they “offer application development services along with native cloud and cloud-connected products.”

And these are only a few of the innovative aspects that make Siemens Digital Industries Software a great place to work. To take a closer look at the company and their unique culture, which truly enables employees to take charge of their careers, we reached out to Betheny Herr, of the cloud solutions team. Read on...

A culture of ownership, collaboration, respect and inclusion.

For employees at Siemens Digital Industries Software, the company’s core values guide everything that they do. These values are:

  • Ownership — Discovering new opportunities, taking ownership of important initiatives and learning in engaging and dynamic environments with international teams. Siemens Digital Industries Software empowers their employees to own their careers through their development culture.

  • Collaboration — Collaboration is not only seen in product portfolios, but is also built through acquisitions. Collaboration is in their DNA, and they leverage their unique strengths to find creative solutions. At Siemens Digital Industries Software, success is built from diversity.

  • Respect & Inclusion — Siemens Digital Industries Software is diverse, shows respect and believes that everyone deserves an opportunity. As such, they are committed to flattening hierarchies, celebrating individual contributions, expressing different ways of thinking and embracing flexibility to respect life beyond work.

One way that Siemens Digital Industries Software puts all of these core values into action is through their employee resource groups. For instance, they have two groups that are specifically focused on women within the company: 

  1. The Women’s Impact Network (WIN): An employee resource group that is part of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Council. WIN exists to engage employees in topics, activities and discussions that relate to women in the workplace, women in Siemens and women’s careers. WIN often takes on the topic of career development for women through event sponsorship, planned initiatives, book clubs and more. 
  2. The Siemens Women’s Network (SWN). An initiative founded by the company’s EVP of Global Marketing and Strategy, Brenda Discher. SWN is specifically formed to help develop current and future women leaders. Through a combination of group mentoring, one-on-one mentoring, executive development programs and more, SWN aims to help place more women in leadership roles. 
    • This aligns with Siemens Digital Industries Software’s leadership’s commitment to increasing the number of women in positions of leadership. And is only one of many programs available to improve the company’s gender diversity.  

And these groups are truly helping employees excel. “Through our employee-led women impact network group, we have the opportunity to help shape the culture in our company," says Nebabie Kebebew of the Siemens EDA team. . And not only this but “leadership's encouragement to seek diverse perspectives has empowered me to collaborate and deliver innovative solutions to address our end customers’ challenges,” she continues. 

Additionally, Siemens Digital Industries Software has implemented a ‘Growth Mindset’ for all employees — inclusive of all genders and identifications, the company explains.

The growth mindset is intended to be the focus of annual targets and progress. Employees are expected to develop the ways they will grow and develop in a year, and then use the work that is accomplished to help them achieve it. The growth mindset is supported by all levels of management and the company as a whole.

“Working on innovative projects with a diverse group of people is both inspiring and motivating,” says Kristina Lawson of global events teamMarketing and Strategy. “Having cheerleaders and being a cheerleader to my peers is a culture I enjoy being a part of!” 

“I've invested over 13 years at Siemens Software because the business invests in me — management training, business degree reimbursement, conferences, promotions and mentoring,” says Kylara Lee of the marketing execution team. “The sky's the limit, and Siemens encourages us to own our careers.” 

“Working for Siemens Digital Industries Software is exciting!” says Betheny Herr.  “The growth over the past decade with the acquisitions of really phenomenal and cutting-edge companies has kept me interested and constantly learning and growing — just like Siemens.”

Benefits at Siemens Digital Industries Software that we think you’ll love.

Through the company’s robust employee benefits package, Siemens Digital Industries Software ensures that they provide for all employees — both inside and outside work.

In the U.S. full-time employees have unlimited paid time off for personal and sick time. Other benefits include: parental leave for all new parents, including adoptive parents; flexible work policies and a health and wellness stipend that can be used for just about anything that will impact an employee’s health and wellness. 

In regards to volunteering, Siemens Digital Industries Software offers eight hours a year for paid volunteer time off. Employees are encouraged to choose a service and spend up to a full day a year volunteering outside of work. 

Curious to check out what all the hype is about for yourself? Siemens Digital Industries Software is hiring!


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