‘I Love My Job’: Electrifying Work, Positive Energy, Collaborative People, & ‘Endless’ Opportunities

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Photo courtesy of nVent.

Photo courtesy of nVent.

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May 20, 2024 at 9:2AM UTC

Welcome to I Love My Job, the series where we hear from women who really love their jobs. In this edition, we sat down with Maram Azar, the National Channel Sales Manager at nVent.

When asked about the culture at nVent, Azar notes that it is “strongly rooted” in the company’s values. In particular, she emphasizes how two of these values make nVent an exciting place to work: Positive Energy and Respect and Teamwork.

These values are “really evident in how we all work together and get to collaborate,” explains Azar. This is shown through everything from “our inclusion and diversity efforts that you see across the organization, to our recognition platforms that we have within the organization to appreciate all the contributions from each of us on a day-to-day basis.”

In the video below, Azar tells us more about why she loves working at nVent. We also provide lightly edited highlights from the video discussion in the following article.

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Can you share your job journey at nVent with us?

My career journey with nVent began almost eight years ago. I started as a regional sales manager for one of our brands: nVent ERIFLEX. From there, my role expanded to cover other brands within the business segment. 

I'm now the National Channel Sales Manager at nVent. I work for one of the business segments that we have: the nVent Electrical and Fastening Solutions (EFS) business segment.

What do you find most exciting about your work?

The ability to not only collaborate with so many people across the organization, but also with so many people from different functions. For instance, I work with product management, channel marketing, customer marketing, regional sales managers, and even with people from similar roles across different business segments.

So that's something that keeps my day-to-day work extremely exciting.

What is your favorite thing about nVent?

My favorite thing about nVent would have to be a tie between two things. 

  1. Our culture and our people.

  2. The markets that we are involved in.

    • nVent has offerings for many markets, whether it be commercial, industrial, data and telecom, utilities, or even some newer markets like electrical vehicles, energy storage and the renewable spaces. It's such an exciting time to be part of the electrical world! We know that we have legacy brands that, in some cases, have been around for a hundred plus years, and we are also constantly innovating and adapting to the times and the needs of the customers.

How does nVent support your career advancement?

nVent has supported me in advancing my career by offering me endless opportunities to consistently and continuously develop my skills. Most recently, I joined a McKinsey Leadership Accelerator program as part of my development process into a people leader role. I've also had the chance to gain skills with some softwares to be able to execute my job at a much higher level.

And how does nVent support your work-life balance?

nVent offers so many other benefits as well. From a work-life balance [perspective] and a sense of contributing to our communities, the volunteering time-off program is something that I personally find very rewarding. And knowing that our organization actually wants you to dedicate hours of your time to be able to contribute to your society is something that speaks volumes.

What advice do you have for other women looking to work at nVent?

Go for it! We are growing as an organization. We are also an organization that has women representing 50% of our board of directors. We have a female CEO, CHRO, and CFO as well. That speaks a lot to the culture at nVent and the value that women have at nVent.

There are consistent leadership opportunities within nVent! We also have nine ERGs that have leadership opportunities. So, those are also other avenues where women can get to practice their leadership skills and grow into potential leadership roles.

I urge as many women as possible to apply and start their career at nVent.

Interested in joining the nVent team? They’re hiring! Click the link below to browse opportunities.

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