How to Win Over a Difficult Coworker, Based on Their Zodiac Sign

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You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but when it comes to work, it’s good to make an attempt to get along with coworkers. If you’re trying to get along with a difficult colleague, let the stars be your guide! Here’s how to win over a difficult coworker based on their zodiac sign.


As determined, driven, and action-taking self-starters, the Aries coworker appreciates someone who takes initiative. Speaking up during meetings will show them you’re invested. They are leaders, so they appreciate hard working colleagues who will help them achieve their greatest ambitions.


No one loves indulgence quite like a Taurus. Keep high quality snacks on hand and offer to share, and if you have neighboring desk spaces, bring in plants or something else home-y to cozy the area up. Because they’re keen on the finer things in life, strike up a conversation with your Taurus coworker about the things that bring you both joy.


Talk it out! Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Geminis are big fans of intellectual conversation. Get on their good side by bringing up an intriguing piece of trivia or engaging them in an intelligent conversation, or send them a link to an article you think they'd enjoy.


Cancers tend to favor being sentimental, so striking up a conversation about family can be an ideal gateway in. Show your Cancer coworker pictures of those close to you and ask to see theirs, and they’ll likely join you in gushing.


Flattery will get you everywhere! Appeal to a difficult Leo coworker and bring them into conversations by asking for their opinion. They thrive on being the center of attention and offering guidance. Make it a point to acknowledge them and allow ample space for their viewpoints, and you'll soon find a friend in this coworker.


Virgos aren’t often the ones to reach out, so if you feel like they’re ignoring you, don’t take it too personally. They love solving problems, so seeking out their wisdom and showing that you’re paying attention will go along way. Ask your Virgo coworker for their best practices and, for brownie points, appeal to their innate sense of organization by taking detailed notes as they provide them.


Libras thrive in group settings, so reach out to your Libra coworker to collaborate. They strongly believe in fairness, so avoid breaking any rules while working together. And, as champions of equality, if there's a policy to be improved upon at your company, looping this coworker into the campaign can also earn you their favor.


Flattery will not get you far with a naturally suspicious Scorpio. When dealing with this sign that appreciates honesty, approach your Scorpio coworker with directness and sincerity. Being straight to the point will behoove you. Avoid being overly friendly and focus on business, because they appreciate a professional approach.


Always be punctual; the impatient Sag hates to have to wait on people (even if they don't always follow this principle themselves). Being chronically late will likely put you on the outs. Still, they aren’t all completely serious. They love to laugh, so keep on their positive side and avoid negative discussions.


Show up ready to face meetings and contribute. They’ll recognize your hard work and warm up to you. Even if the Capricorn in question isn’t in charge, your displays of responsibility will go far. Demonstrate your knowledge and show your ability to think ahead and have a backup plan, and they’ll warm up to you in no time. 


Some coworkers are more focused on keeping things all business, all the time, but Aquarius coworkers are down to socialize. Share your interests with them and know that your quirks will be appreciated. Keep things interesting because they hate to be bored. They crave innovation, so share your original ideas in particular.


The Pisces coworker is often empathetic and open to being open. Even a difficult Pisces can be won over if you appeal to their feelings. They are often the most willing to offer help, so ask them if they need anything the next time you step out of coffee or place a supplies order and they'll remember the gesture.

Kayla Heisler is an essayist and Pushcart Prize-nominated poet. She is an MFA candidate at Columbia University, and her work appears in New York's Best Emerging Poets 2017 anthology.

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