How To Get A Work-From-Home Job (That You Actually Like)

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May 19, 2024 at 5:56PM UTC
With technology allowing many kinds of jobs to be done remotely, working from home is becoming increasingly common. 
If you’re good at remaining a normal and productive human in the comfort of your home (meaning you’re still capable of getting up and showering and getting dressed even if you don’t have to physically be somewhere), remote working can make your life a lot easier. 
With no commute, you get to enjoy a little bit of extra time and flexibility in the morning and evening. So if you like working out or spending as much time as possible with your kiddos — and if you can remember that working from home doesn’t translate to reorganizing your closet or watching that TV show you didn’t have time for last night — you might want to figure out how to arrange for a remote-work situation
If You Like Your Job But Want to Start Working from Home:
If you’re mostly happy with your job but you’d prefer to get your work done at home, think about what would change if you weren’t going into your office each day. Are you constantly collaborating with your coworkers while at work? If so, that doesn’t mean working from home is impossible — but before you raise the issue with your boss, you’ll need to have a proposal for how you can successfully remain part of the team even if you’re not present. Whether you commit to being on Skype during work hours or you plan regular phone calls, make sure it doesn’t seem like you’ll be any less reachable.
If You’re Specifically Looking for a New Job that’s Doable from Home:
If you’re thinking of leaving your job and you’re interested in a more flexible arrangement, consider what kinds of companies and jobs might offer what you want. Oftentimes computer/IT jobs and arts-related jobs like writing, graphic design, and photography can easily -- and perhaps even more productively -- be done at home. 
If You’re Interviewing and Want to Suggest/Request Working from Home:
If you’re in the process of interviewing for a job and you want to find out whether it would be possible to work from home, do your homework before raising the question. Check the company’s website/careers page to see if they have any kind of information or description regarding flexible work. Go a step beyond that and make sure to check out employee reviews; even if a company boasts flexibility to seem more desirable, they might not actually be so keen on the idea.  
Try to get a sense of your interviewer and the office culture to see whether working from home seems feasible before suggesting it. To broach the subject, you can also try to find out how much employees tend to be in touch after work hours/what the typical schedule is like.
Finally — Don’t Sacrifice Everything to Work at Home.
Working from home may be a deal breaker for you, whether for family reasons or because of a physical issue. But if it’s not, don’t give up a position you otherwise love just because you’re not able to work from home. There are pros and cons to every job, and if you’re mostly happy with yours, suck it up and make the trip to your office every day...your couch will always be there when you get home!


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