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Photo Courtesy of BNSF Logistics

Photo Courtesy of BNSF Logistics

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May 19, 2024 at 8:59AM UTC

 The job hunt can be daunting. It may feel like you’re constantly sending your applications off into the abyss of the internet, not ever truly knowing if your resume will even reach human eyes. But, if and when it does — or if you’re contacted by a recruiter who actively sought you out — it’s up to you to seal the deal. What you do next can make or break your chances of landing the job.

“I help discover candidates’ greatest talents and match that up with the needs of my company so we can hire the best talent available,” Maggie Krudwig, a recruiter for BNSF Logistics, tells Fairygodboss about her role. This involves seeking out professionals who are tech savvy with sales skills, unparalleled motivation, and the ability to communicate their passion for their work.

Of course, recruiting involves more than just looking, however. She may find the best people for the job, but she also needs to convince them that her company is the best fit for them, too. As a recruiter, Krudwig says that she always makes sure to highlight the expectations of the roles for which she is hiring, BNSF Logistics’ guiding principles, and any genuine connections between the candidates’ career goals and the goals of her company. After all, bringing a professional and company together needs to benefit both parties involved.

“As a candidate, it is so important for you to interview the company as much as it is for them to interview you,” she explains. “You’re looking to see if the culture is a fit for you to work in on a daily basis. I find that sharing our collaborative and inclusive environment through stories is the most effective way.”

That’s why candidates should come to interviews prepared with answers and questions of their own, she suggests. Some of the most important questions you should be able to answer include a. “What was it about this role or our company that made you want to apply?” and b. “What is the biggest misperception people have about you?”

“The more you can (authentically and genuinely) connect your career goals and aspirations to the company’s mission, values (or guiding principles, in BNSF Logistics’ case!) and goals, the more the interviewer can see you adding value in their company,” she adds.

For job candidates who are looking to elevate their careers, Krudwig says to start with your own company. Your company may have classes and professional development opportunities to help enhance your skills, for example. If they don’t already have these types of programs in place, she adds that you can always pitch one to your company, which also shows your eagerness to learn and ability to do so.

“If your company isn’t a viable option, then you’ll need to look for resources on your own,” she adds. “Attend free webinars about a subject matter in the industry and, while you’re there, peek at the speaker and guest list, connect with those people on LinkedIn, and strike up a conversation! You’ll likely continue to find more learning opportunities from them, as well.”

Meanwhile, for those looking to change careers and break into a totally new role or industry, she says to be intentional with your applications. Tailor your resumes and cover letters by gearing them toward the industry into which you want to break and mirroring language in the job advertisements.

“The more you tailor your cover letter and, yes even your resume, using the same wording as the job description, the more you’re able to build a case about why it makes sense for you to transition to a new industry or role,” she explains. “Taking that extra effort also lets your passion shine through.”

“So, take your time. Don’t mass apply for jobs. And apply, even if you don’t check every single box,” she says. 

“We are imperfect communicators, if you wait for the perfect role that you fit 100% of the qualifications for, you’ll be waiting a long time,” she explains. “If you feel your background and experience are a fit and you really want to work for that company, then make sure your resume, cover letter, and application showcases how you can add value to that role and apply!”

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