How This Innovative Company Is Taking the World’s Digital Architecture to a Whole New Level

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Photo Courtesy of ConsenSys.

Photo Courtesy of ConsenSys.

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May 18, 2024 at 4:1AM UTC
On the outside, ConsenSys, a leading blockchain company, is on a mission to return trust to the digital world and democratize access to capital. But on the inside, the six-year-old company is dedicated to creating a work environment that’s safe and inclusive for its employees.  
In an anonymous FGB review, one employee shared that "ConsenSys is an incredible organization. It is the definition of innovation. If you want to be somewhere that is on a mission and is driven by a deep desire to change the way our world operates — this is the place to work.”

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And in the company’s own words: “You can expect inspiring work, lots of autonomy, a mesh of like-minded colleagues and endless encouragement to showcase your creativity in a start-up environment.”
There’s also an “ability to shape your own path” at ConsenSys, according to another employee’s review. Plus, they continued, the culture includes a “huge amount of flexibility with regards to hours, where you work and how you work, which allows each person to bring their best to the workplace everyday.” 
We recently got the inside scoop on what differentiates ConsenSys from other companies in the software technology space, plus what female job seekers can expect from growing their careers here. Take a look below.
What is the mission of the company? 
Since our founding in 2014, ConsenSys has envisioned growing the Ethereum community into a robust ecosystem of people and products. Six years later, we’ve developed into a global formation of world-class developers, entrepreneurs, enterprise leaders, security experts, lawyers and more who are working together to lay the foundations for a decentralized future.
Our mission is to assemble the tools needed to build and scale the emerging economic, social and political operating system for the planet.
We’re also dedicated to transforming the world’s digital architecture into a more open, inclusive and secure Internet of value, which many are calling Web 3.0. The first phases of the Web allowed users to digitize information and interact online. Now, Web 3.0 is enabling everyone from local communities to global enterprises to transact with efficiency, transparency and most importantly, trust.
What are its core values?
Transparency, Empowerment, and Feedback. 
What differentiates the organization from others in this space/industry?  
ConsenSys is filled with some of the brightest thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, industry experts and developers who are solving the most complex problems associated with building the sturdiest foundation for automated, objective trust and enable a global asset settlement layer.
We are first-movers in the blockchain industry and since forming, have built developer tools that have been adopted across the Ethereum ecosystem. We’ve also incubated and accelerated Ethereum startups that are launching products across industries, from finance to supply chain to law. 
Similar to our technology, ConsenSys also equips and encourages teams to create their own governance models based on principles of transparency, feedback and autonomy. 
Describe 1-5 employee benefits that positively impact women who work here. 
  1. Anyone can choose their most productive work environments: We have a distributed workforce who work from all corners of the globe. You can either work from your home office or have access to one of our global offices at any time.
  2. We promote work-life balance through flexible schedules: Set your own schedule to fit around your commitments without worrying about clocking in and out. 
  3. We offer family leave benefits to all employees: As a start-up in the tech industry, we offer competitive family leave options across the globe including six weeks fully paid leave for non-primary caregivers and at least 12 weeks of fully paid leave for primary caregivers.*
  4. Plenty of time off: We know that work-life balance is important to keep innovation and motivation at its peak. We empower you to take time off when you need to.
*certain regions benefit from additional paid family leave.
What career development opportunities can female job seekers expect from this organization? How is career pathing approached? Why should women want to grow their careers here? 
ConsenSys is the definition of innovation leading the way in the growth of a more open, inclusive and secure internet. You’ll have ample opportunities to build your professional brand and be a voice in the evolving Ethereum and Women in Tech communities. Our agreements based organization requires high levels of collaboration, communication, creativity and problem-solving skills. 
And our career paths are not always linear; there are many ways to progress a career. At ConsenSys, members can join projects and initiatives outside of their role, some of which have been formalised, giving our members an opportunity to become a founder or change roles dependent on their contribution. This ability to shape your own path is one highlight that employees love about working here.
Is there anything else women should know about pursuing a career here? 
No two days are the same at ConsenSys. You can expect inspiring work, lots of autonomy, a mesh of like-minded colleagues and endless encouragement to showcase your creativity in a start-up environment.
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