How to Find Women Who Will Support Your Career (Even in a Cutthroat Industry)

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April 23, 2024 at 8:44AM UTC
The business world can feel cutthroat. Finding a community that supports your advancement and encourages your dreams is key to keeping your chin up and cutting through a competitive sphere that often doesn't want to see women win. Fairygodboss is, coincidentally or not, a premier place to find this community. 
One Fairygodboss group, Fearless Women @Work, is making it easier than ever to connect with women who want to share and gain new tools and strategies to move their career forward. You can join for free  with your Fairygodboss account. Don't have an account? Sign up and be sure to fill out your profile for more groups recommendations. After all, Fairygodboss groups are the newest way to network with like-minded women

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Interested in learning more? Keep reading to find out a few quick facts about Fearless Women @Work and how it's hoping to provide special value to its members. 
Who are you? 
After spending over 25 years in highly competitive corporate environments, I launched my own company and became a CEO, executive coach, motivational speaker and number one best-selling author.   My goal is to give myself, my son and my clients the opportunities to tap into our full potential. 
What inspired you to start this group? 
This group is for professional women who want to share and gain new tools and strategies to move theirs careers forward powerfully while feeling supported by a caring community that has their back.
Who is this group best suited for?
Talented, professional women who want to thrive in theirs careers and life.
Is there an IRL (in real life) version of your group?
What part of FGB Groups are you most excited about?
The curated community of members.
If you could get one celebrity to join your group, who would it be? 
If you could describe the vibe of your group in three words or less, what would the words be?
Lead. Engage. Influence.
How can the FGB community get involved with your group? 
Share your professional challenges and the strategies you’ve used successfully to steer your career.

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