I Changed Careers Without Changing Companies — Here’s My Advice for Truly Owning Your Path

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June 21, 2024 at 7:36PM UTC

When Diane Rutkowski first joined the team at Siemens, she sensed she was walking into a “field of dreams” scenario as a recruiter. Meaning? She had the distinct impression that her role as a recruiter would have value and that her input and work would be seen as impactful. After spending nearly a decade at Siemens, that hunch was proven correct. 

What she couldn’t have guessed 10 years ago, though, was that she’d one day decide to make the leap from recruiting to recruitment marketing. It’s been a couple of months since Rutkowski switched into her new role as a Recruitment Marketing Specialist at Siemens, and despite not having any formal experience in marketing, she says the transition couldn’t have gone smoother.

“Having an empowering manager and a company that is known for its curiosity and innovation, I quickly found that you can do anything you put your mind and heart to if given the right tools and resources to succeed,” she said. “Siemens encourages employees to really own their careers. That is what true ownership culture is all about: you taking control of your success.”

It’s this “ownership culture” — a blend of autonomy, support, and the right tools and resources — that’s made all the difference in being able to grow a career she’s proud of. Recently, Rutkowski walked us through how this spirit of ownership shows up in her day-to-day work, as well as her best advice for women who are job seeking right now.

What about Siemens made you first want to join?  

I was working for a competitor when I was approached by the Siemens Talent Acquisition (TA) Manager through LinkedIn. There were several things that were attractive about Siemens — of course, there was the standard “global corporation means good compensation/benefits” aspect. But the highlight was the start of the transformational journey they were embarking on, having just exited an anemic RPO situation in TA. The business was hungry for true TA relationships with dedicated recruiter focus. I was walking into a “field of dreams” within recruitment as a valued recruiter,  where the work I did and the relationships I nurtured had a great impact. . I would be part of this new TA team, which was set-up to succeed not just because of its team of fantastic recruiters, but because there was true partnership with the business. 

How long have you been in your current role, and what were you doing previously? 

I’m excited to have just transitioned into my new role two  months ago! Prior to that, I was a Sr. Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Partner supporting our Smart Infrastructure Field Operations team.

What is your favorite part of working in recruitment marketing?  

More than likely, this answer will change over time. Having been in recruitment marketing for only a couple of months now, I can honestly say my favorite part is… learning! I have the knowledge and technical expertise of recruiting, as well as having an insider’s perspective of Siemens’ core business values and culture. Combining all that wealth of experience with my creative abilities, I’m able to help our TA team elevate our Employer Brand by focusing on our target audience… candidates. When I shifted from recruiting to recruitment marketing, I soon realized that I was entering a space that I didn’t have any formal training in or on-the-job experience with. I quickly found that you can do anything you put your mind and heart to if given the right tools and resources to succeed. A favorite quote of mine by the beloved Dr. Seuss: “Oh, the things you can think up if only you try.” Never stop learning, and never stop trying.

What’s something you’re especially good at, at work?  

Annoying my coworkers with video creations.

A lot of people believe that developing your career means changing companies, and not infrequently. What has enabled you to advance your career without job hopping? 

The company itself. Siemens encourages employees to really own their careers, and management empowers employees to develop and grow their abilities to be their best. Sometimes, taking the “next step” in your career means shifting in a different direction, utilizing your past experiences to leverage a better career or even leaving your comfort zone and learning something completely new. 

Based on your experience as a recruiter, what are three things you feel job seekers should know about working at Siemens? 

After a decade with Siemens, I have learned and experienced a variety of events and circumstances. Here are my top three “must-knows” about working here:

1. You will work with a diverse group of people. You will experience the innovation that Siemens was founded on and realize that the diversity within enables the innovation that is produced. The people you work with will bring a different perspective on ways of working; we learn from each other, we grow together, and, as a team, we elevate the way we work, ever changing for the better.

2. You will experience inclusion. You are important and your contributions do not go unnoticed. Siemens has many Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) outside your day-to-day team parameters, so that you have the opportunity to interact with others from across the organization who share your same interests. There are many opportunities to volunteer and contribute to the better of our society and humanity. 

3. You will own your career. People, not machines, make it happen. You are empowered to do your job to the best of your ability and ask for help when needed, and you’re given the resources and tools to be successful. You own your career, and how you perform determines your destiny. Pick up the ball and run with it.

What’s one thing your company does — whether a formal policy or program, or more in terms of office culture — that you think is particularly unique or unexpected?   

Siemens has the unique ability to adapt and transform. When COVID-19 surfaced, we flexed. Those that were able to work remotely transitioned quickly without missing a beat, and those essential frontline workers who went into our physical spaces every day did it safely and selflessly so we could serve our customers. While that was true of many companies around the world, what makes our company unique is that our innovation doesn’t solely exist within our technology. It’s the brilliant minds at work at Siemens behind the technology who are transforming the world of tomorrow and showcasing what is humanly possible. 

What was the best quality of the best boss you’ve ever had?  

I’ve had several bosses who were uniquely different, yet all emanated the same #1 quality of being a great boss: ownership. Ownership leads to empowerment, helping you to do your best and to continually strive to be better.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for women who are looking for jobs right now?  

Utilize your network. It's bigger and stronger than you think, and it provides a wealth of knowledge and resources. It doesn’t have to be, “Hey, can you get me a job at your company?” It can be more subtle in talking and asking about career advice or website resources: “I noticed the article you posted…” Striking up conversations with people you know well, or even know very little, can open doors you never knew existed.


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