How This Leading Tech Company’s ‘Trust First’ Policy Is Helping Them Respond to Reopening Safely

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How is Netskope, a market-leading cloud security company, preparing for a “new normal” post-pandemic? For them, the process of opening their doors once again must be made with the input of their employees and by properly preparing those who want to return to the office . This aligns with Netskope’s commitment to fostering a culture that hears and respects all voices.  

Here is how Netskope is building an employee-first reopening plan, in the wake of the pandemic.

Implementing a return-to-work plan at Netskope that makes health the top priority.

When planning a future return to the office, Netskope’s top priority is to ensure the health and safety of their employees, customers and partners. Sanjay Beri, Netskope’s CEO, is taking the approach of putting health and safety first and then using local governing guidance to inform Netskope’s corporate guidelines surrounding their reopening plan.

To help achieve their health-first goals, Netskope formed a dedicated COVID-19 committee, which is in charge of discussing workspace needs and challenges in order to ensure that the company remains at the forefront of health and safety during these unprecedented times. Whether or not Netskope offices will be redesigned to accommodate changes needed to healthily host onsite employees is also being evaluated on a weekly basis to protect everyone who interacts with them. 

Taking strides to protect their people in-office and at home is a no-brainer for Netskope, and they work toward this goal worldwide. For instance, the company recently worked with a third-party to host a vaccination drive in India to offer vaccines to all employees and their immediate family members in that region.

And, regardless of what safety measures are implemented and how the return-to-office plan is rolled out, Netskope empowers most employees to choose for themselves whether they want to return to the office or not.

This aligns with Netskope’s ‘trust first’ policy, which states that employees and their direct managers know best about how and where they can do their best work. Even prior to COVID-19, Netskope had a significant number of employees working remotely. Empowering remote work is a key part of the Netskope Security Cloud platform and is a huge draw for many employees, with Netskope viewing it as a key component in recruiting and retaining top talent. So, while their return-to-work policies are something Netskope will continue to evaluate, flexibility and trust remain key parts of their culture.

Netskope also offers, and will continue to offer, benefits that help employees adjust to a pandemic and post-pandemic life and help keep them healthy and happy when working remotely. These include:

  • Work-from-home equipment and tools 

  • Flexible schedules

  • Unlimited PTO (to handle any disruption or difficulty that this time might bring for employees or their families)

  • Company-wide wellness days

  • Remote wellness events

  • Access to wellness resources 

With vaccination rollouts underway, Netskope feels there is good progress being made toward reopening their doors. But because COVID-19 concerns and restrictions are evolving rapidly, Netskope knows that communication is going to be critical throughout this process. As such, their CEO and leadership team are accessible to everyone in the company, both in a one-on-one capacity and also through open-door dialogue sessions on a regular basis. Netskope is truly making employees their number one priority. 


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