How UnitedHealth Group Supports Female Talent and Why This Should Be Your Next Career Move

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Image Courtesy of UHG

Image Courtesy of UHG

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May 19, 2024 at 1:30AM UTC
Many of us know UnitedHealth Group (UHG) as an insurance company, but it is much more than that. The health care company, comprised of Optum and UnitedHealthcare, offers a variety of fulfilling and challenging opportunities. “There is something for everyone coming from just about every industry and background,” says Linde Grindle, Chief Talent Officer, Optum. UHG is a mission driven organization with a culture dedicated to helping people do their life’s best work — their talent strategy is designed to give employees the tools to build their career and the support to navigate the process.
We all know this past year has been especially hard on women in the workforce with some stepping away from their careers to manage the demands. UHG sought to engage their female leaders and ally counterparts across the company on a variety of topics related to careers, personal brand, managing work and life and unique challenges of the pandemic for women. They focused on doing so via storytelling. 
What started as an idea from the company's Women In Leadership (WIL) Executive Advisory Council, turned into a two-day Women’s Leadership Development Conference, providing education and support for females on how they can prepare for and lean into their career progression, where diverse female talent from UHG tell their stories and give advice on these topics. This initiative is also supported by UHG’s CEO Andrew Witty, a very strong ally for WIL, who is committed to diversity and inclusion.
Just like any other dimension of diversity, there is incredible power in providing education, support and inspiration at scale and allowing individuals to tell their stories and connect as a community. “We have a very large clinical population at Optum and across UHG — the impacts on our talent throughout the pandemic are unique based on the courageous role they have played over the last 12+ months,” explains Linde. “When we think about providing support for our female leaders, we look at it through the lens of the different roles that are played across the organization and try to offer something for everyone.”
UnitedHealth Group’s culture makes them unique. They have a strong, mission-driven culture. The decisions and actions made each day are guided by their five core values of integrity, compassion, relationships, innovation and performance. UHG has been on a decade-long journey to evolve their culture, and through a period of rapid growth have turned to their values as a consistent foundation and shared commitment across the organization.
UHG is dedicated to supporting its women in their career growth, with numerous women in executive and leadership roles. Their career and development programs are available for many different talent populations across the organization — whether concentrated on their tech, clinical, digital or their diverse talent communities, they offer learning and experiences relevant to the needs of the individuals and their business. They have experiences that range from enterprise-wide to specific population targeted programs. “We are very focused on knowing our talent deeply and broadly across Optum which includes the diverse set of experiences each individual brings to work and what they have defined as their career goals and aspirations. We use this rich data to identify talent for various opportunities and programs,” says Linde.
By joining a community where everyone's diverse perspectives, skills and experiences are recognized and leveraged in support of career development, you'll discover a world of opportunities at UnitedHealth Group.
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