‘I Laugh Everyday at Work’ — Why You Need to Check Out the Empowering Culture at This Tech Company

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Photo courtesy of ShiftKey.

Photo courtesy of ShiftKey.

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May 27, 2024 at 1:47PM UTC

ShiftKey is the number one fastest-growing, privately held tech company in Dallas. In fact, they’ve had 800%+ growth in the last 18 months and there is no end in sight to their expansion!

And ShiftKey’s growth isn’t the only thing impressive about them — they’re also looking to forever change an industry by empowering licensed professionals to take control of their schedules and pay while helping facilities fill open shifts to increase productivity and reduce staff burnout. With their cutting-edge technology, healthcare staffing experts, and seasoned engineers and product designers, ShiftKey is changing the way licensed professionals engage in the workforce.

As for how they’re achieving their mission, it all comes down to their two core tents: Love and Thunder. As the company puts it: 

“Love is our WHY, Thunder is our HOW. Love is finding pride in what we do, for the workers and facilities on the platform as well as the people they serve. Love is equally celebrating personal success and the success of others — together. Love does not begin when we show up and leave when we’re done for the day.

But Love can’t exist without Thunder.

Thunder is direct communication. It is the speed in decision making. It is our closely held belief that we are not going to allow anyone or anything to slow us down. Thunder is removing every obstacle in our way to crush any would-be competition. Thunder is using our well-known ShiftKey Strategy to do what we’ve set out to do. Take over the world…

With Love, we can continue to deliver the Thunder.”

Doesn’t ShiftKey sound like an exciting place to work? Learn more about them — and hear from women at the company — in this article!

How ShiftKey supports women: career advancement, great benefits, and a focus on DEI!

At ShiftKey, their leadership is committed and invested in the development of every employee. As part of this, the company takes an employee-first approach to growth and development where all employees have the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation. This means that ShiftKey employees get the chance to develop not only their skills and knowledge, but opportunities for mentorship, creative freedom, and the ability to guide and map their own path.

Further, ShiftKey supports their employees full-selves by providing top-of-the-line benefits. These include: dependent care FSA, day one insurance eligibility, a 401(k) program after 30 days with a 6% match and immediate vesting, flexible work arrangements, and a space where everyone’s voice is heard. “Our employees are encouraged to bring their perspectives, ask questions, and come up with unique ideas to help pioneer state-of-the-art technology solutions that transform an industry,” says the company.

Ensuring that everyone has a voice and knows that they belong is imperative at ShiftKey. An integral part of what makes the company special is their focus on creating an inclusive environment where diverse talent thrives. They know that people can only perform at their best if they have an authentic space and company culture that empowers them to bring their whole-selves to work. 

One part of creating this culture is providing chances for employees to learn from one another, build a cross-functional network, develop leadership skills, and broaden cultural awareness by understanding diverse perspectives and experiences. At ShiftKey, they achieve these goals with help from their Business Resource Group (BRGs) network. 

For example, their Women’s Network mission is to provide personal and professional opportunities for women to connect and support one another as well as to provide a space to express themselves, share their experiences, learn from others and expand their skill sets so that they can empower each other to help shape the company. This group encourages women and allies to celebrate their unique experiences while strengthening everyone’s commitment to inclusivity and equity.

And ShiftKey’s advances in DEI are far from over! “As ShiftKey continues to expand, employees have the opportunity to help us build and develop other programs such as community outreach, charitable giving, internal mentoring, additional BRGs, and advance DEI through cultural competence and so much more. These efforts help us become the best version of ourselves,” the company reveals. 

What women have to say about the company.

“I laugh EVERYDAY at work; my work is challenging but I have smart people around me who I can ask for help. I never feel like I am on an island with no hope for a rescue!” — Eileen Verner

“What keeps me at ShiftKey is the people. Hands down. I’ve never seen a more collaborative company, a company that values its employees and their ‘wins’ as much as ShiftKey.” — Cari Brougher

“As a young woman searching for a Summer 2022 internship in tech, I expected to find myself in the cliche intern role with unimportant tasks — the girl responsible for grabbing coffee for the team or the designated note taker. During my first week at ShiftKey, that notion was shattered. I gained a breadth of valuable knowledge and experiences based on the assignments I was given that I will be able to carry on throughout my career. My colleagues instilled trust in me and allowed me to lead large projects throughout this development opportunity. As an intern at ShiftKey, I felt empowered to be led by women and to see so much diversity in the company.” — Macie Milholen

"One of my favorite culture aspects about ShiftKey is it is a Modern Tech company with a small family feel. If you want an environment where you have the autonomy to do your job, learn, grow, and have fun then this may be a good fit for you."— Imani Morrison

Want to be part of this unique, warm, and growing culture? They’re hiring! Learn more and apply to open roles via the link below…

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