‘I Love My Job’: At My Company, Opportunity Grows Every Day — From a Preschool Teacher

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Attiya Mirza

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Welcome to I Love My Job, the series where we hear from real women who really love their jobs. In this edition, we sat down with Attiya Mirza, a Preschool Teacher at KinderCare Learning Companies — a leading industry in early childhood education.

During the nine years she’s spent at the company, Mirza has found it to be one full of loyalty and trust. “It really helps families connect with the educational journey of their child,” she shares. “It is a great educational industry that is helping young children.” And this is true for all families and children, no matter where you come from, the finances you have available or what education you're looking for.

As a company, KinderCare really respects, appreciates and values their employees, Mirza tells us. And, one of the strongest elements of their culture is “the communication that we have,” she says. The company also embraces diversity. “I'm a Woman of Color… And the way they value the cultures and languages of the kids has really amazed me,” shares Mirza. “The people who live in the community — with all of their diverse cultures — are embraced very well in our curriculums.”

Mirza also emphasizes how fulfilling teaching at KinderCare is, with teachers able to build connections that “really build up the children,” she says. These connections enable teachers to see themselves reflected in the children they teach. “Kids really need a hero, they look up to you and they want somebody who does not give up on them,” she notes. For example, she mentions a child in her classroom who dealt with a language barrier and behavioral challenges. However, thanks to her efforts and positive encouragement, the child has since learned how to communicate in more appropriate ways. “He has been more vocal. He gives me a hug every day,” Mirza says. “We do not give up on kids. That's what the teachers are; and that’s how I want to be.” 

And, teaching is inspirational to all. Mirza tells us how she and her colleagues inspire and support one another. Not only that, but Mirza’s career choice was inspired by her own mother (a teacher) and, now, her daughter is going to college to start her own journey of becoming a teacher.

In the video below, Mirza shares more on why she loves working at KinderCare. We also provide lightly edited highlights from the video discussion in the following article.

Could you tell us about your journey to KinderCare Learning Companies?

Coming to KinderCare was just a coincidence. I was doing so much, and people used to tell me to go somewhere where the kids are really gonna enjoy my energy and passion. And, so, I just knocked at the door, nine years ago, at [the KinderCare] center — and I applied there… I went in, and I started my journey. Then, after two years, in 2016, I was declared a Legacy Award winner for KinderCare.

That was the best thing that happened in my life. I never knew that this journey would take me somewhere like this, where my passion and my dreams would come true. I'm still working on it every day. 

What do you find most exciting about the work you do at KinderCare Learning Companies?

It’s helping to connect and build relationships with families and with the community, where people know me as a teacher. I get love, and I form connections through their little ones. We make a bridge between me and the family, who learn my value… I just love that — it keeps me going and growing

KinderCare has done a lot for me. They have appreciated me. They have encouraged me as an out-of-the-box teacher… [For example,] when my district managers come, they know that I'm working there, and they always appreciate me, encourage me and give me confidence. That's helped me grow and do better.

What are your favorite things about KinderCare Learning Companies?

The best things are awareness, confidence, trust and the information that they bring to us. We are very well informed on what KinderCare's goals are: what they want, what their expectations are, what they're looking for and what families are looking for… including what specific families are looking for... We could never [answer the questions of families] if we were not fully informed or fully trained for that. I love that kind of connection and bridge built between management and employees.

How does KinderCare Learning Companies support you in regards to benefits and awards, like the KinderCare Education Legacy Award you mentioned. 

[The Legacy Award] was a big hit for my passion. I would never imagine that somebody's watching me and would come in one day, open the door in my room and just place $10,000 into my hands, which was amazing. And I think it's the biggest support. Every teacher has that capacity; every teacher has the skill…

[As for benefits, KinderCare provides] personal time, vacation time and a 401k… And [in regards to career progression,] KinderCare really helped by sending me to the Aim For Excellence program, and they paid for all of it. And there are so many other coworkers who I see advancing their careers with education. KinderCare is always there to help

What advice would you give to other women who are thinking about working at KinderCare Learning Companies?

[One group that would benefit from working at KinderCare are] single moms and those with a restricted income. If you want or have kids and you really want their education, this is the best place to go, since you’ll have a discount to help you. 

Not only that, but there are so many other ways that you can get help from KinderCare… [For instance,] students who come after completing their education and want to advance in their career, KinderCare will always help them…

You also get inspiration from other teachers. There was a girl working with me… and, at the end of spending a couple days with me in my classroom, she said: “Mrs. Attiya, I really want to do something. And I want to go back to college, and I want to be a teacher.” And I said, “Sure, you can!”... And she went and joined a college to go and study.

My biggest advice for people looking for a job is to open the door, step in and then you will find lots of opportunities. It grows every day. You have to just dig for it and you will find it

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